The Ultimate Guide to Call of Dragons Bundles and Spending

Call of Dragons is an exciting new strategy game for mobile that takes inspiration from popular titles like Rise of Kingdoms. As with most mobile games today, Call of Dragons offers various in-game purchases and bundles to enhance your gameplay experience. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be confusing trying to figure out which bundles provide the best value.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the bundles available in Call of Dragons, explain what each bundle offers, provide tips on getting the most value from your purchases, and offer strategies for spending as both low and high-budget players. Read on to learn everything you need to know about bundles and spending wisely in Call of Dragons!

Call of Dragons Bundles
Call of Dragons Bundles

Overview of Bundles in Call of Dragons

The main bundles available for purchase in Call of Dragons include:

  • Growth Fund
  • Monthly Packs
  • Daily Deals
  • New Beginnings Bundle
  • Great Value Bundles
    • Time to Harvest
    • March of Conquerors
    • Path of Knowledge
    • City of Hope
    • Heroes of Tomorrow
    • Treasures of Tomorrow
  • Special Limited-Time Offers
  • VIP Exclusive Bundles
  • Pop-Up Bundles
  • Raw Gem Purchases

Now let’s explore each of these bundle types in more detail.

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund is available for $9.99 and delivers rewards over 30 days. Each day you collect gems, resources, and speedups. In total, the Growth Fund bundle provides:

  • 14,700 Gems
  • 1.2 million Food/Wood/Stone/Ore
  • 240 hr Speedups
  • 500 VIP Points

This is one of the best ongoing values you can purchase in Call of Dragons. The bundle essentially pays for itself just from the gem rewards alone. The additional resources and speedups make it even more worthwhile.

Monthly Packs

There are two monthly pack bundles in the store costing $4.99 and $2.99. Each provides excellent value compared to direct gem purchases.

The $4.99 monthly pack includes:

  • 1,500 Gems
  • 150 Universal Hero Tokens
  • 150 Universal Troop Recruits
  • 30-Day Resource Boost (100% More Gathering)

The $2.99 monthly pack contains:

  • 750 Gems
  • 75 Universal Hero Tokens
  • 75 Universal Troop Recruits
  • 7-Day Resource Boost (100% More Gathering)

Both of these packs provide their bonus rewards each day you log in, making them great recurring values.

Daily Deals

The Daily Deals offer a chance to get hero heads for legendary commanders. You can purchase individual chests for three different commanders, or get all three chests in a bundle for $2.99.

The three commander options rotate daily. The chests provide between 5-12 sculpture heads for each commander.

This is a nice way to unlock and boost legendary heroes, but is not the most efficient means long-term compared to other bundles. The daily deals are best purchased occasionally when they feature commanders you want rather than buying them every day.

New Beginnings Bundle

This is a one-time purchase bundle that provides an account boost for new players. It delivers:

  • 25,000 Gems
  • 1,500 VIP Points
  • Resources
  • Speed Ups
  • Honor Tokens

It’s a solid starter bundle. But it’s not essential, especially if you plan to be a low-spender. Other bundles provide better long-term value.

Great Value Bundles

There are six Great Value Bundles that offer varying rewards on a 20-hour cooldown timer. Each bundle has up to 5 tiers that increase in price and rewards.

The bundles are:

Time to Harvest – Resources

March of Conquerors – Troop Training Speedups

Path of Knowledge – Research Speedups

City of Hope – Building Speedups

Heroes of Tomorrow – Hero Tokens

Treasures of Tomorrow – Artifact Keys

The lower tiers of these bundles can provide strong value, especially for low/moderate spenders. The higher tiers are generally only worth it for heavy spenders trying to power up quickly.

Special Limited-Time Offers

Throughout the year special bundles will be offered for a limited time coinciding with events, holidays, or other promotions.

For example, during the summer you may see a special Independence Day or Beach Bash-themed bundle. Around Christmas, holiday bundles are likely.

The value of these varies widely. Some are average while others are very good. Check the details closely. Limited-time offers with resources, speedups, and gems tend to be safer purchases. Thematically themed bundles (like Halloween costumes) may not provide as much gameplay value.

VIP Exclusive Bundles

As you increase your VIP level (by purchasing bundles and raw gems), you unlock access to special VIP bundles for legendary commanders.

For instance, at VIP 8 you can purchase a bundle with Lilia. VIP 10 unlocks a bundle with Hua. And more commanders can be unlocked at higher VIP tiers.

These commanders are very powerful and meta for late-game activities like Ark of Osiris. If you plan to be a moderate or heavy spender, the VIP exclusive bundles are nice targets to unlock.

Pop-Up Bundles

Pop-up bundles appear on the screen related to certain in-game activities and milestones. Some examples include:

  • Unlocking a new City Hall level
  • Upgrading your Academy research building to a new level
  • Receiving a new legendary commander
  • Leveling a commander to 40

The pop-up bundles provide strong value for low-spenders. I recommend purchasing most of them if you have the budget spare when they appear. They offer resources, speedups, gems, hero tokens, and more.

Raw Gem Purchases

You can buy raw gems not included in a bundle. Prices range from $1 to $100. First purchase bonus rewards are given on each new tier unlocked.

Raw gems should be avoided by low-spenders. Only use this option if you need a few extra gems and are willing to spend to refill your supply. Raw gems are best left to heavy spenders who refill frequently.

Tips for Getting the Most Value from Bundles

Now that you’re familiar with the main spending options, here are some tips to maximize the value you receive from purchasing bundles in Call of Dragons:

Focus on recurring bundles first – Growth Fund, monthly packs, and certain Great Value Bundles can be purchased multiple times. These recurring options tend to provide the best long-term value compared to one-time purchases.

Buy lower tiers – For Great Value and special event bundles, the lower tiers (typically $5 and $10 options) provide the highest proportional rewards. Higher tiers cater more toward heavy spenders.

Wait for pop-up deals – Don’t buy bundles just for the sake of it. Patience pays off. Wait to snag great value from limited-time pop-up bundles tied to your kingdom progression.

Compare gem values – When evaluating a bundle, look at how many gems you receive per dollar spent. Try to get at least 50 gems per $1 or better.

Use gems wisely – It’s tempting to spend gems as soon as you get them but plan ahead. Use gems to boost resource production, VIP level for bonuses, troop expansions, and wheel/card king events for commanders.

Take advantage of first purchase bonuses – When you unlock the ability to purchase a new tier of raw gems, the “first purchase” bonus rewards are very good. Grab them occasionally as a low-spender if you want to treat yourself.

Wait for More Commanders – No need to buy every daily deal commander heads as a low spender. Prioritize spending on 1-2 legendary commanders you want to focus on advancing first before expanding your roster.

Spending Strategy for Low-Budget Players

If you plan to be a low spender in Call of Dragons, here are some tips for maximizing value from the bundles available while staying within a limited budget:

Buy the Growth Fund first – This is hands down the best long-term investment any player can make in Call of Dragons. The gems alone make it valuable, and extra resources don’t hurt.

Unlock the $4.99 and $2.99 monthly packs – These provide great recurring value for low spenders. Well worth purchasing each month.

Only buy the $1 daily deal – Get this every day if possible for the hero’s heads. But avoid spending $2.99 for all 3 chests as a low spender.

Save up for your first Wheel / Card King commander – Be patient and use free gems until you can afford to go after your top commander choice from this event as a low spender.

Spend on pop-up bundles – These offer the best value when they appear. Buy Kingdom Progression, Academy Research, and Legendary Commander bundles.

Limit raw gem purchases – Only buy these when you must, and stick to the $1 and $5 tiers. Avoid spending big on raw gems.

Max VIP 6 for Gem Mine – This unlocks a free gem trickle. Work on VIP slowly through monthly gem supplies and occasional bundle purchases.

Craft gear first, then focus on commanders – Your gear will carry over across commanders. Invest in high-level epic and legendary gear before overly expanding your roster.

Specialize in 1-2 troop types first – You won’t have the resources to build every troop as a low-spender. Focus on 1-2 troop types that share commander synergies.

Join an active alliance – To compensate for less spending power, you need more activity. Find an active alliance so you can contribute to events and reap communal benefits.

Spending Strategy for High-Budget Players

If you plan to spend more significantly on Call of Dragons, you can take advantage of a wider variety of bundles. Here are some tips:

Buy every limited-time pop-up bundle – As a heavy spender, you can purchase every pop-up offer without worry. This provides a steady influx of resources and speedups.

Max out the $100 Great Value Bundle tier when needed – Don’t buy every bundle every day, but max these out during relevant events like Material Madness to stockpile.

Use raw gems for VIP points – Whales should push to VIP 14 as soon as possible for 5% stat boosts. Pour excess gems into VIP.

Obtain every VIP exclusive commander – You want every commander at your disposal if spending heavily. Unlock all VIP bundles.

Get multiple meta Legendary commanders – Focus on getting top commanders like Roland, Lohar, and Cao to 6 stars and maxing their skills.

Invest universal sculpts in Arena meta commanders – Use universals to push PVP commanders like Yu to boost your position early on for more coins.

Master Key research ASAP – Spend gems to max Master Key tree first for chaotics and faster access to higher age unlocks for spenders.

Buy skins – Purely aesthetic, but skins are a fun way for whales to stand out. Grab them for your favorite commanders.

Fill hospitals – As a heavy spender, you’ll have armies and resources to burn. Keep hospitals at max capacity so you don’t lose expensive troops.

Help alliance maximize events – Use your spending advantage to contribute heavily toward alliance events like Dragon Invasion to earn maximum rewards.

Final Thoughts on Smart Spending in Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons offers a myriad of bundles and deals to entice spending. While it’s tempting to buy everything, it’s important to spend smart so you maximize the value of your purchases.

As a low-budget player, focus on bundles that provide recurring long-term value like Growth Fund rather than flashy one-time purchases. Be selective in buying commanders, prioritizing quality over quantity early on.

Heavy spenders can afford to buy more freely for instant power gains. Yet discipline still pays off when chasing the top-tier meta commanders and gear. Whales should also balance individual progression with helping their alliance progress.

No matter your budget, exercising some strategy and restraint goes a long way in Call of Dragons. Buying bundles smartly from the start will set you up for long-term success compared to overspending early on less impactful deals.

With these tips and strategies, you now have a detailed blueprint covering all spending options and tactics to master bundles as a low or high-budget gamer. Enjoy unlocking your favorite commanders, progressing your kingdom, and crushing the opposition with the help of wise bundle investments in Call of Dragons!

Frequently Asked Questions About Call of Dragons Bundles

Getting the most out of your spending in Call of Dragons requires understanding which bundles are worth it and how to utilize them effectively. Here are some common questions players have about bundles:

Should I buy the New Beginnings Bundle as a new player?

The New Beginnings Bundle delivers nice starter rewards, but it’s not essential early on. As a low-spender, your gems are better spent on the Growth Fund and monthly packs for recurring value. This bundle can wait.

What are talent resets and should I buy them?

Talent resets allow you to reallocate all your commander talent points. Use them if you make a mistake or want to respec a commander for a new role. They are bought with gems and are best left for bigger spenders.

Do I have to buy every tier of Great Value Bundles?

No, you can just buy the $5 tier each time and ignore higher tiers as a low-spender. Higher tiers cater more toward heavy spenders rushing progression. Stick to the base level.

Should I buy every pop-up bundle offer I receive?

Most pop-up bundles provide excellent value, but you don’t have to accept every single one as a low-spender. Buy the ones that give gems, speedups, resources, and tokens as a priority.

Can I earn all commanders as completely free to play?

Unfortunately no. You need to spend some overtime to acquire commanders. But focus on getting 1-2 meta legendaries you really want rather than spreading yourself thinly over many.

Should I buy Commander heads I don’t plan on using?

No. There is no reason to buy heads for legendary commanders you don’t foresee actually investing in down the road. Be selective in purchases.

What should I spend most of my gems on?

Prioritize spending gems to boost resource production, increase VIP level for bonuses, and troop expansions, and participate in premium events like Wheel of Fortune.

Is buying raw gems ever worth it for low spenders?

Almost never. Raw gem purchases give the least value. They are really only practical for heavy spenders refilling their supplies. Keep raw gem buys minimal.

Can I earn all commanders without spending money?

You can unlock and earn some commanders in Call of Dragons for free, but getting legendary heroes fully upgraded takes dedication and spending over time. Manage expectations accordingly.

What should I buy first if I plan to low spend?

Focus first on the Growth Fund for recurring gems. The monthly packs for long-term bonuses. After that, buy pop-up bundles and occasional low-tier great-value packs as needed.


With hundreds of bundles available, Call of Dragons gives you many options for spending to advance your kingdom. Following the tips in this guide will help you maximize your budget wisely. Focus on high-value recurring packs early on, and be selective in choosing commanders and bundles that align with your in-game priorities. Patience and strategy pay off when spending in Call of Dragons. Now go unleash your dragons and soar to victory!

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