Call of Dragons Beginner Guide: Building a Strong Foundation for Success

If you’ve just started playing Call of Dragons and are eager to know the best faction, focus on the best heroes, progress faster, and avoid common mistakes, then you’re in the right place! In this beginner’s guide, I’ll provide you with essential tips and strategies to set you on the right path to success in this massive online multiplayer city builder and war game.

Setting Your Goal

As a new player, your primary goal should be to level up your City Hall to level 25. This allows you to access higher-tier troops and have a more substantial army for both PvE and PvP content. While progressing towards this goal, it’s crucial to minimize the amount of resources you leave exposed, as other players might attack you and plunder your resources.

Call of Dragons Beginner Guide
Call of Dragons Beginner Guide

Protect Your Resources

To protect your resources, avoid accumulating excess resources in your inventory, as these are more vulnerable to theft. Instead, use resource items only when necessary for building upgrades, troop training, or research. By keeping fewer resources in your inventory, you reduce the temptation for other players to attack you.

Choosing the Right Server

Choosing the right server can significantly impact your game experience. Aim to join a new server within the first day or two of its launch to get ahead of the competition and participate in limited-time events that offer valuable rewards. These early events can provide you with free keys, resources, and even powerful legendary heroes like Thea.

Picking the Best Faction: League of Order

When it comes to factions, focus on the one that appeals to you the most visually and thematically. Each faction has its strengths and benefits, but for the early game, the League of Order is an excellent choice. Their second skill grants 10% gathering speed and 10% wood gathering speed, which will help you gather resources faster and level up your city more efficiently.

Essential Heroes for Early Game Success

In the early game, prioritize Gathering Heroes and Peacekeeping Heroes. Gathering Heroes like Kella, Chachka, and Indus excel in gathering resources faster and carrying more resources back to your city. On the other hand, Peacekeeping Heroes like Guanwin and Eliana are crucial for defeating darklings and earning rewards like speed-ups and gems.

Focus on Alliance Benefits

Joining an active alliance provides numerous benefits that accelerate your progress. Alliance technology offers higher stats, increased troop experience, and faster building and research times. Participating in alliance events and darkling forts also rewards you with free chests, keys, and resources.

Research Wisely

In the early game, prioritize economic technology over military technology. Focus on architecture, scholarship, and military leadership to enhance building speed, research speed, and hero experience gain. Also, invest in stamina and breath control to increase your command points and their recovery speed for more efficient PvE progress.

Exploring the Map with Scouts

At the beginning of your adventure, you’ll find the entire map covered in Mist. Don’t worry; this fog will be lifted with the aid of your Scouts. Click on the Mist-covered areas and send your Scouts to explore them. As they journey through the map, they’ll discover various locations, such as Villages and camps.

Some of the locations your Scouts discover may offer free rewards like Gems, Mana, and even research technologies! These early discoveries can give your account a significant boost without spending any resources or speed-ups. So, always keep your Scouts busy to unveil the hidden treasures of the map.

Making the Most of Gems

Gems are a premium currency in Call of Dragons, and while they are valuable, fear not, you can earn plenty of them without spending a dime. Daily logins and certain achievements grant you free Gems, and early on, you get more Gems compared to later stages.

The best way to spend your Gems as a free-to-play player is on the second permanent Builder. It will double your building speed, significantly speeding up your progress. Additionally, consider investing in your Honorary Membership level to unlock a second research queue permanently, along with various other benefits. Aim for level eight, where you’ll receive a shard of a legendary hero every day!

Optimal Bundle Purchases

If you’re willing to spend a little to enhance your gaming experience, there are a few bundles that offer great value:

  1. Worker Bundle (Price: $5): This bundle provides you with a second permanent Builder, Gems, and speed-ups, making it one of the best early investments.
  2. Monthly Packs (Price: $3 and $5): The $5 pack offers double the rewards for a small price increase, making it the better choice. You’ll receive Gems, daily gifts, and universal artifact keys daily.
  3. Growth Fund (Price: $10): Unlock this bundle to receive 82,000 Gems over time, providing exceptional value for your investment.
  4. New Beginning Bundle (Price: Varies): Available only early in the game, this bundle offers incredible value with a plethora of speed-ups and resources.

Remember, the first few purchases usually come with additional bonuses, so make them count!


By following these guidelines, you can build a solid foundation for success in Call of Dragons. Set your goal to level up your City Hall to 25 while protecting your resources. Choose the League of Order faction and focus on key heroes for gathering and peacekeeping. Join an active alliance and wisely invest in economic research for faster progress. Remember, building a strong start in Call of Dragons will lead to an exciting and rewarding gaming experience. Good luck on your journey!

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