Best Beginner Decks in Rush Royale to Start With

Rush Royale is a highly addictive real-time PvP tower defense card game. With hundreds of cards and deck combinations, it can be overwhelming for beginners to know where to start. This guide will walk you through the best Rush Royale decks for beginners to help give you a competitive head start on the ladder.

Why Play Beginner Decks

When just starting Rush Royale, it is best to play proven beginner decks rather than try to build your own. Here are some key reasons:

  • They only require common and rare cards which are easier to upgrade. Legendaries and epics take much longer to level up.
  • Carefully calculated synergies and ratios maximize your chances of victory.
  • Balanced and straightforward gameplay helps you learn basic strategies.
  • The listed upgrade order allows you to grow the deck gradually.
  • Positive win rates even at low levels demonstrate their effectiveness.

Homebrewing decks can come later once you understand unit synergies and have more card options. For now, leverage these beginner decks to accelerate your progression!

Best Beginner Deck #1: Robot Unicorn Rush

The first recommended deck for new players is affectionately called Robot Unicorn Rush. The general idea is to overwhelm opponents with large numbers of cheap robotic units early on. Here are the cards:


  • Unicorn
  • Mini Robot
  • Robot
  • Guardian
  • Reaperbot


  • Banner
  • Cauldron
  • Chemist


The goal is constant unit swarming. Prioritize upgrading Unicorn, placing it in the back to generate mana. Use Banner to boost units. Merge robots aggressively into higher tiers. Guardian tanks while Reaperbot and robots dish damage. Overrun opponents before they can build more expensive units. Chemist provides sustain.


  1. Unicorn
  2. Guardian
  3. Banner
  4. Reaperbot
  5. Robot
  6. Chemist
  7. Cauldron

This deck is easy to play, requiring only basic merge tactics. It also scales nicely into the late game by snowballing mass robots. The all common and rare cards make upgrades simple. Very newbie-friendly!

Best Beginner Deck #2: Shock Hex

This beginner deck utilizes the hex spell for large-scale crowd control along with shocking units for AoE damage:


  • Unicorn
  • Mini Robot
  • Robot
  • Guardian
  • Thunderer
  • Crystalmancer


  • Hex
  • Thunderbolt
  • Chemist


Spam robots and use Guardian to tank initially. Thunderers provide excellent AoE clear once upgraded. Hex clumps enemies together while Thunderbolt and Crystalmancer hit the whole group. Upgrade priority is Thunderer and Guardian. Overwhelm opponents through hex combos.


  1. Guardian
  2. Thunderer
  3. Unicorn
  4. Hex
  5. Robot
  6. Crystalmancer
  7. Thunderbolt
  8. Chemist

This deck teaches vital crowd control strategies. Hex timing is key – wait for multiple targets to be merged together for maximum effect. Excellent early game tempo into mid-game spike damage.

Best Beginner Deck #3: Warlock Nuke

This deck revolves around the devastating Warlock unit and supporting it with stuns and heals:


  • Unicorn
  • Mini Robot
  • Boreas
  • Cold Mage
  • Warlock


  • Cauldron
  • Banner
  • Frost


Use robots and Boreas early before merging into Warlocks. Frost stuns enemies for Warlock nukes while Cold Mage sustains your forces. Cauldron provides mana generation. Prioritize upgrading Warlock for massive damage spikes – its ability clears whole groups at once!


  1. Boreas
  2. Warlock
  3. Unicorn
  4. Frost
  5. Cold Mage
  6. Cauldron
  7. Banner

This deck teaches how vital spell timing is for combos. Land a Frost on clumped targets right before the Warlock nuke goes off for maximum carnage! Simple yet brutally effective.

Transitioning to Advanced Decks

Once you have ranked up and unlocked more cards through the following beginner decks, you can start experimenting with more advanced builds:

  • Shaman Support Decks – Use Shaman’s attack boost on high DPS units like Boreas, Thunderer, and Inquisitor.
  • Zealot Decks – Zealot buffs adjacent Demon units like Imp and Evil Eye. High burst potential.
  • Clock of Power Decks – Use Clock to ramp up units like Robot, Reaper, and Warlock quickly.
  • Blade Dancer Decks – Constant crits and attack speed boost surrounding units. Great with high-damage units.
  • Bombardier Decks – Carpet bomb whole enemy fields using Bombardiers with stuns and slows to hold them in place.

General Beginner Tips and Tricks

Here are some key Rush Royale tips to help you get started on the right foot and play effectively with beginner decks:

  • Play co-op early on to understand mechanics and unlock cards before PvP.
  • Keep 1-2 mana units like Unicorn and Mini Robot to generate mana quickly.
  • Don’t neglect unit upgrades – they are just as important as merge rank.
  • Use spells reactively on clumped units for maximum value.
  • Position tanks like Guardian in front to protect damaged dealers.
  • Manage your deck costs to not overcommit on expensive units too early.
  • Remove low-value units in the late game to consolidate a few key DPS units.
  • Target enemy mana generators quickly to slow their scaling.
  • Learn unit counters – for example, Boreas vs. high attack speed units.

Common Beginner Mistakes

Here are some common newbie mistakes to avoid when playing Rush Royale:

  • Upgrading spells too early – prioritize units first for more value.
  • Holding spells too long waiting for perfect timing – use reactively.
  • Having too many high mana units results in a clogged hand.
  • Not focusing fire on enemy threats allowing them to scale.
  • Leaking bosses and high HP units which then destroy your base.

-POSITIONING – Poor unit placement leading to unfocused damage.

  • Late game deck pruning – need to consolidate units eventually.
  • Rerolling shop too much looking for perfect units – take what you are offered.

Core Gameplay Strategies

These key strategies will help you succeed once you move past beginner decks:

  • Economy – Generate a consistent mana curve early through mergers and unicorns.
  • Tempo – Control match pace through rush units, stuns, and mana disruption.
  • Positioning – Optimize unit placement for maximum focused fire and support.
  • Focus Fire – Layer damage spells on key targets rather than spreading out.
  • Disruption – Freeze, stun, and confuse units to break up enemy synergies.
  • Initiation – Assess the right time to use abilities for maximum effectiveness.

Final Tips for Progression

Follow these last tips to ensure smooth ranking up through the tiers:

  • Watch replay losses to learn from mistakes and improve decision-making.
  • Tweak decks gradually as you rank up to counter new meta threats.
  • Record your win rates with each deck and switch if one is underperforming.
  • Analyze opponent builds that gave you trouble and learn their strategies.
  • Join a clan for deck advice, card requests, and shared knowledge.
  • Slowly accumulate cards from the shop using gold to unlock new deck options.
  • Complete daily quests and achievements for quick gold income to spend.

Stick with basic beginner decks initially until you have a firm grasp of Rush Royale’s mechanics and unit synergies – this will provide a solid foundation for your ongoing progression. Good luck rushing down the ladder!

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