The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Faction in Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons is a popular mobile strategy game that allows players to build armies, conquer territories, and battle against other players. One of the most important decisions you’ll make early on is which faction to join. There are five unique factions in Call of Dragons, each with its own units, abilities, and playstyles.

Choosing the right faction can give you a major advantage as you progress in the game. The wrong choice may leave you at a disadvantage against certain enemies and situations. This definitive guide will examine the strengths and weaknesses of every Call of Dragons faction to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Call of Dragons Factions
Call of Dragons Factions

Overview of the 5 Call of Dragons Factions

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick overview of the 5 major factions:

Good Alliance: The balanced faction. Strong defense and healing abilities. Recommended for new players.

Dark Legion: Specializes in stealth and sabotage. Great for experienced players.

Treefolk: Focuses on nature magic and summoning forest creatures. Unique playstyle.

Undead Horde: Raise the dead and overwhelm enemies with numbers. Powerful but slow units.

Stone Clan: Heavily-armored dwarves with high HP. Excellent defenses but weak magic.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at each faction’s unique units, abilities, playstyles, strengths, and weaknesses.

Good Alliance Faction

Overview: The Good Alliance is the most balanced Call of Dragons faction, making it a great choice for new players. They have solid offensive and defensive abilities. Their troops specialize in healing and supporting each other in battle.

Unique Units:

  • Clerics – Healers that replenish ally health.
  • Knights – Armored cavalry with charge attacks.
  • Archers – Ranged damage dealers.
  • Griffins – Flying creatures that can attack air and ground units.

Faction Abilities:

  • Holy Blessing – Heals all nearby friendly units every few seconds.
  • Valor – Boosts ally damage and armor for a short period.
  • Light of Purity – Damages and blinds enemies in an area.


  • Strong defensive abilities and healers.
  • Versatile mix of armored melee ranged, and flying units.
  • Powerful support skills help allies survive longer.
  • Easy to learn for new players.


  • Lacks high-damage artillery or powerful area of effect (AOE) magic.
  • Weak crowd control and disable abilities.
  • Units are well-rounded but not specialized.

Playstyle: Strong frontline of soldiers backed up by healing and ranged support. Win battles through attrition and outlast opponents.

Good For: Beginners, defensive tactics, team play, prolonged engagements.

Not Recommended For Aggressive rush strategies, quickly overwhelming enemies, specialization/micro play.

Dark Legion Faction

Overview: The Dark Legion specializes in stealth, sabotage, and unconventional tactics. This is a great faction for experienced players who enjoy more complex strategies. Many of their units are invisible or can disable enemies.

Unique Units:

  • Assassins – Melee stealth unit that can turn invisible.
  • Shadow Archers – Long-range artillery that can attack while invisible.
  • Spies – Infiltrators that can disable and sabotage enemy structures.
  • Bat Riders – Flying scout units that can attack air and ground.

Faction Abilities:

  • Smoke Bomb – Turns all nearby units invisible for a short time.
  • Disable – Temporarily stuns a structure and prevents it from operating.
  • Paranoia – Reduces enemy accuracy and attack speed in an area.


  • Powerful stealth and sabotage abilities.
  • Excellent harassment and precision damage potential.
  • Can hide units and conduct ambushes.
  • Great vision and intelligence gathering.


  • Units lack heavy armor and have low health pools.
  • Weak in a direct clash of full armies.
  • Requires frequent micromanagement of invisible units.
  • The steep learning curve for optimal play.

Playstyle: Hide units, conduct covert operations, and dismantle enemies with surgical strikes. Avoid direct stand-up fights.

Good For: Advanced players, precision control, harassment, intelligence warfare.

Not Recommended For New players, frontline combat, simplistic tactics, rushing.

Treefolk Faction

Overview: The Treefolk use nature magic and forest creatures in battle. They have excellent summoning abilities, strengthening their army over the course of a match. Treefolk requires patience and strategy to leverage its advantages.

Unique Units:

  • Treants – Giant trees that can root down and block paths.
  • Falcons – Flying units that can detect stealth enemies.
  • Stags – Quick land creatures that can charge into battle.
  • Wolves – Pack animals that excel at taking down isolated enemies.

Faction Abilities:

  • Forest Whispers – Provides vision of a wide area for a short time.
  • Nature Wrath – Damages and slows enemies in a target area.
  • Overgrowth – Summons treant and stag allies every few seconds for a period of time.


  • Excellent scout, vision, and detection abilities.
  • Can overwhelm enemies with summoned creatures over time.
  • Mobile and quick units that can flank.
  • Powerful area of effect and crowd control magic.


  • Weak in direct clashes without time to summon reinforcements.
  • Lightly armored units can’t take much damage.
  • Requires strategic patience rather than quick aggression.
  • Countered more easily if opponents destroy production buildings.

Playstyle: Use mobility, vision, and summoning to outmaneuver opponents. Avoid direct combat until additional allies are summoned.

Good For: Strategic players, flanking maneuvers, production macro, army growth over time.

Not Recommended For Impatient players, rushing, early game dominance, raw brute force.

Undead Horde Faction

Overview: The Undead Horde raises fallen enemies to fight for them. They overwhelm opponents with giant armies of disposable units. Strong defenses and large health pools also make them difficult to take down.

Unique Units:

  • Skeletons – Basic melee fighters raised from dead bodies.
  • Ghouls – Undead dogs that specialize in fast raids and scouting.
  • Abominations – Massive zombies that act as tanks.
  • Wraiths – Flying ghost units that sap enemy health.

Faction Abilities:

  • Raise Dead – Resurrects any dead bodies in an area as skeleton warriors.
  • Unholy Armor – Grants bonus health and damage resistance to units.
  • Cursed Lands – Reduces enemy unit health regeneration in an area.


  • Can quickly build massive armies by raising enemy dead.
  • Excellent health and defenses on key units.
  • Lots of “cannon fodder” means less need to protect individual units.
  • Curses and Wraiths allow for draining enemies.


  • Slow movement speed on many units.
  • Weak against opponents that can protect key units well.
  • Struggles against ranged “poke” tactics.
  • Light magic damages them heavily.

Playstyle: Swarm enemies with huge numbers of disposable units. Endure losses while wearing down opponents.

Good For: Spamming units, mass army tactics, tanking damage, long games with lots of casualties.

Not Recommended For Rushing, high micro tactics, low unit games, avoiding losses, short matches.

Stone Clan Faction

Overview: The Stone Clan consists of sturdy dwarves and heavy machines. They have the strongest defenses in the game but move and attack relatively slowly. This faction excels at building strongholds and winning attrition battles.

Unique Units:

  • Dwarven Warriors: Heavily armored melee infantry.
  • Balloon Tanks: Steam-powered armored balloons that attack air & ground.
  • Cannons: Long-range siege artillery for bombarding enemies.
  • Golems: Giant stone constructs that can temporarily root down to stop enemies.

Faction Abilities:

  • Molten Ore: Boosts armor for friendly units.
  • Dig In: Improves defenses for structures.
  • Heavy Volley: Increases attack speed of Siege units for a period.


  • Nearly impenetrable defenses with boosts and upgrades.
  • Powerful tanks and artillery for ranged damage over time.
  • Excellent fortification and entrenchment bonuses.
  • Strong frontline troops.


  • Very slow movement and attack speeds.
  • Weak mobility and troop transports.
  • Vulnerable to stealth, air attacks, and magic damage.
  • Struggles to regain map control once lost.

Playstyle: Create strongholds and utilize powerful defenses and artillery to wear down enemies. Avoid direct confrontations out in the open.

Good For: Defensive turtles, artillery users, attrition warfare, fortifying positions, surviving strong onslaughts.

Not Recommended For Agile tactics, rush builds map control, fighting in the open, regaining loose ground.

Faction Comparison Table

Here is a quick faction comparison table you can reference to see the key strengths and styles of each faction at a glance:

Good AllianceBalancedHealing & support abilities Versatile unitsLacks specialized units Weak crowd control
Dark LegionStealth & precisionInvisibility Sabotage & disabling Precision damageLow health units Weak in direct combat Steep learning curve
TreefolkNature magic & growthVision Summoning reinforcements MobilityWeak in early game Light armor Cumbersome to master
Undead HordeHorde tactics & durabilitySpam disposable units Tanky units Drain healthSlow units Vulnerable to poke & range Struggles with key unit protection
Stone ClanDefenses & artilleryImpregnable fortifications Powerful ranged unitsVery slow Extremely immobile Helpless if overrun

Top Faction Picks for Beginners

The Good Alliance and Stone Clan are the best Call of Dragons factions for new players.

The Good Alliance is the most straightforward to learn thanks to their balanced and versatile units. You can employ basic tactics and don’t need to rely on complex synergies or strategies to contribute and be competitive. Healing abilities also give you some margin for error.

The Stone Clan is mechanically simple as well since their success revolves around building up strong defenses and using powerful artillery and air units. You can turtle up behind your fortifications and don’t need fancy micro to contribute. Their sturdy dwarves are also more durable which makes combat mistakes more forgiving.

Both of these factions will allow new players to get familiar with the game’s mechanics against the AI and during the early PvP levels of multiplayer without needing to execute complex strategies.

Top Faction Picks for Experts

The Dark Legion and Treefolk are the most challenging but rewarding factions for experienced Call of Dragons players.

Dark Legion requires flawless execution and micromanagement to leverage its stealth and precision damage abilities. Using their disguise, sabotage, and disable skills effectively involves more complex tactics and quick reactions. Mastering this faction offers thrilling gameplay for competitive players.

Treefolk have less direct power than other factions and rely heavily on summoning the right units at key times. You need excellent game sense and foresight to maximize their asymmetric abilities. Their tools allow for creative open-ended strategies not found in other factions. Smart and adaptive players will love the Treefolk.

These two expert factions let you show off true mastery of Call of Dragons’ strategy and will help top players stand out in the rankings.

Avoiding the “Wrong” Faction for Your Playstyle

While there are no truly bad factions in Call of Dragons, you should avoid the following mismatches between faction and playstyle:

  • The Undead Horde is a poor match for players who prefer keeping units alive rather than throwing away disposable ones. Their slow units also require patience.
  • Players who hate sitting back and turtling will dislike the Stone Clan’s stationary defensive tactics. You need to enjoy fortifying.
  • The Treefolk are bad for players wanting immediate power and early-game rushes. This faction rewards long-term planning.
  • Impatient gamers who don’t care for stealth will be frustrated by the Dark Legion’s focus on longer covert operations.

Picking a faction that goes against your natural inclinations will make the game more difficult and less enjoyable. Think about your preferences to find the best match.

Faction Popularity and Perception

Beyond hard strengths and weaknesses, faction choice involves preferences and public perception:

  • The Good Alliance tends to be the most commonly used faction, especially among casual players. Some hardcore fans dismiss them as generic or “noobish”.
  • Treefolk and Dark Legion are praised for requiring more skill. But they also intimidate new competitive players who aren’t ready for such complexity.
  • Undead players are sometimes looked down on for relying on disposable spam tactics. But when used well, they offer unique gameplay.
  • Stone Clan has a smaller but dedicated player base. They get criticized as “turtles” but fans enjoy perfecting defenses.

So beyond pure mechanics, choose a faction you find cool and appealing. Having a passion for your faction makes the game more fun in the long run.

Can You Switch Factions?

Many Call of Dragons players naturally wonder if they’re stuck with their initial faction choice or can change it later.

The simple answer is yes, you can absolutely switch factions! However, there are restrictions:

  • Faction change tokens must be purchased with real money in the game store. They are not obtainable through regular gameplay.
  • You can only have one faction change active at a time. Switching again requires another purchase.
  • Your faction rank, units, gear, and resources do NOT carry over after a change. You start over from scratch.

So while you aren’t permanently locked in, faction switching still incurs a real cost. Choose carefully early on to avoid unnecessary expenses down the road.

Criteria for Picking Your Call of Dragons Faction

Here are the key criteria to evaluate as you choose your faction:

  • Playstyle Preference: Do you prefer strong defenses, stealth, summoning, hordes, or versatility?
  • Skill Level: Are you a beginner or an experienced gamer? Some factions are harder to play than others.
  • Competitiveness: Do you care mostly about relaxing gameplay or high-level ranked play?
  • Patience: Can you calmly build up forces or do you prefer overwhelming enemies quickly?
  • Unit Appeal: Does a certain faction’s theme, look, and feel appeal to you?
  • Friends & Community: Do people you want to play with use a particular faction?

There is no objectively “best” faction – choose based on your own preferences, skills, and goals. The right faction depends on the type of player YOU are.

Tips for Succeeding With Your New Faction

Once you’ve chosen your faction, here are some tips to get started off on the right foot:

  • Read guides and watch videos about your faction’s strategies to learn build orders, ability combos, and tips from experts.
  • Join your faction’s online discussion forums and groups to ask questions and find teammates.
  • Practice against the AI to get your macro and micro mechanics polished before facing humans.
  • Don’t neglect your economy and production – having the strongest units doesn’t help if you can’t mass-produce them quickly!
  • Learn the key counter units and abilities that rivals will use against your faction, and be prepared with a counterstrategy.
  • Have fun roleplaying and immersing yourself in your faction’s background, personality, and lore. This creates enjoyment and loyalty.

The bottom line is choosing a Call of Dragons faction is a big advantage if you pick the one that best matches your own strengths and interests as a player. Follow this guide, know yourself, and enjoy the faction perfectly tailored to your gameplay style!

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