30 Best Roblox Games to Play With Friends in 2023

Roblox is one of the most popular online gaming platforms, offering a wide variety of games that can be played with friends. With over 200 million monthly active users, Roblox has something for everyone.

Whether you want to play adventure games, battle royales, tycoons, horror games or just mess around in a virtual world, Roblox has it all. The best part is that all of these games are free to play!

Best Roblox Games to Play With Friends
Best Roblox Games to Play With Friends

We’ve compiled a list of the 30 best Roblox games to play with friends in 2023. These games are fun, engaging and perfect for playing together.

1. Jailbreak

Jailbreak is one of the most popular Roblox games with over 4 billion visits. Live the life of a criminal trying to escape prison or play as a cop trying to catch the criminals. Pull off elaborate heists, engage in intense car chases and shootouts. Jailbreak offers a thrilling roleplaying experience.

With regular updates, a huge map to explore, customizable vehicles and the option to rob stores and banks, Jailbreak never gets boring. Team up with your friends to escape prison or stop the criminals in their tracks as a police officer.

2. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a classic whodunit game where one player is the murderer, one is the sheriff and the rest are innocent bystanders. The murderer is trying to secretly kill the innocents without getting caught while the sheriff tries to identify and take down the murderer.

With several maps to choose from, and tons of unlockable weapons and cosmetics, Murder Mystery 2 is one of the most replayable games on Roblox. Assemble a group of friends, test your detective skills and capture the murderer before they take you all out.

3. Theme Park Tycoon 2

If you want to try running your own theme park, Theme Park Tycoon 2 is the game for you. Build rides, food stalls, paths and other attractions to create your dream park. Hire handymen and janitors to keep everything running smoothly. Unlock new areas, attractions, shops and decorations as you progress.

Theme Park Tycoon 2 is best enjoyed with friends. Assign roles, manage finances together, create the perfect park layout and attract visitors to earn revenue. Compete or work together to build the biggest and best theme park on the server.

4. Survive the Disasters

In Survive the Disasters, you and your friends aim to survive increasingly dangerous disasters like earthquakes, meteor strikes and acid rain. After each disaster round ends, you get a short break to explore the map and prepare for the next disaster.

With fun powerups like a gravity coil, speed coil and balloon, interesting disasters and a large server size allowing up to 20 players, Survive the Disasters is chaotic fun with friends. Work together to survive for as long as possible against deadly disasters.

5. Horrific Housing

Love horror games? Horrific Housing is a spooky survival game set in a creepy house. Explore the house with friends, solve puzzles and avoid terrifying ghosts and monsters chasing you. Find keys, tools and other items to progress further while watching out for jumpscares.

With challenging objectives, cool ghost designs and an eerie atmosphere, Horrific Housing provides thrills and chills. Stick with your friends to boost courage as you uncover the house’s spooky secrets room by room. It’s scary but addictive fun.

6. RoCitizens

RoCitizens is a fun life simulation game where you roleplay ordinary citizens living everyday lives. Get a job, buy a house, shop for clothes and furniture, hang out with friends, go fishing, become a rockstar and more.

Playing with friends doubles the fun. Form a band together, get married, host parties in your house, explore the city together or star in a movie as actors. The creative freedom in RoCitizens makes every server unique.

7. Hide and Seek Extreme

The classic game of hide and seek gets an exciting makeover in Hide and Seek Extreme. One player takes the role of the seeker while others hide and attempt to avoid getting caught before time runs out. With interesting hiding spots and props like traps, teleporters and disguises, this game adds unpredictability to traditional hide-and-seek.

Play with a large group of friends on big maps for intense, thrilling rounds. Hide in clever spots, set traps for the seeker and make narrow escapes. Hide and Seek Extreme is suspenseful fun.

8. Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is a challenging obstacle course game that tests your platforming skills. Race against other players to reach the top of the tower by jumping over gaps, dodging traps and avoiding obstacles that push you off the stage. The towers have randomized, increasingly difficult levels.

Playing Tower of Hell with friends adds motivation and fun competition. Race your friends to beat levels and reach milestones, dare each other to take more risks or work together cooperatively to reach new heights.

9. Break In!

Break In! puts a unique spin on escape rooms. Team up as thieves and infiltrate various high-security locations like banks, museums and corporations to steal valuable items while avoiding guards and security measures. Use gadgets, hacking skills and cooperation to plan and execute the perfect heist.

Get the full experience by assembling a gang of friends, assigning roles and communicating to pull off elaborate heists. With cool gadgets, stealth action and locations with different security risks, Break In! is an immersive cops and robbers fantasy.

10. Super Doomspire

Super Doomspire is an insanely fun battle game. Your goal is to destroy enemy fortresses using projectiles while defending your own fortress. Hop into tanks and helicopters, use rocket launchers, and build reinforcement walls and traps as you fight for dominance.

With different game modes like Conquest and Egg Hunt, customizable characters, engaging progression and lots of devastating weapons, Super Doomspire delivers nonstop multiplayer action. Wreak havoc on enemy fortresses with your friends and prove your team’s strength.

11. Build A Boat For Treasure

In Build A Boat For Treasure, your goal is to build a seaworthy vessel to explore islands for loot. Islands contain puzzles and enemies that must be overcome to claim the rewards. With more rewards, you can build better boats.

The creativity and progression make this a great game to play with friends. Come up with boat concepts together, protect each other from threats, build elaborately decorated boats and explore as far as possible.

12. Bloxburg

Bloxburg is an expansive life simulation game similar to The Sims. Earn money through jobs and activities, build and decorate your dream house, own cars and pets, learn skills like cooking, and live a virtual life.

Invite friends over to hang out or role play families and scenarios together. Build neighboring houses, go shopping, explore and even get married. The flexibility of Bloxburg makes it perfect for creative social play.

13. SharkBite

Fend off shark attacks by hopping on a boat with friends in SharkBite. One player is randomly chosen as the shark whose goal is to destroy boats and eat passengers. Others must sail around and survive shark attacks for 10 minutes using weapons and items.

Work together to bait sharks, rescue stranded teammates and make difficult escapes. With tense matches, cool shark designs and fun powerups, SharkBite captures the thrill of an ocean thriller movie.

14. Muscle Legends

Muscle Legends is an adventure RPG with martial arts themes. Train under masters to learn powerful fighting techniques, complete quests to get stronger and defeat enemies in boss battles.

The progression from rookie to mastery is enjoyable with friends. Train together under the same master, team up to defeat enemies, battle each other for rewards and share codes & tips.

15. King Piece

For anime fans, King Piece is a great game with a One Piece theme. Sail the seas as a pirate, eat devil fruits to gain special powers, learn swordfighting skills and use abilities like Rokushiki. Build a crew, conquer islands and dungeons and rise to the top.

Adventuring with friends doubles the One Piece roleplaying experience. Form a pirate alliance, spar to improve combat skills, sail together and evade enemy crews, help each other during boss fights and conquer the challenging seas.

16. Catalog Heaven

Dress up to your heart’s content in Catalog Heaven without worrying about money. The game offers a huge collection of free skins, outfits, wings, faces and accessories. Change your look frequently to create different styles and save favorites to build a catalog.

Browse thousands of items and create fashionable looks together with friends. Compliment each other’s style, suggest items that would look good and have fashion shows to show off your most creative looks.

17. Hotel Hideaway

Hotel Hideaway is a social hangout game set in a beautiful hotel full of interesting characters. Explore the hotel, make new friends, attend parties and events, play games like bowling and mini golf, and unlock stylish clothes.

Invite friends to book a room together, explore secret locations, meet odd NPCs with unique stories and mini games, and dress up for hotel events like masquerade balls and dance parties. Hotel Hideaway captures the vibrance of vacationing in a pixel paradise.

18. Raft Wars

In Raft Wars, you build a raft and sail down rivers while battling friends and NPCs in multiplayer water gun fights. Customize your raft for protection and to hold more passengers for team battles. Purchase upgradable water guns as you progress to gain advantages.

With strategic gameplay, fun water physics and humorous designs, Raft Wars takes water combat to the next level. Assemble a crew of friends, construct the best raft and dominate multiplayer servers with your aquatic arsenal.

19. Strucid

Strucid is a blocky version of Counter-Strike with multiple game modes like Team Deathmatch, Gun Game and Capture the Flag. Get headshots with sniper rifles, ambush enemies with shotguns, make incredible escapes with parkour skills and disarm planted bombs.

The 5v5 matches offer heart-pounding action with friends. Choose complementary roles, coordinate ambushes on voice chat, provide cover fire, use decoys and diversions to outplay opponents. Strucid distills the adrenaline of Counter Strike into kid-friendly battles.

20. Robeats

If rhythm games are your thing, Robeats will have you vibing for hours. Time your taps and button presses perfectly to the beat of pop songs in different gameplay modes. Unlock new avatars, gear, pets and dance moves as you improve.

Robeats is even more enjoyable when you’ve got friends in multiplayer lobbies cheering each other on. Play co-op mode to hit beats synergistically, wiggle to the music together and motivate each other to get high scores. The energetic UI and catchy songs will have you coming back daily.

21. Zombie Attack

Fend off zombie swarms in this frantic survival shooter. Barricade, deploy turrets, throw explosives, find secret weapons and don’t let the undead overwhelm your position. Zombie Attack has 4 massive maps to fight hordes of varied zombies like Brutes, Crawlers and Rising Dead.

The combination of defense, exploration and shooting makes Zombie Attack intense fun with friends. Watch each other’s backs, trade weapons, repair defenses and see how long you can survive against the apocalypse together before making your final stand.

22. Sword Burst 2

Enter an immersive fantasy world in Sword Burst 2. Create a unique avatar, train your swordfighting skills, learn spells and slay monsters to collect loot for upgrading your gear and increasing power.

The anime-inspired world coupled with fluid combat makes for an engaging progression loop with friends. Team up to take down challenging bosses, conquer dungeons together for epic gear and duel each other in minigames to test your skills.

23. Prison Life

Prison Life is another great cops and robbers game similar to Jailbreak. Play as an inmate planning an escape or guard maintaining order within the prison walls. Build reputations, form gangs, acquire illegal items through visitors, and profit big from a successful breakout.

Adds roleplaying depth to the cops and robbers experience. Use voice chat when planning activities, pull off stunning escapes with friends, and defend meticulously as guards. Prison Life is always entertaining with a crew.

24. Escape [CLASSIFIED]

In Escape [CLASSIFIED], up to 4 players are locked inside a classified facility and must work together to break out by solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. Scan ID cards, pick locks, climb ventilation shafts and avoid security to escape undetected.

Escape [CLASSIFIED] gets incredibly immersive when coordinating with friends. Assign roles like lock picker, code cracker, lookout and muscle to complement each other. The challenging puzzles and rooms with different strategies make every successful escape rewarding.

25. Cart Ride Into Space

Prepare for intergalactic fun in Cart Ride Into Space. Build and customize creative vehicles with wacky pieces, and race them in space-themed courses. Discover shortcuts, avoid obstacles and hit speed boosts to outrun opponents.

The vehicle builder and drifting physics make Cart Ride Into Space incredibly replayable with friends. Build cars together, show off your creativity and race each other on vibrant courses floating through space for hours of laughter and memorable moments.

26. BedWars

BedWars is a competitive team-based game where you build defenses to protect your bed while trying to destroy enemy beds. Purchase weapons, power-ups and items using resources generated over time to build your arsenal. Coordinate with your team to wipe out opponents.

Quick matches, cool upgrades and over 15 unique maps provide endless tactical fun with friends. Try unconventional strategies, watch each other’s backs, bait enemies and combine your purchased items for an unstoppable assault.

27. RollerCoaster Tycoon

Design, build and manage the amusement park of your dreams in RollerCoaster Tycoon. Construct crazy coasters, food stalls, paths and attractions. Do marketing campaigns to attract more visitors and balance your finances by setting ticket prices, wages and research budgets.

The park management and coaster builder are perfect for cooperating with friends. Merge your best ideas, make custom coasters with your combined construction skills and create your dream park together as business partners.

28. Super Golf!

For sports fans, Super Golf! offers realistic golfing supplemented with exciting powerups and course features. Collect gems to unlock stylish clubs and balls that give you advantages. Use portals and warp pads to reach tough holes under par.

The wacky powerups make Super Golf! an absolute blast with friends and family. Race each other to sink tricky shots, use uncontrollable laughing golf balls against each other and develop unique powerup-heavy playstyles.

29. Flood Escape 2

In Flood Escape 2, escape rising flood waters and obstacles with parkour skills. Time your movements perfectly to escape through closing gates, avoid being swept away by currents and escape lava in crumbling tunnels.

The challenging levels are great to master with friends. Race each other to see who can complete levels faster, memorize shortcut routes together and develop coordinated strategies to overcome the most difficult stages.

30. Epic Minigames

When you’ve got a big group of friends, check out Epic Minigames. It’s got over 300 quick minigames with different objectives like collecting cubes, shooting targets, solving puzzles and more. Have quick fun and banter across the minigame spree.

With new minigames added regularly, a variety of gameplay genres and humorous designs, Epic Minigames is perfect for lively online sessions with groups of friends. Try to dethrone the minigame masters in your crew!

Find Your Next Favorite Roblox Game to Enjoy With Friends

Roblox continues to surprise with the number of creative, high-quality games added daily. We hope this list helps you and your friends uncover your next favorite game to play together. Look out for cool events like creator contests which bring a steady stream of imaginative new games to try.

Remember that Roblox is constantly evolving so we’ll be sure to keep this list updated with new gems you simply have to try out with your friends in 2023!

The beauty of Roblox is that even when you exhaust all the amazing games here, there are players around the world working on the next big trendsetting game for you and your friends to lose yourselves in. So keep adventuring and escape into Roblox worlds full of shared memories waiting to happen.

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