Cloak of Trepidation – The Mysterious Hunter Cloak in Destiny 2

The Cloak of Trepidation is an exotic hunter cloak in Destiny 2 that is shrouded in mystery. This rare cloak can only be obtained from the Root of Nightmares dungeon, leading many players to wonder about its origins and powers. For hunter mains, getting your hands on this exotic cosmetic item is a top priority.

In this extensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Cloak of Trepidation in Destiny 2, including its stats, lore, appearance, how to get it, and why it’s so valuable for hunters.

Overview and Stats

The Cloak of Trepidation is a legendary hunter cloak that was introduced in Season 19 of Destiny 2. Its exotic perk, called Trepidation, causes enemies to become jolted when damaged by your grenade abilities. This can be extremely useful for crowd control and synergizes well with the Arc 3.0 rework.

Here are the base stats for Cloak of Trepidation in Destiny 2:

  • Defense – 4
  • Mobility – 23
  • Resilience – 2
  • Recovery – 10
  • Discipline – 15
  • Intellect – 2
  • Strength – 23

As you can see, this cloak heavily focuses on Mobility, Recovery, and Strength – three key stats for hunter builds. The high mobility allows hunters to be agile and evasive, while the recovery and strength boost health regeneration and melee abilities respectively.

The Trepidation perk makes this an S-tier exotic for PvE activities where you’ll be facing hordes of enemies. By jolting them with your grenades, you can then use your melee attacks or other Arc abilities to trigger lightning chains and wipe out entire groups.

Lore and Backstory

Very little is currently known about the origins of the Cloak of Trepidation. Its lore tab is strangely blank, adding an air of mystery as to where this exotic item came from. Based on its dark, ominous style, the cloak seems to be associated with nightmares and the darker powers that lie beyond the borders of our solar system.

Some speculate that the Cloak of Trepidation may have roots tying back to the Pyramid fleet and the ancient dangers of the Destiny universe. Others believe it originated from a sinister guardian who went rogue and was consumed by darkness. However, its true origins remain unknown.

The name “Cloak of Trepidation” implies that wearing the cloak may instill fear or anxiety in one’s enemies. This is fitting given the exotic perk which can jolt groups of enemies, sending them into a panic. It’s clear the cloak is meant to intimidate foes and give pause to those who stand against you.

Until Bungie releases more lore about this exotic, the backstory of the Cloak of Trepidation will remain veiled in mystery. Its foreboding style and name make it clear that this is no ordinary cloak. You can expect to channel some serious dark energy while wearing this exotic cosmetic item.

Appearance and Style

The look of the Cloak of Trepidation lives up to its name – emitting a real sense of dread and ominousness. The cloak features a long, dark cowl with frayed edges that look almost witch-like. The interior of the cowl glows with fiery orange embers as if channeling energy from some nightmarish dimension.

Down the length of the cloak is a tattered strip of cloth adorned with a spiny, vertebrae-like decoration. This bone-like ornamentation gives it an almost sinister, gothic feel. The burning orange glow contrasts starkly with the pitch-black exterior of the fabric.

Equipping the Cloak of Trepidation will bathe your hunter in shadowy darkness. The exotic perk animation shows your body surrounded by foreboding smoke and crackling with Arc energy, like a storm ready to be unleashed. It’s a bold, intimidating look that will strike fear into the hearts of your foes.

For hunters who want a menacing edge to their style, the Cloak of Trepidation is a perfect fit. It pairs well with dark shaders and glows ominously even in the brightest environments. If you want your hunter to look like a harbinger of nightmares, then this exotic cloak delivers in spades.

How to Get Cloak of Trepidation

Getting your hands on the Cloak of Trepidation is no easy task. This exotic hunter cosmetic can only be farmed from one source – the Root of Nightmares dungeon introduced in Season 19.

The Root of Nightmares dungeon is located on Mars and features several challenging encounters against nightmarish foes. You must battle through 3 main bosses to reach the final loot room which has a chance to drop the Cloak of Trepidation.

Here are the key tips to farm the Cloak of Trepidation efficiently:

  • Reach at least Power Level 1540 – This dungeon is power level 1520 and quite challenging. Make sure your hunter is at least 1540 power before attempting to farm.
  • Bring a fireteam – Root of Nightmares is incredibly difficult solo. Bring along 2 teammates to improve your chances. Void and Stasis subclasses excel here.
  • Master the dungeon mechanics – Learn the boss fights and mechanics to avoid wasting time. Utilize high burst damage weapons like Gjallarhorn.
  • Increase your drop chance – Equip finders/scavenger mods and use Tokens of Duality to get extra rolls at the exotic cloak.
  • Keep trying weekly – With each weekly reset, you get more chances at the final chest drop. Persistence is key to eventually getting this elusive cloak.

With some skill, patience, and luck, you can eventually add the Cloak of Trepidation to your Destiny 2 collections. It may take many runs, but the payoff is worth it for one of the most badass-looking hunter cloaks in the game.

Cloak of Trepidation God Rolls

The Cloak of Trepidation is a fixed-roll exotic, so every version you acquire will have the same stats. However, you can use armor modifiers and master working to enhance your cloak for your preferred playstyle.

Here are the recommended armor mods and masterwork upgrades for PvE and PvP god roll versions of the Cloak of Trepidation:

PvE God Roll

For challenging nightfalls, raids, dungeons, etc:

  • Arc Damage Resistance – Major arc resistance for endgame content full of arc enemies
  • Concussive Dampener – Protection against AoE and splash damage
  • Bolstering Detonation – Bonus class ability regen when causing elemental explosions
  • Melee Kickstart – Faster melee regen on melee ability use
  • Outreach – Increased melee lunge range, useful with combination blow
  • Masterwork – Recovery

This build maximizes your survival, melee uptime, and ability synergy for PvE activities. The arc resistance and concussive dampener mods provide vital protection against heavy incoming damage, while melee kickstart and outreach enhance your potent combination blow melee ability. Masterworking for recovery gives you fast health regen.

PvP God Roll

For Crucible, Trials of Osiris, etc:

  • Sniper Resist – Extra toughness against the many popular sniper rifles
  • Unflinching Sniper Aim – Reduces sniper flinch for landing shots under fire
  • Dexterity – Faster ready and stow speed for your equipped weapons
  • Distribution – Bonus super energy on ability kills
  • Perpetuation – Class ability regen on class ability use – great for dodging
  • Masterwork – Mobility

This build is geared for the sniper-heavy PvP meta. Sniper resistance and unflinching sniper aim give you an edge for sniper duels, while distribution feeds your super energy. With 100 mobility after master working, you’ll be extremely elusive.

Exotic Perk Explained

The key perk that makes the Cloak of Trepidation exotic is called Trepidation. This grants the ability for your grenade damage to jolt enemies.

Jolt is an Arc 3.0 ability that chains lightning between enemies and makes them more vulnerable to chaining effects. By jolting tightly clumped groups of enemies with your grenade, you can wipe them out quickly with lightning chains.

Some key tips for using Trepidation effectively:

  • Use Pulse Grenades – The wide area of effect jolts more enemies for chaining
  • Throw at the feet of clustered enemies or chokepoints
  • Works great with combination blows to spread jolt on melee hit
  • Lets you spam grenades more aggressively since they debuff enemies now
  • Excellent synergy with Arc souls and Stormtrance super to electrocute jolted enemies
  • Crowd control machine – use liberal grenades to panic and weaken groups of foes

The Trepidation perk makes an already strong Arcstrider subclass even better at adding clear and controlling the battlefield. By weaving grenades and melee strikes, you can juggle and destroy packs of enemies with ease.

Reviewing Community Reactions

The Cloak of Trepidation has been out for a few months now, and many Destiny 2 players have had time to acquire this exotic and try it out. Overall, community reactions seem very positive, with most praising the powerful perk synergy and awesome aesthetics. However, there are some critiques regarding the difficulty of acquiring this elusive cloak.

Here’s an overview of community reactions across forums, social media, and articles:


  • “This cloak is so freaking cool looking. I love the creepy style”
  • “Arcstrider feels so much stronger with the trepidation perk, it’s a must-have exotic”
  • “That smoky entropy effect when you dodge just oozes style points”
  • “Between the perk and appearance, this immediately became my favorite hunter cloak”


  • “It’s way too frustrating trying to farm this cloak solo, I’m about to give up”
  • “I really wish there was an easier way to target farms for this exotic”
  • “The drop rate seems unnecessarily stingy given it’s just a cosmetic item”
  • “Not a fan of the overly spikey ornamentation down the back, the rest of the cloak looks amazing though”

Overall, most players recognize the impressive power and visual impact of the Cloak of Trepidation. However, there is valid criticism around how difficult and frustrating it can be to actually acquire this elusive exotic cosmetic.

Is the Cloak of Trepidation Worth It?

For many Destiny 2 hunter mains, getting the Cloak of Trepidation is a top priority. But given the grinding required, is it actually worth the effort? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.


  • Menacing gothic visual design that looks fantastic
  • The trepidation perk supercharges your Arcstrider subclass
  • Improves add clear and crowd control capabilities
  • Grants access to key Arc 3.0 debuffs like Jolt
  • High stats boost mobility, recovery, and strength


  • Painfully long grind through a tough dungeon over and over
  • Duplicates feel terrible with such a rare drop rate
  • Purely cosmetic, no functional/mechanical advantage

Overall, the Cloak of Trepidation brings a very strong aesthetic and builds synergy value. For those who love the appearance and enjoy fine-tuning arc hunter builds, it is likely worth pursuing, especially if you run dungeons frequently already.

However, more casual players who don’t want to grind endlessly for a purely cosmetic item can safely skip the headache. At the end of the day, this exotic cloak is not essential, but rather a luxury reward for devoted hunter mains who want to refine their stormcalling builds.

TLDR Summary

The Cloak of Trepidation is an exotic hunter cloak from Destiny 2 Season of Plunder with the following key attributes:

  • Badass gothic visual design that radiates darkness
  • Grants the Trepidation perk which jolts enemies damaged by grenades
  • Found only as a rare drop in the Root of Nightmares dungeon
  • Lengtheny grind required, but boosts Arcstrider subclass notably
  • Top-tier stats focused on mobility, recovery, and strength
  • Strong crowd control and chaining potential against groups of adds
  • Overall an outstanding cloak for hunter-mains who enjoy the grind and maximizing builds
  • Purely cosmetic exotic that looks awesome but isn’t essential to acquire

And that wraps up this extensive guide to the Cloak of Trepidation in Destiny 2! We covered its mysterious lore, sinister appearance, how to acquire through dungeon grinding, community reactions, god roll advice, exotic perk details, and whether it’s ultimately worth the effort. This rare cloak is a coveted exotic reward for dedicated hunter-mains seeking the ultimate Arcstrider build.

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