Call of Dragons Alwyn Guide: Skills, Talents and Tips

Alwyn is one of the Epic heroes in Call of Dragons, the strategy RPG game by 37Games. With a focus on magic damage and control effects, Alwyn can be highly effective when used correctly. This guide will provide everything you need to know to make the most of Alwyn in PvP and PvE.

Call of Dragons Alwyn
Call of Dragons Alwyn

Overview of Alwyn’s Skills and Talents

Let’s start by looking at Alwyn’s skills and talent trees to understand his strengths:


Arcane Shackles (Skill 1): Deals magic damage and ensnares the target, slowing their movement and dealing periodic magic damage over time. This is Alwyn’s main damaging ability.

All-Conquering (Skill 2): Passively increases Alwyn’s magic attack and max HP. A simple stat boost.

Friend of the Hemlock (Skill 3): Reduces the damage Alwyn takes from normal attacks. Provides durability.

Ensnaring Briars (Skill 4): Passive skill that has a chance to ensnare enemies that attack Alwyn, dealing periodic magic damage and slowing their movement. Excellent for counter-initiating.

Talent Trees

Control: Focused on debuffs, crowd control, stealing rage, and silencing enemies. The core of Alwyn’s kit.

Magic: Boosts magic damage, especially damage over time effects. Good secondary tree.

PvP: Provides march speed, attack, rage generation, and damage boosts. A well-rounded combat tree.

How to Maximize Alwyn’s Strengths

Based on his skills and talents, these are Alwyn’s greatest strengths:

  • Crowd Control: With his snares, slows, silences, and rage stealing, Alwyn excels at controlling the battlefield and disrupting enemies.
  • Magic Damage Over Time: Between his skills and the Magic Talent Tree, Alwyn can stack lots of periodic magic damage on foes.
  • Counter-Initiating: Ensnaring Briars gives Alwyn a strong reactive playstyle, punishing enemies who attack him.

To maximize these strengths, you want to build Alwyn’s talents and fight in ways that emphasize his disruptive, DoT-focused playstyle. Here are some tips:

  • Focus heavily on the Control tree, especially silence and rage stealing.
  • Pick talents that boost magic damage over time (like Insult to Injury).
  • Use hit-and-run tactics – strike with Arcane Shackles, then reposition.
  • Let enemies engage with you to trigger Ensnaring Briars.
  • Pair Alwyn with heroes that have complementary skills, like more snares or magic DoTs.
  • Use mobility to evade enemies and force them to cluster up for AoE magic damage.
  • Time silences to interrupt key enemy skills.

Building Alwyn this way turns him into a potent nuisance on the battlefield, able to dictate engagements and counter-initiate skillfully.

Recommended Talent Builds for Alwyn

Now let’s look at two recommended PvP talent builds that play to Alwyn’s strengths.

Pure Crowd Control Disruptor

This build focuses purely on disruptive crowd control to lock down enemies:

  • Control Tree: March Speed, Attack, High Spirits, Soul Siphon, Intimidation, Ambush, Lucky Stars, Reticent
  • PvP Tree: Attack, March Speed, Army of Valor

With double march speed talents, rage stealing from Soul Siphon, defense reduction from Ambush, sustain from Lucky Stars, and a silencing ultimate with Reticent, this build maximizes Alwyn’s ability to control battles. You become an incredibly disruptive force.

The PvP talents provide additional speed and damage to round out the build. However, you can also opt for the Magic Tree instead for more magic damage synergy.

Magic DoT Controller

This alternate build focuses more on stacking magic damage over time effects:

  • Control Tree: March Speed, Attack, High Spirits, Intimidation, Ambush, Lucky Stars, Reticent
  • Magic Tree: Maelstrom, Insult to Injury, Elemental Boost

Trading Soul Siphon for Insult to Injury significantly boosts Alwyn’s magic DoT damage potential. Combined with talents like Maelstrom and Elemental Boost, you can melt opponents with sustained magic damage.

The Control talents still provide plenty of disruption but have less of a focus on rage stealing. This build has higher damage potential but less crowd control than the pure control variant.

Strong Hero Combinations and Synergies with Alwyn

To maximize Alwyn’s effectiveness in battle, you want to pair him with other heroes who synergize well and cover any weaknesses. Here are some excellent hero combinations to try with Alwyn:

  • Alwyn + Waldir: Lots of snares, magic DoTs, and disruption. Waldir’s Frostbite debuff boosts Alwyn’s damage.
  • Alwyn + Lilia: Lilia’s Scorched debuff amplifies Alwyn’s magic damage output significantly. A very potent combination.
  • Alwyn + Velen: Extreme crowd control from two Control tree heroes. Velen’s Frost effects complement Alwyn nicely.
  • Alwyn + Pan/Thea: Combining Alwyn with more supportive heroes like Pan or Thea can create a durable control-focused march.
  • Alwyn + Athelia: With magic damage and rage generation, Athelia synergizes well with Alwyn’s high rage costs and magic DoT focus.

Pairing Alwyn with heroes that have complementary skills and cover his weaknesses, like a lack of healing or durability, is key to building effective march compositions.

Effective Artifact Choices for Alwyn

For artifacts, these are solid options for Alwyn that enhance his capabilities:

  • Tier of Arbon – provides area healing and durability for Alwyn’s march.
  • Phoenix Eye – excellent for boosting Alwyn’s magic damage output.
  • Magic Bomb – improves Alwyn’s AoE damage, which is otherwise limited.
  • Freezing Ring – can be used defensively to negate damage, allowing Alwyn time to reposition.
  • Spirit Bangle – removes debuffs from allies, helpful against enemies trying to lock your march down.

For pure damage, Phoenix Eye is the best choice. But more utility-focused artifacts like Tier of Arbon and Spirit Bangle work very well with Alwyn’s kit too.

Playing Alwyn Effectively

To maximize Alwyn’s potential, focus on leveraging these strengths in battle:

  • Crowd Control – With his array of snares, slows and silences, Alwyn excels at battlefield control.
  • Kiting – Use your range to keep your distance and force melee opponents to group up chasing you.
  • Reactive Play – Punish attackers with Ensnaring Briars by letting them engage first.
  • Magic Sustained Damage – Stack magic DoTs on foes using his skills and Magic talents.

Using Alwyn Effectively in PvP

Now let’s discuss how to effectively use Alwyn’s skills and talents in PvP battles. Here are some key tips and strategies:

  • Lead with Arcane Shackles to apply an initial snare and magic DoT on your target. Follow up with normal attacks.
  • Maximize Ensnaring Briars by letting enemies engage with you first before counter-attacking. React to their actions.
  • Layer snares from your skills and talents to keep targets perpetually slowed. This cripples their damage potential.
  • Use mobility to reposition and force melee opponents to clump up pursuing you, priming them for AoE magic damage.
  • Save Reticent silences to interrupt crucial enemy skills like Velen’s Glacial Spike or Pan’s Sacred Protection.
  • Steal Rage with Soul Siphon to prevent opponents from using skills. Draining 75 rages per proc is huge.
  • Time Ambush’s defense reduction to amplify your team’s burst damage potential at key moments.
  • Stay at max range so only melee heroes can reach you, limiting the enemies who can attack.

Proper ability timing and smart positioning are essential to success with Alwyn. Disrupt enemies with your skills while remaining safely out of range of threats.

Alwyn’s Strengths and Weaknesses

To conclude, let’s summarize Alwyn’s greatest strengths and weaknesses:


  • Extremely disruptive crowd control from skills like Reticent and Soul Siphon
  • Strong magic damage over time effects
  • Powerful counter-initiation and reactive play
  • Excellent synergy with other magic damage and control heroes
  • A high skill cap allows skilled players to dominate with good execution


  • Low durability if focused down
  • Susceptible to burst damage
  • Long skill cooldowns limit his reactive potential
  • Immobile and vulnerable in melee range
  • Provides no healing or utility for his allies

Overall, Alwyn thrives when disrupting enemies and controlling the flow of battle. But he relies heavily on good positioning and smart ability usage to survive against aggressive opponents.

Mastering Alwyn in Call of Dragons requires practice and skill, but the payoff is having one of the most disruptive and dangerous heroes in the game. Use him to drive your foes mad with frustration!

Key tips for success:

  • Lead fights with Arcane Shackles then kite enemies with your range.
  • Constantly slow enemies with layered snares from skills and talents.
  • Move unpredictably and force melee foes to clump when pursuing you.
  • Save silences from Reticent for interrupting crucial enemy skills.
  • Stay at max range so fewer opponents can engage you.


Mastering Alwyn in Call of Dragons can transform him into an exceptional force on the battlefield. With his disruptive crowd control abilities, potent magic damage over time effects, and strong counter-initiation potential, Alwyn has the power to dictate engagements and frustrate opponents. His synergy with other control-focused heroes amplifies his effectiveness, while his reliance on positioning and ability timing demands a skilled touch.

While Alwyn possesses exceptional strengths, it’s important to recognize his weaknesses as well. His susceptibility to burst damage and limited durability when focused down demand careful consideration of positioning and engagement timing. Being immobile and lacking healing or utility for allies requires coordination with supporting heroes to ensure his survival and effectiveness.

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