Convergence – The Futuristic Crucible Map in Destiny 2

Convergence is a Crucible map in Destiny 2 that was added with the Warmind expansion. Set in a Vex structure on Mars, it features long sightlines and strategic chokepoints that make for intense PvP battles. In this deep dive, we’ll explore the history, layout, strategies, and lore behind one of Destiny 2’s most popular Crucible maps.

Overview and History of Convergence

Convergence was added to Destiny 2 on May 8th, 2018 with the Warmind expansion, bringing the total Crucible map count to 13. It is set within a Vex construct deep inside Mars’ Glacial Drift that connects to the Hellas Basin.

Convergence was designed to be a more open Crucible map to contrast the narrow lanes of other Destiny 2 PvP maps like Retribution and The Citadel. It provides opportunities for long-range duels down the middle, close-quarters combat inside, and vertical gameplay on the upper rails.

The map’s Vex theme stands out from the natural environments of Nessus and Earth. Its sleek chrome walls and exposed circuitry create a sharp sci-fi atmosphere. Floating platforms, anti-gravity lifts, and teleporters add to the high-tech feel.

Convergence was likely built by the Vex to study Guardians and simulate battlefield conditions. Its name refers to Vex’s goal of converging all timelines into one where they are victorious. Fittingly, two teams collide in this arena to shape their own future.

The map has retained its popularity in Destiny 2 thanks to the diverse combat ranges and freedom of movement. It works well for various Crucible modes including Control, Clash, and Survival. Convergence strikes a balance between sniper-friendly sightlines and CQC around corners that suit different load-outs and playstyles.

Map Layout and Key Locations

Convergence features a symmetrical three-lane layout with a circular middle structure called the Portal Hub. The exterior lanes offer opportunities for long-distance engagements while the interior provides close-quarters battle.

Here are the key locations and callouts for the Convergence map:

  • Portal Hub – The central circular structure with teleporters, bases, and winding halls. This area sees constant firefights.
  • Middle Street – The open avenue between Portal Hubs. Snipers dominate here but it’s risky due to crossfire.
  • Back Alley – A sheltered lane circling the edge with a heavy ammo spawn. Flanking and ambushes happen here.
  • Blue Lift – An anti-gravity lift allowing quick elevation changes and a vantage over Portal Hub.
  • Red Lift – A matching lift on the opposite Portal Hub with similar vertical control.
  • Blue Portal – A teleporter inside the Blue Portal Hub to rapidly reposition.
  • Red Portal – The teleporter inside Red Portal Hub that pairs with Blue.
  • Blue Nest – A protected upper area in Blue Portal Hub overlooking B flag.
  • Red Nest – The Windowed perch in Red Portal Hub that mirrors Blue Nest.
  • Blue Rail – An outer sky bridge connecting Blue Portal Hub to the Back Alley.
  • Red Rail – The sky bridge on the Red side with views of Middle Street.
  • Caves – Enclosed tunnels running under Portal Hubs with a special ammo spawn.

Crucible Strategies and Tips

Convergence rewards flexible playstyles and on-the-fly decision-making. Here are some key strategies to succeed on this map:

  • Play to sightlines – Use long-range weapons down Middle Street and Red/Blue Rails. Get up close in the Portal Hub interiors and Caves.
  • Leverage portals – Portals allow quick rotations between lanes and outmaneuvering foes.
  • Control lifts – Owning the lifts grants height for picking off enemies below or dropping down on them.
  • Collapse on targets – Teams can rapidly overwhelm isolated players using portals and lifts.
  • Circle the map – Flank and surprise enemies by circling the outer Back Alley and into their spawns.
  • Hold the high ground – Blue Nest, Red Nest, and the Lifts provide tactical advantages.
  • Watch the flanks – Don’t get tunnel vision – expect enemies to swing in from multiple sides.
  • Bait and switch – You can lure enemies around corners into teammate crossfires.
  • Grenades are key – Bounce grenades off walls to flush out or finish off weakened foes.
  • Play the lives – Survival is just as important as kills. Stay alive and you’ll outlast overextenders.

Mastering these tips, adapting to enemy tactics, and familiarizing yourself with the map routes will help you get the edge on this intricate battleground.

Lore Behind Convergence and its Vex Origins

As a Vex structure, the backstory of Convergence is tied to the machine race’s actions and motives in Destiny’s universe. Here are some key facts about this arena’s origins:

  • Built by a Vex Mind called “Filled With Light” who commanded Vex forces on Mars.
  • Created as a simulation space to study and exploit Guardian tactics and technology.
  • Linked to the Hellas Basin where Rasputin’s main facility is located. The Vex likely built it to analyze the Warmind.
  • Connected to Vex systems across time and space via subspace portals.
  • Powered by radical golden age technologies that enable anti-gravity, teleportation, and terraforming.
  • Sits atop a “Conflux” which are Vex structures that manipulate reality and futures.
  • Part of the Vex’s efforts to transform Mars and Venus into machine worlds under their control.
  • Represents the Vex desire to integrate all life and timelines into their collective Mind.

Guardians enter this arena engineered by an ancient hostile intelligence in an effort to prove their worth and shape their destiny. In that sense, Convergence represents a microcosm of the Guardians’ greater struggle against the Vex machinery.

Notable Events at Convergence

As one of Destiny 2’s most popular maps, Convergence has hosted many memorable Crucible matches, including:

Formal Crucible Events

  • Clash at Convergence: A 25-match Clash playlist event at Convergence during Season of the Drifter.
  • Scorched Convergence: A unique Scorched mode limited-time event set on the map.
  • Convergence Showdown: A special week-long competitive Showdown tournament held exclusively on Convergence.

Community Tournaments

  • The Convergence Cup: An influencer-run double elimination tourney between top PvP clans.
  • Fight Forever Guardian: A charity Capture the Flag event at Convergence featuring Destiny streamers and YouTubers.
  • Battle of the Ages: An open 32-team single-elimination tourney organized by subreddit mods.
  • Osiris Invitationals: Monthly PS4 tournaments organized by a group of hardcore solo players.

Notable Speedruns

  • Solo 1v6 Flawless: Gladd completed a stunning 17-0 Rumble match in record time.
  • Solo Glaive Only: Buttwipe set a low-man time record using only the Exotic Glaive on Convergence.
  • Sword Fly Any%: A speedrunner called 2Fast2Meta exploited sword flying and skips for the fastest run.

Convergence remains one of Destiny’s most storied PvP battlegrounds, having seen endless Trials cards, bragging rights earned, and legends forged within its confrontational corridors.


For veterans and newcomers alike, Convergence exemplifies the blend of sci-fi style and skill-based gameplay that makes Destiny’s Crucible special. This guide only scratches the surface of the strategies, tricks, and secrets that can unfold on this versatile map.

Convergence distills the essence of competitive Destiny – the thrill of outmaneuvering your foes, adapting on the fly, and ultimately shaping the outcome through mastery of your skills and environment. Over 5 years since its launch, this map continues to shine as a Crucible classic.

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