Call of Dragons Talent Tree Guide: Unleash the Power of Fraga

Welcome back, Today, we’re diving into the talent tree for the mighty Fraga in Call of Dragons. If you’re looking to optimize your gameplay and make the most of this powerful hero, you’re in the right place. Let’s jump into the details and uncover what makes Fraga a force to be reckoned with.

Understanding Fraga’s Strengths

Fraga is a flying hero in Call of Dragons, allowing you to include her in your flying hero lineup. However, some players may wonder if it’s worth switching to the Wildebec faction just for her. I advise holding off on any hasty decisions since the game developers are preparing to introduce two brand-new and potentially powerful mages for the League of Orders.

Now, let’s delve into what sets Fraga apart. Her red skill, “Falconer Charge,” is truly a game-changer. With every normal attack, a thrilling 20% chance of gaining haste awaits, boosting march speed by 18% and reducing the enemy’s rage accumulation speed by 12% for a formidable 5 seconds. This effectively translates to a 30% march speed and a 20% rage accumulation reduction. This skill proves incredibly useful both in chasing down enemies and defending against them.

Synergizing Fraga with Other Heroes

To maximize Fraga’s potential, pairing her with the right heroes is crucial. For dealing with incredible normal attack damage, team her up with Syndrion, who can double the normal attack damage and make each attack critical. The synergy between these two archers will melt even the toughest enemies. Additionally, consider these pairings:

  1. Kinara: Kinara brings a 20% normal attack damage bonus, which complements Fraga’s skills perfectly. Both heroes together can unleash devastating normal attacks.
  2. Nico: Nico’s defense reduction combined with Fraga’s critical normal attacks is a deadly combination that should not be underestimated.
  3. Husk: Utilizing Husk as a secondary hero grants a significant 40% normal attack damage bonus, further enhancing Fraga’s offensive prowess.
  4. Guanwin: Guanwin’s bleeding normal attack damage pairs well with Fraga, adding an extra layer of damage output.
  5. Madeline: Fraga’s normal attacks, combined with Madeline’s defensive capabilities, create a formidable duo on the battlefield.

Selecting the Right Artifacts

Choosing the right artifacts can make a world of difference in Fraga’s performance. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Heart of Kamasi: This artifact enhances Fraga’s defense, making her more durable in combat, especially when paired with Syndrion.
  2. Shadow Blade: If you’re seeking to boost attack damage, the Shadow Blade is a solid choice. However, bear in mind that your defense might suffer.
  3. Viola’s Bow: This artifact offers a balanced mix of damage and defense, as well as increased HP to ensure Fraga’s survivability.
  4. Rattle’s Spear: A new addition to the game, Rattle’s Spear can significantly increase Fraga’s damage output by ignoring 10% of the enemy’s defense. This pairs well with her constant critical rate from her red skill.

Talent Tree Builds

To maximize Fraga’s potential, the best talent tree build revolves around enhancing her normal attack damage. Here are three talent tree builds to consider:

  1. Fraga Maxman Build:
Maxman Talent Tree:
- Adrenaline Rush
- Preemptive Preparations
- Bull's Eye

Marksman Talent Tree:
- Marksman Attack
- Intimidation (or Alert)
- Bull's Eye
- Maxman HP
- Daylight
- Pursuit

This build focuses on a constant critical rate with “Daylight” and enhances normal attack damage with “Bull’s Eye” and “Pursuit.”

  1. Fraga Marksman Build:
Marksman Talent Tree:
- Marksman Attack
- Intimidation (or Alert)
- Bull's Eye
- Maxman HP
- Daylight
- Pursuit
- Balanced Heart
- Passing Shadows (or Victory Rush)

This build prioritizes march speed and rage accumulation, providing versatility in chasing and attacking enemies.

  1. Fraga Mobility Build:
Mobility Talent Tree:
- Bulwark
- Critical Resistance
- Speedy Recovery
- Graceful Exit
- Guard Commander
- Swift Maneuvers
- Victory Rush (or Passing Shadows)

While not as effective for Fraga’s playstyle, this build focuses on mobility and rapid retreat.


With the right talent tree build and hero pairings, Fraga becomes a devastating force on the battlefield. Discover the perfect talent tree build and ideal hero pairings to dominate the battlefield like never before. Remember to be patient and wait for the arrival of the two new heroes before deciding on a faction switch. Harness Fraga’s power, and may your victories be as mighty as the dragons she calls upon!

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