Destiny 2: How To Get Centrifuse Exotic & Catalyst

Centrifuse is an exciting new Arc exotic auto rifle that was added to Destiny 2 in the recent Season of Storms update. This unique weapon fires arcing projectiles that chain lightning between targets, allowing you to clear out groups of enemies quickly.

Getting your hands on the Centrifuse exotic and its catalyst for additional perks requires some work, as the gun and its upgrades are tied to some lengthy exotic quests. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to do to add Centrifuse and its catalyst to your Destiny arsenal!

Overview of Centrifuse

Before we dig into the acquisition steps, let’s briefly look at what makes Centrifuse such a desirable exotic weapon:

  • Weapon Type: Auto Rifle
  • Element: Arc
  • Exotic Perk: Voltaic Link – Projectiles chain lightning to nearby targets. Each hit increases damage on the next target.
  • Secondary Perk: Under Pressure – Improves stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower.
  • Catalyst Perk: Higher Voltage – Increases the chaining damage bonus and range.
  • How to Get: Lengthy exotic quest.

The Voltaic Link perk is what makes Centrifuse really shine. The chaining lightning can clear out weak adds very quickly, while the damage ramp on each hit causes the gun to absolutely melt majors and champions.

The catalyst takes things even further by enhancing that chaining damage bonus and letting it arc across greater distances.

It’s easy to see why this exotic is so coveted. Now let’s look at how we can get our hands on it.

Acquiring the Centrifuse Exotic

Centrifuse is tied to an extensive multi-part exotic quest that will take some time and investment to complete. Here are the steps required:

Step 1: Complete the “Storm’s Fury” questline

  • This questline is picked up from Commander Zavala after acquiring the Season Pass for Season of Storms.
  • It involves completing a series of weekly story missions that detail the Cabal’s attempt to harness Arc powers.
  • After completing the full questline, Zavala will direct you to Eva Levante in the Tower.

Step 2: Charge the Centrifuse Focusing Lens

  • Eva Levante will give you the inert Centrifuse Focusing Lens.
  • You must complete Arc ability kills, Arc weapon kills, and Arc super kills to fully charge the lens.
  • Planetary chests and public events give small boosts to progress.
  • Recommended to grind Altars of Sorrow or Shuro Chi checkpoint while using Arc subclass.

Step 3: Harness the Storm

  • Bring the fully charged Focusing Lens to Zavala.
  • He will activate the lens and have you clear out an area overrun with Cabal trying to steal its power.
  • Fight through the area, defeat the Cabal commander, and claim Centrifuse.

And that’s it! After completing Zavala’s final mission, the Centrifuse exotic auto rifle will be yours. It takes some grinding, but the power of those chaining Arc beams makes it all worthwhile.

How to Get the Centrifuse Catalyst

The Centrifuse catalyst enhances the Voltaic Link perk with the Higher Voltage ability, making it even more potent. Here is how to get your hands on the catalyst:

Step 1: Complete Arc Calibration

  • After getting Centrifuse, visit Banshee-44.
  • He will give you the Arc Calibration quest requiring Arc kills.
  • You need 500 ability kills, 500 grenade kills, and 500 Arc final blows.
  • Grind Altars of Sorrow with Arc classes to progress.

Step 2: Deep Stone Crypt Raid

  • After turning in Arc Calibration, Banshee will send you on a quest step into the Deep Stone Crypt raid.
  • Your objective is to overload a specific Arc reactor deep in the Crypt.
  • This reactor is located near the end of the Crypt Security encounter. Overload it with Arc damage.

Step 3: Dark Fragments

  • After overloading the reactor, collect 30 Dark Fragments from defeating combatants with Arc final blows.
  • These have a low chance of dropping from any kills using Arc damage.
  • Strikes, public events, and Altars of Sorrow work well for farming them.

Step 4: Reignite the Reactor

  • Return to the Crypt and make your way back to the Arc reactor.
  • Activate the console to ignite the reactor while defending against Vex waves. Survive and collect the Centrifuse catalyst.

With the catalyst in hand, it’s time to upgrade your exotic!

Masterworking Centrifuse

To fully masterwork Centrifuse and unlock its catalyst perk Higher Voltage, you need to earn kills with it to fill up the catalyst progress bar.

  • Planetary chests and public events give small boosts to catalyst progress.
  • For efficient farming, use Centrifuse at Altars of Sorrow or Shuro Chi.
  • You need around 1000-1500 kills to fully complete the masterwork.

Once the catalyst meter reaches 100%, return to Banshee-44 to apply it and enjoy those beefed-up Arc lightning chains!

Centrifuse God Rolls

Centrifuse has curated perks that cannot be altered. However, you can still tweak the gun’s performance with stat-boosting armor mods:

  • Targeting Adjuster – For improved target acquisition at range.
  • Counterbalance Stock – Reduces recoil deviation for vertical recoil.
  • Quick Access Sling – Blazing fast swap speed.

Prioritize Recoil Direction or Stability armor mods to help land shots during the Voltaic Link chaining. Freehand Grip also helps when firing from the hip.

Exotic Arc Auto Rifle Options

While Centrifuse is brand new, there are some other exotic arc auto rifles also worth considering:

  • Riskrunner – Absorbs Arc damage and wrecks enemies with Arc lightning explosions.
  • Hard Light – Alters damage type and ricochets off surfaces. Very strong overall.
  • Monte Carlo – Melee kills reload the gun and reduces melee cooldowns. Great for punch-focused builds.
  • Zhalo Supercell – Fires Arc projectiles that chain lightning between enemies. Returns ammo on double kills.

Each brings something unique to the table. But for chaining and sustained DPS, Centrifuse stands at the top of the pack.

Centrifuse vs. Trinity Ghoul

These two popular exotics fill a similar role: chaining lightning between enemies. However, there are some key differences in their playstyle:

  • Centrifuse is an auto rifle good for close to mid-range fights. Reliably chains lightning quickly.
  • Trinity Ghoul is a combat bow effective at long range. Requires an arrow precision kill to prime lightning chains.
  • Centrifuse focuses on adding clear and sustained DPS with its automatic fire.
  • Trinity Ghoul rewards precision shots and can be used for burst damage on majors.

In summary, Centrifuse is ideal for quickly shredding through waves of weak enemies, while Trinity Ghoul plays best at a distance picking off priority targets. Consider your engagement distance and perk activation styles!

Centrifuse Builds & Tips

Here are some top builds and gameplay tips to maximize Centrifuse in Destiny 2 PvE or PvP combat:

PvE Builds

  • Aspects – Arc Soul, Touch of Thunder.
  • Fragments – Spark of Beacons, Ions, Magnitude.
  • Mods – Outreach, Bomber, Perpetuation, Charged Up.
  • Stats – High Discipline and Recovery.

This build focuses on maximizing grenade uptime through the Touch of Thunder aspect. Use rifts and the Arc Soul to clean up low targets so Centrifuse can focus on majors.

  • Aspects – Lethal Current, Flow State
  • Fragments – Spark of Frequency, Beacons, Recharge
  • Mods – Outreach, Bomber, Perpetuation, Charged Up
  • Stats – High Resilience and Strength

Lethal Current boosts your jolts to synergize with Centrifuse chaining. Melee frequently while amplified to speed cooldowns and keep Voltaic Link going strong.

PvP Build

  • Aspects – Arc Soul, Transcendence
  • Fragments – Spark of Beacons, Conductance
  • Mods – Pump Action, Remote Connection, Perpetuation
  • Stats – High Recovery and Intellect

This build relies on Getaway Artist’s Arc Soul and rift uptime to finish off damaged targets and let you reload Centrifuse safely. Use cover and play your ranges.

Gameplay Tips

  • Aim for weaker red bars first to build up Voltaic Link damage before tackling majors.
  • Use grenades and melees to soften up groups, then mow them down to continue chaining.
  • The catalyst makes a huge difference – complete it ASAP!
  • Strong synergy with Jolt and Amplified to keep Voltaic Link active longer.
  • Match elements to shields for maximum chaining damage.

Master the chaining rhythm and Centrifuse will clear out entire rooms for you. This exotic thrives when paired with abilities and team support.

Is Centrifuse Worth the Grind?

Acquiring Centrifuse and its catalyst is no small feat. The lengthy exotic quests and intense grind for materials can get exhausting. So is it ultimately worth the effort?

The short answer is yes – here’s why:

  • Demolishes adds and majors with the ramping Voltaic Link perk
  • Catalyst massively boosts chaining damage and range
  • Extremely ammo efficient, often refunding rounds from chaining kills
  • Unique arc chaining fills a niche lacking in other exotics
  • Synergizes amazingly with Jolt and Amplified
  • Room clearing adds density in PvE making it truly shine

For high-tier PvE content like Grandmaster Nightfalls or Master Raids, Centrifuse provides added clear potential surpassing many legendary weapons. And the catalyst only further cements its place in the pantheon of top exotic primaries.

So while the grind is indeed long, Centrifuse’s uniquely potent Arc abilities make it well worth the effort. Storm ahead, guardians.


The exotic arc auto rifle Centrifuse and its catalyst are powerful new additions in Destiny 2’s Season of Storms. While acquiring them takes some work, the electrical mayhem Voltaic Link enables makes Centrifuse a top-tier arc weapon.

  • Complete the Storm’s Fury seasonal questline to kick things off.
  • Charge the Focusing Lens through substantial Arc ability and weapon grinding.
  • Brave the Deep Stone Crypt Raid for key catalyst objectives.
  • Earn kills with Centrifuse itself to finish master working its catalyst.

Once fully upgraded, Centrifuse melts through swarms of enemies with chained lightning, while also putting big hurt on majors and bosses. The grind ultimately pays dividends in endgame PvE activities.

Destiny 2 continues to expand its arsenal of unique exotics with Centrifuse. If you’re looking to electrify your gameplay, be sure to take on the quest for this exotic auto rifle and experience the storm’s fury firsthand!

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