Call of Dragons: Liliya Talent Tree Build & Guide

Liliya is an agility-based marksman hero in Call of Dragons who excels at dealing high burst damage from a distance. With proper investment in her talent tree, Liliya can unleash devastating attacks on enemies and take them down quickly. This guide provides an in-depth look at Liliya’s skills, talent tree options, and best builds to help you make the most of this powerful hero.

Call of Dragons Liliya
Call of Dragons Liliya

Overview of liliya’s Skills and Playstyle

Liliya’s basic attack is her main source of damage. She fires arrows at enemies, with every 10th attack dealing bonus damage. Liliya’s skills complement her fast attacking style:

  • Piercing Shot: Liliya’s bread-and-butter skill. She fires an arrow that pierces through enemies, dealing damage. At higher ranks, Piercing Shot also reduces the armor of targets hit.
  • Powershot: Liliya charges up briefly before firing a powerful shot that deals splash damage in an area. Powershot is great for clearing groups of enemies.
  • Vanish: Liliya enters stealthily, making her untargetable for a few seconds. She can still attack and use skills while in stealth.
  • Death Mark: Liliya marks an enemy hero, amplifying all damage they take for a few seconds. Perfect to target dangerous enemies.

Liliya is squishy but her long attack range lets her stay safe. She excels at deleting heroes and needs to avoid direct confrontation. Proper positioning is vital to utilize her to full potential.

Liliya’s Talent Tree

Liliya’s talent tree focuses on boosting her damage and survivability. Here are the main branches:

Marksmanship Branch

This branch enhances Liliya’s basic attacks:

  • Piercing Arrows: Basic attacks pierce through enemies. Great for hitting multiple targets.
  • Weak Point: Every 10th attack deals bonus damage based on the enemy’s missing HP. Excellent for finishing low targets.
  • Crippling Shot: Basic attacks have a chance to slow enemy movement speed. Improves chasing and kiting.
  • Giant Slayer: Bonus damage against heroes. Essential against tanky heroes.
  • Master Marksman: Further boosts basic attack damage.

Shadow Walk Branch

Improves liliya’s Vanish ability and survivability:

  • Concealed Assault: Liliya can attack without breaking stealth from Vanish. Important for surprise attacks.
  • Shadow Raid: Vanish’s duration increased, and Liliya gained attack speed on re-emerging. Better chasing and escape.
  • Obscured: Vanish cools down faster. More uptime for stealth.
  • Dark Runner: Vanish grants bonus movement speed. Improves mobility.
  • Wind Step: Liliya gains immunity to slow effects during Vanish. Prevents enemies from pinning her down.

Marked for Death Branch

Enhances liliya’s Damage Amp from Death Mark:

  • Piercing Death Mark: Death Mark’s damage amp affects armor. Increases overall damage.
  • Grievous Death Mark: Death Mark now reduces enemy healing received. Shut down sustain heroes.
  • Death Mark CDR: Faster cooldown on Death Mark. Can mark targets more often.
  • Mark Mastery: Increase Death Mark’s damage amplification. Bigger damage boost.
  • Double Shot: Liliya’s next two attacks after Death Mark deal bonus damage. Adds burst right after marking.

Recommended Talent Builds

Based on her playstyle and talents, here are two recommended Liliya builds:

Burst Damage Build

This build maximizes Liliya’s upfront burst potential. Great for quickly assassinating enemy backline heroes.

  • Piercing Arrows
  • Weak Point
  • Concealed Assault
  • Piercing Death Mark
  • Double Shot
  • Master Marksman

Key talents are Weak Point, Piercing Death Mark, and Double Shot. Liliya can stealth in, Death Mark a priority target, and then hit them with two empowered attacks from Weak Point and Double Shot right after. Deadly burst potential.

The remaining talents boost overall damage and provide utility. Concealed Assault enables surprise attacks.

Kiting Build

This build improves Liliya’s safety and kiting, while still dishing out steady damage. Ideal against diving heroes.

  • Piercing Arrows
  • Crippling Shot
  • Shadow Raid
  • Grievous Death Mark
  • Wind Step
  • Giant Slayer

Crippling Shot and Shadow Raid allow Liliya to better maintain distance. Grievous Death Mark reduces sustain from lifesteal heroes. Wind Step prevents slows so Liliya can keep escaping.

Giant Slayer shreds high health targets. The rest boost damage through basic attacks.

This build sacrifices some burst potential for safety and sustained damage.

Strong Hero Pairings

Liliya thrives with heroes who can protect her or further amplify her damage:

  • Tanks: Frontline heroes like Arthur, Idun, and Lorelei can soak damage and peel enemies off Liliya. This gives her room to keep attacking safely.
  • Supports: Healers like Flora and Donar provide sustainability so Liliya can stay healthy. Speed boosts from Martha also help to kite.
  • Mages: Heroes with crowd control like Zeus, Cassandra, and Susanoo can lock targets down for Liliya to burst. Their AoE spells nicely complement Liliya’s single-target damage as well.
  • Assassins: Melee heroes like Errol and Kibo benefit greatly from Liliya’s Death Mark for an extra burst. They can also jump on disabled targets for combo blows.

Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips to master Liliya:

  • Use bushes and terrain for cover. Liliya can strike from stealth and then hide again.
  • Open fights with Powershot for splash damage. Then follow up with Piercing Shots.
  • Save Death Mark for priority targets like enemy carriers or durable heroes. Communicate targets for allies.
  • Kite enemies using Crippling Shot and Vanish. Keep peppering them with attacks while staying safe.
  • Use Vanish both offensively and defensively. It enables surprise attacks as well as escaping.
  • Stack attack speed to fully utilize Piercing Arrows’ multi-target potential. Items like Storm Bow work well.
  • Hold Powershot at max charge when checking bushes or contesting objectives. Release instantly if enemies appear.

Correct positioning is vital for Liliya. Stay far back, but not too far to lose EXP range. Evade hard engages and whittle opponents down from afar.

Counters to Watch Out For

Liliya needs to watch out for heroes that can gap close and lock her down:

  • Divers: Heroes like Maloch, Errol, and Butterfly can quickly reach and assassinate Liliya. Avoid being isolated from them.
  • Tanks: Durable heroes like Arthur and Baldum can withstand Liliya’s damage and crowd control her. Don’t overextend against tanks.
  • Supports: Certain healers like Dirak and Payna reduce armor – making Liliya more vulnerable. Take them out first before attacking other targets.
  • Assassins: Rogues like Nakroth and Murad are highly mobile and can eliminate Liliya. Be ready to stealth away from their ambushes.
  • Mages: Heroes with long range and disabilities like Dirak, Ignis, and Lauriel can snipe or lock down Liliya from afar. Never overextend against these heroes.



For arcana, equip:

  • Onslaught: Improves attack speed for faster shots
  • Skewer: Boosts pierce rate and damage
  • Flurry: Extra attack speed and crit chance


  • Assassinate for raw damage
  • Benevolence for lifesteal


  • Soulreaver: Core item for damage. Passive synergizes with Liliya’s percent health damage.
  • Rankbreaker: Gives armor pierce to shred tanks. Also boosts cooldown reduction.
  • Claves Sancti: Great for boosting crit chance. Scales Liliya’s DPS.
  • Omni Arms: Extra burst damage and cooldown reduction.
  • Fenrir’s Tooth: Life steal to sustain during fights.
  • Bow of Slaughter: Useful defensive active ability. Gives lifesteal as well.

Offensive boots like War Boots or Gilded Greaves work well depending on the situation. Sell boots for a 6th damage item late game.

Final Thoughts

Liliya boasts incredible burst damage potential that can quickly assassinate fragile heroes. Proper positioning and choosing the right engagement opportunities are key to succeeding with her. Maximize your damage through the smart use of Death Mark and talents like Double Shot. Stay safe using stealth and kiting to systematically dismantle opponents from long range. Manage her squishiness, and Liliya will serve you well as a potent marksman carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best talent build on Liliya?

For burst damage, a recommended build is Piercing Arrows, Weak Point, Concealed Assault, Piercing Death Mark, Double Shot, and Master Marksman. For kiting, Crippling Shot, Shadow Raid, and Wind Step are good defensive options.

What arcana works best on Liliya?

Onslaught, Skewer, and Flurry Arcana maximize her DPS through faster attacks, pierce, and crit chance. Assassination and Benevolence are alternatives.

What items should I build on Liliya?

Core damage items are Soulreaver, Rankbreaker, Claves Sancti, and Omni Arms. Defensive lifesteal options include Fenrir’s Tooth and Bow of Slaughter. War Boots or Gilded Greaves work well for boots.

What heroes work well with Liliya?

Tanks like Arthur protect Liliya while she attacks from the backline. Supports like Flora provide healing and speed. Mages and Assassins benefit from her Death Mark damage amplification for extra burst potential.

What heroes counter Liliya?

Divers like Errol and Maloch can quickly reach her backline. Tanks withstand her damage while crowding control. Support debuffers reduce her damage. Assassins like Nakroth can ambush her. Long-range mages also threaten her.

How do you play Liliya effectively?

Use bushes and terrain for cover. Open fights with Powershot then Piercing Shot combos. Save Death Mark for priority targets. Kite enemies while whittling them down. Make full use of both offensive and defensive stealth. Focus on positioning safely to deal damage.


With proper talent build investment and smart gameplay, Liliya is a formidable marksman carry. Her high burst damage and elusive nature make her a threat to squishy backline heroes if left unchecked. Master her talent builds and matchups to effectively assassinate key targets in team fights. A properly played Liliya can hard carry games and inflict devastating damage from long range.

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