Top 10 Must-Know Changes Coming to Destiny 2 in Season 22

Destiny 2’s Season 22 is right around the corner and it’s bringing some massive changes. From new missions and activities to economy tweaks and sandbox reworks, there’s a lot for Guardians to look forward to. Let’s dive into the top 10 changes coming this season based on what we know so far.

1. The New Exotic Mission Rotator

One of the most anticipated additions is the new Exotic Mission Rotator. Announced prior to Lightfall’s reveal, this will provide a avenue for bringing back vaulted exotic quests on a weekly basis. To start, the rotation includes the Season of the Chosen’s Presage mission aboard the creepy Glykon, the Season of the Risen’s Vox Obscura timed challenge, and the Season of Plunder’s Operation Seraph’s Shield.

These three missions represent some of the most highly praised exotic quests in Destiny 2’s history. Presage and Vox Obscura in particular stand out as dungeon-esque adventures full of challenges and rewards. The Exotic Mission Rotator will allow new players to experience these pinnacle missions while giving veterans reasons to revisit them.

Speaking of reasons to revisit, completing each mission’s normal mode for the first time will now reward a Deepsight version of its exotic weapon. This includes Dead Man’s Tale, Dead Messenger, and Revision Zero. Deepsighting those guns will unlock their patterns for crafting. Players can then replay the more difficult Legendary versions to earn materials for leveling up their crafted rolls.

That leads to the next big benefit of the Rotator – it will provide a avenue for re-acquiring previously sunset legendary weapons and armor. For example, Presage will offer drops from Season of the Haunted like All Soaker and Tears of Contrition. Vox Obscura contains Season of the Risen weapons like Explosive Personality. This gives collectors a reliable way to fill out their vaults.

Bungie promises the Exotic Mission Rotator will be an evolving experience. The hope is that it eventually houses Whisper, Zero Hour, and other treasured missions. If you couldn’t tell already, this new addition earns the top spot on our list of biggest changes for good reason!

2. The First Reprised Raid in Destiny 2

September 23rd will see Destiny 2’s first-ever reprised raid from the Destiny Content Vault. Bungie has played coy about which raid is returning, but speculation ranges from Crota’s End to Wrath of the Machine. Each would offer new chances at nostalgic weapons and armor like Necrochasm or Genesis Chain~

Regardless of which raid launches, it means the current roster is increasing to seven total raids. It also adds another pinnacle endgame activity and gears up the weekly raid rotation. The Duality dungeon will shift into that rotation while the reprised raid takes its place as a permanent fixture.

There’s a lot for PVE mains to be excited about here. Not only will the raid race for World’s First provide a new challenge for elite clans, but the addition of another endgame activity opens up more chances at loot each week. And if we’re lucky, it may even come with some craftable classics!

3. A Renewed Focus on Crucible Content

PvP players have felt neglected for quite some time in Destiny 2, but Season 22 aims to show some love for the Crucible. For starters, we’re getting a new map called Multiplex. Set in a Vex environment, early descriptions promise an asymmetrical layout suited for multiple modes. After over a year with no new maps, this will hopefully breathe some fresh air into playlists.

Additionally, two new multiplayer modes are launching. Checkmate trades ability uptime for more gun-focused engagements with a lowered TTK. Relic shifts things back toward mayhem with Vex relics like the Aegis shield in play.

Beyond new maps and modes, Crucible Director Joe Blackburn announced a dedicated team tasked with improving PvP long-term. Updates will start flowing faster thanks to less bureaucracy. There’s even aspirational Crucible armor coming to give hardcore PvPers something to grind for. It’s an encouraging roadmap for the future.

4. A Seasonal Structure Overhaul

Bungie aims to address Destiny 2’s repetitive seasonal model and resulting player burnout through a structure change. They acknowledge the predictable seasonal vendor upgrades and time-gated progression has grown stale after 10 seasons.

Beginning in Season 22, the development team wants to subvert expectations and allow for more narrative freedom across seasons again. Joe Blackburn described their goals as making each season stand out with unique gameplay and rewards.

That wasn’t fully realized with Season of the Deep, so it remains to be seen how impactful this shake-up ends up. But the intent is in the right direction and could reinvigorate the replayability and longevity of seasons moving forward.

5. Meaningful Economy Tuning

On the economic side, Bungie is easing up on inventory caps for certain materials. Enhancement Prisms are getting increased from 50 to 100. Enhancement Cores and Legendary Shards are both doubling from 50 to 100 as well.

The trade-off is any excess materials beyond your cap will no longer be picked up or go to your postmaster. To prepare, be sure to retrieve any overflow shards, prisms, or cores before the season launches.

Crafting is also getting some helpful simplification by removing certain resources like Resonant Alloys. Meanwhile, tuning weapon levels should be much easier thanks to excess XP rolling over between levels and buyable mods that unlock perks. The latter uses glimmer and enhancement cores to boost crafted guns.

6. Better Ritual Weapon Chases

Revisiting ritual activities like strikes, Crucible, and Gambit should feel much more rewarding thanks to a loot refresh across the board. Each ritual vendor is getting new weapons themed to their mode. What’s more, all of these weapons can be focused straight away rather than waiting weeks.

On top of fresh loot pools, Bungie confirmed increased drop rates for ritual engrams. This makes post-match and rank-up rewards more exciting and plentiful. Finally, following player outcry about the loss of ritual armor, spicy new armor sets are coming with aspirations of hitting high stat rolls.

7. Damage Falloff Changes

Under the hood, one of the most meaningful changes to combat coming in Season 22 is a decoupling zoom from damage falloff ranges. For a long time, zoom has dictated effective engagement distances through increasing aim assist, tightening accuracy, and boosting damage dropoff points.

Now Zoom will retain those bonuses, but no longer affect dropoff. This essentially compresses the range stat across weapons. Shorter-range guns and perks will become more viable. God rolls and TTK values may shift as a result. Hand cannons like Thorn stand to gain advantages for instance. It’s a huge sandbox shakeup with many implications to uncover.

8. Massive Tuning Pass

Nearly every aspect of the sandbox is receiving tuning come Season 22. On the armor side, several exotic pieces for each class are getting impactful buffs or full reworks. Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks will all have new toolkit options.

On the weapons front, expect buffs like Vex Mythoclast increasing damage by 20% in PvE or Merciless rocketing up to 19 rounds per minute. Nerfs are coming too like PvP reductions to Whisper of Fissures.

Abilities aren’t safe either. Barricades, amplify effects, and more see adjustments for better balance. It’s shaping up to be one of the most extensive tuning passes in recent memory.

9. The First Raid Rotation

For the first time ever, raids will operate on a weekly rotation instead of being fixed activities. Once the reprised D1 raid goes live, the newest raid (currently Duality) will shift to the rotation while a different raid enters the featured slot.

This means every week will provide different challenges and craftable loot pools to target. Rotations keep all raids relevant instead of letting the newest ones completely dominate. It also adds more variety to the endgame each week.

The downside is no more farming whatever raid you want 24/7. Duality and Vow of the Disciple become once-a-week opportunities. This may frustrate players hoping to chain raid-specific drops. But on the whole, rotations should spice up available endgame pursuits.

10. Emperor Calus Returns

Season 22 is titled Season of the Haunted, and its narrative marks the long-awaited return of the exiled Emperor Calus. His hybrid Leviathan ship has crashed into the Moon, leaving nightmares and egregore corruption in its wake.

Guardians will be tasked with purging the lunar pyramid of this new Hive-inspired Calus nightmare. The season’s story content and weekly missions center around unveiling his plans and powers.

After years away, one of Destiny’s most enigmatic figures is back with a vengeance. Expect twists and turns as we aid Crow, Caiatl, and the Psions in facing this specter of Calus. His return ushers in a new era with Lightfall on the horizon.

That covers all the major changes coming with the launch of Season of the Haunted. From craftable exotics to overhauled progression, there’s a lot here to be excited about. What new addition has you hyped up the most, Guardians? Share your thoughts and we’ll see you star side when the season arrives!

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