Destiny 2: Bring the Lake Down Walkthrough

Bring the Lake Down is an exotic quest in Destiny 2 that rewards players with the Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle. This powerful Vex weapon was first introduced in Destiny 1 and makes its return in Destiny 2 through this mission.

Completing the Bring the Lake Down quest requires fighting through Vex in the new Patrol zone in Savathun’s Throne World. It culminates in a solo boss fight against Quria, Blade Transform. Defeating Quria and finishing the mission gives players the Vex Mythoclast directly.

This walkthrough will break down all the steps needed to complete the Bring the Lake Down exotic quest in Destiny 2.

Prerequisites for Bring the Lake Down

Before you can start the Bring the Lake Down quest, you need to meet certain requirements first:

  • On the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion
  • Finish the Beyond Light campaign
  • Complete the Born in Darkness post-campaign questline
  • Reach Power Level 1300
  • Unlock the Wayfinder’s Compass in Season of the Lost

The Bring the Lake Down quest will become available from the Wayfinder’s Compass vendor in HELM once all of the above are done.

So make sure to finish the Beyond Light storyline and get your Power up before taking on this quest.

Beginning the Bring the Lake Down Exotic Quest

To start the Bring the Lake Down quest, you need to talk to the Wayfinder’s Compass vendor in HELM. They will have a marker prompting you to pick up the quest.

Accept the quest and you will receive the following objectives:

  • Collect Deepsight Resonances by killing powerful Vex – 0/15
  • Report to the Wayfinder’s Compass vendor in HELM

This requires you to get 15 Deepsight Resonances, which drop from defeating powerful Vex enemies.

Some of the best ways to quickly farm Deepsight Resonances for this part of the quest include:

  • Vex Offensive public event in the Waking Ruins area of Savathun’s Throne World
  • Vex Incursions public event in the Moon patrol zone
  • The Glassway strike

Make sure to equip Vex-themed weapons like Cartesian Coordinate or Null Composure to increase your Deepsight Resonance drops.

Once you have collected 15 Deepsight Resonances, return them to the Compass vendor in HELM to deposit them. This will complete the first part of the quest and unlock the next step.

Tracking Down Quria in the Throne World

After turning in your Deepsight Resonances, you will get a new objective to investigate Quria’s location in Savathun’s Throne World.

Your goal now is to find three Vex Ley Lines scattered around the patrol zone. Interacting with each of the Ley Lines will provide clues pointing you toward Quria.

The locations of the three Vex Ley Lines are:

  • Fluorescence – On the main road heading to the palace, under the giant Vex structure
  • The Rupture – Inside the large Vex gate, look for a cave along the back wall
  • Well of Infinitude – Inside the round Vex structure floating above the Scarlet Keep

With each Ley Line scanned, your objective will be updated with a rough direction for the next one. Head to the waypoints and find all three to triangulate Quria’s signal.

Return to the Compass vendor after scanning the third Ley Line. This will complete the tracking objective and unlock the final mission.

Bring the Lake Down Solo Mission

For the last part of the exotic quest, you need to take on the Bring the Lake Down solo mission.

This will take you through multiple encounters fighting Vex culminating in a boss battle against Quria itself. Completing the mission and defeating Quria will reward the Vex Mythoclast directly.

The Bring the Lake Down exotic mission is 1310 Power-recommended. You can launch it below this, but you will have an easier time at or above 1310 Power.

Make sure your overall Power Level is up to par before taking on this climactic mission!

Loadout Tips

For weapons, bring the following:

  • Long range – Scout Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Bow
  • Add clear – Submachine Gun, Auto Rifle
  • Heavy – LFR like Sleeper Simulant or Reed’s Regret

Also, make sure to equip the following mods:

  • Anti-Barrier Rifles – for Hobgoblins
  • Passive Guard – protects against boss stomp mechanics
  • Protective Light – protects when low health

The Long Shadow sniper rifle from the Cryptarch is an excellent kinetic option for this mission if you lack other primary weapons.

For subclasses, Nightstalker Hunter with Moebius Quiver is fantastic for crowd control. Shadebinder Warlock can also lock down Vex with freezing abilities.

Mission Walkthrough

Phase 1: Crossing the Lake

You will spawn on an island in the center of a Vex radiolarian lake. Your goal is to make it to the far shore by crossing various platforms.

Many Vex will attack you from other islands and platforms during this section. Use your long-range weapon and abilities to clear them out before crossing.

The angelic statue platforms will disappear and reappear – move between them carefully to avoid deadly falls into the lake.

Once across, fight through the Vex gatekeepers and enter the giant palace structure.

Phase 2: Ascending the Palace

More tough platforming inside the Vex structure. Jump up the moving elevators and use sequences to progress upwards.

Minotaurs, Goblins, and Harpies will ambush you on each floor. Check your corners and don’t rush ahead recklessly.

When you reach the top, go through the gateway to exit back outside.

Phase 3: Bridge Battle

Cross the bridge while fighting off sniping Vex. Use your long-range weapons to counter them.

The Cyclops at the end has a ton of health – use your heavy LFR or Super to burn it down. This ends the bridge section.

Phase 4: Quria Boss Battle

You’ve reached the end! It’s time to face Quria itself.

Quria will be protected by an immune shield. To lower it, destroy the cubes that spawn at the end of each outer platform.

Clear out the platform of Vex, destroy the cube, and then move clockwise to the next platform.

Once all cubes are down, Quria’s shield will drop and you can damage it normally. Use your heavy LFR, Rockets, or Super to deal big damage at this point.

Quria will teleport and regain its shield. Repeat the cube-destroying process until you can damage it again.

The boss will also call in Harpies that multiply when killed – eliminate them quickly before they overwhelm you.

Continue this damage phase pattern until Quria’s health bar hits zero. Congratulations, you’ve defeated Quria!

Claiming Vex Mythoclast

After defeating Quria, open the chest in the center of the arena. This will grant you the coveted Vex Mythoclast exotic fusion rifle!

With the weapon in hand, the Bring the Lake Down mission is complete. You can now use Vex Mythoclast to vaporize enemies in Destiny 2 PvE and PvP.

Vex Mythoclast Overview

The Vex Mythoclast is an incredibly powerful Exotic fusion rifle tailored for close to mid-range combat.

Its main perk is Dimensional Rift – holding down the trigger boosts damage, stability, and range until the magazine is empty.

It can roll with random perks like Under Pressure, Heating Up, Rangefinder, and others to enhance its Exotic traits even further.

In PvE, Vex Mythoclast shreds majors and bosses with its high damage output. The laser beam melts through health bars!

For PvP, it is one of the most dominant primary weapons. The Mythoclast can win duels at nearly any range with dimensional rift active.

Completing the Bring the Lake Down mission is currently the only way to obtain Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2. The quest provides the only direct path to acquiring this meta Exotic fusion rifle.

Bring the Lake Down Quest Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful tips to make completing the Bring the Lake Down exotic quest easier:

  • Farm Deepsight Resonances in group activities like Vex Offensive or Strikes where more enemies spawn
  • Use Destiny Item Manager or Ishtar Commander apps to transfer Deepsight Resonances between characters
  • Get Cabal Gold to purchase the Hammer of Proving boon to help with Deepsight farming
  • Scan one Vex Ley Line per day to spread out this step over multiple play sessions
  • Run double Special weapons like Sniper + Fusion Rifles to cover all ranges
  • Use Thundercrash or Nova Bomb supers to nuke the boss quickly during the damage phase
  • Stay mobile and use vertical space to avoid Vex targeting and grenades during the solo mission

Following these tips will help you overcome tricky parts like the Deepsight Resonance farming or the final boss fight.

Is Bring the Lake Down Required for Vex Mythoclast?

Currently, the Bring the Lake Down Exotic quest is the only way to obtain the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle in Destiny 2.

This mission provides the direct path to acquiring the weapon, including the final boss fight against Quria to claim Vex Mythoclast as a reward.

So yes, completing the full Bring the Lake Down questline is required to earn this powerful Exotic primary weapon.

There are no other alternate sources for Vex Mythoclast like random Exotic drops or monuments to lost light purchases. Players must finish this climatic mission if they want to wield this signature Vex weapon.

However, this could potentially change in future seasons. Bungie may add the Mythoclast to the Monument to Lost Light or make it drop from Vex-themed activities like Vault of Glass.

But for now, the Bring the Lake Down quest is mandatory for earning Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2. All Exotic collectors and PvP seekers need to complete it to obtain this meta weapon.


The Bring the Lake Down Exotic quest provides Guardians with a challenging, yet rewarding mission for Vex Mythoclast. Completing the entire quest rewards you with a powerful new Exotic to add to your arsenal.

Use this detailed walkthrough to help you through each step – from farming Deepsight Resonances to defeating Quria itself. With Vex Mythoclast in hand, you’ll have an advantage in all facets of Destiny 2.

Good luck, Guardians! Hope this guide helps you on your journey to complete the Bring the Lake Down quest and claim the incredible Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle. Vaporize the Vex and prove your worth as one of the Traveler’s chosen champions.

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