Mastering the Death From Above Takedown in Far Cry 5

The Death From Above takedown is one of the most exciting and challenging moves to pull off in Far Cry 5. This powerful aerial attack allows you to take down enemies from above for an instant kill. While tricky to execute, mastering the Death From Above can make you an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know to successfully perform Death From Above takedowns consistently in Far Cry 5.

Death From Above Takedown in Far Cry 5
Death From Above Takedown in Far Cry 5

What is the Death From Above Takedown?

The Death From Above takedown is an aerial stealth attack move that instantly kills an enemy when performed correctly. To execute it, you must be above an enemy, jump down on them from height and press the takedown button just as you land on them.

When done right, your character will plunge onto the enemy, driving their weapon into them for a dramatic and lethal takedown. It’s an extremely cinematic way to take out foes that also rewards you with additional XP for pulling off the skillful move.

Death From Above is one of the most useful tools for a stealthy playstyle, allowing you to quickly eliminate enemies from vantage points. And it’s deeply satisfying to leap down on an unsuspecting foe and take them out in one fell swoop.

Why Use Death From Above?

There are several key reasons why mastering Death From Above is an essential skill in Far Cry 5:

  • Instantly kills enemies – Death From Above takedowns are one-hit kills, allowing you to quickly dispose of threats.
  • Preserves stealth – DFAs don’t alert other enemies, allowing you to remain undetected.
  • High risk, high reward – They are challenging to pull off but provide big XP bonuses when executed properly.
  • Looks badass – Plunging from the heavens to drive your weapon through a foe just looks incredibly cool.
  • Verticality – Take advantage of the vertical gameplay with aerial assassinations from rooftops, cliffs, and trees.
  • Strategic positioning – DFAs allow you to get the drop (literally) on enemies from tactical vantage points.
  • Unlocks achievement/trophy – Successfully performing a set number of Death From Aboves is required for an achievement/trophy.

For any player looking to take full advantage of the stealth and vertical gameplay offered by Far Cry 5, mastering the Death From Above is a must. It’s simply one of the most useful and satisfying moves in your arsenal.

How to Unlock Death From Above

Before you can start raining death from above on the hapless Peggies of Hope County, you’ll first need to unlock the ability to perform takedowns.

Takedowns are unlocked after completing the first island area of Holland Valley and rescuing Pastor Jerome Jeffries. He teaches you the art of takedowns, opening up this lethal stealth skill.

So make sure you complete the opening missions and liberate Jerome’s island to add takedowns to your repertoire. Only then can you unlock and perform Death From Aboves.

Requirements for Death From Above

Now that you’ve unlocked takedowns generally, you’ll need to meet a few requirements to be able to execute the Death From Above specifically:

  • Have takedowns unlocked – Complete opening Holland Valley mission to enable all takedown abilities.
  • Be undetected – Enemies must not be alerted to your presence. DFAs only work in stealth.
  • Be above the enemy – You must be positioned above the foe, on a roof, cliff or other elevated position.
  • Time the button press – Press the takedown button just as you land on the enemy for it to work.
  • Land directly on top of enemy – Your jump must place you right on top of their position for the DFA to activate.
  • Enemy must be within takedown range – You have to be close enough to the enemy below to trigger the scripted sequence.

As long as you meet these conditions, you’ll seamlessly plunge your weapon into the enemy for a swift and silent kill. Now let’s go over exactly how to pull off the Death From Above for maximum effectiveness.

How to Perform a Death From Above

Once you know the requirements, here are the steps to flawlessly execute a Death From Above:

1. Get to an elevated position above enemies

This could be a rooftop, cliff, tree branch or any other position that places you directly above one or more enemies. You want a bird’s eye view of your targets.

2. Line yourself up directly above the enemy

Position yourself so you are centered above the enemy, not off at an angle. You’ll want a straight vertical drop down onto them.

3. Make sure you are undetected

If enemies are actively looking for you, DFAs won’t work. Either sneak into position unseen or use a suppressed sniper rifle to clear out threats first.

4. Perform a leap of faith

Swan dive down onto your hapless victim below. For maximum height, sprint and jump off the edge.

5. Time your button press

As you collide with the enemy, press the takedown button to drive your weapon into them for a stealthy kill.

And that’s it! With perfect timing you’ll assassinate the enemy in a dramatic fashion. Now rinse and repeat from the high ground to become the terror from above.

It can take a bit of practice to consistently nail the timing. But with precision and repetition, you’ll be able to reliably Death From Above your foes.

Tips for Death From Above

Once you get the basic technique down, there are a few tips that can help take your Death From Above to the next level:

  • Use the high ground – Seek out multistory buildings, water towers, cliffs and other elevated spots that maximize your height advantage.
  • Target lone, isolated enemies – Look for stragglers away from their allies for an easier DFA opportunity.
  • Combine with stealth skills – Use silencers and the grappling hook for quick, quiet access to sniper nests.
  • Hit them out of vision – When possible, position yourself at an angle outside the enemy’s cone of vision before striking.
  • DFA into haystacks – Some haystacks are placed under cliffs specifically for you to leap into after takedowns.
  • Use takedown perks – Unlock additional takedown skills like chain and ledge takedowns for more options.
  • DFA vehicles – Takedown enemies from above while they’re driving or riding in vehicles too!
  • DFA animals – Bears and other wildlife also aren’t safe from your Death From Above!

With these advanced tips, you’ll be able to pull off the move in creative new ways and on tougher, more aware enemies. Combine DFAs with other skills for maximum lethality.

Locations to Death From Above

Certain areas and structures in Hope County are just built for Death From Above takedowns. Here are some of the best spots for aerial assassinations:

  • Radio towers – Scale tall radio towers and DFA enemies from dizzying heights.
  • Water towers – Stand atop water towers for an airborne sniper perch.
  • Cliffs and outcrops – Reach scenic cliffsides and take out enemies below with dramatic DFAs.
  • Tall buildings – Leap from rooftops and balconies onto unsuspecting victims.
  • Tree platforms – Wooden platforms built into trees make perfect DFA spots.
  • Bridges – Suspended bridges give you a long drop down onto roadways.
  • Power line poles – Balance atop power line poles and DFA into enemy camps.
  • Statues – Tower atop huge engraved statues for unique DFA vantage points.

Virtually anywhere with elevation has DFA potential. Get creative with your positioning and take enemies by surprise from above.

Challenges for Death From Above

Once you master the fundamentals, up the challenge with these daring ways to DFA:

  • DFA multiple enemies – Line up captivating multi-kills by tackling tightly grouped enemies.
  • DFA from moving vehicles – Leap onto enemies from moving boats, planes, helicopters and ATVs!
  • Long distance DFAs – Attempt absurdly long-range kills by DFAing from distant high elevations.
  • DFA through destructible floors – Find weakened floors to crash through and tackle enemies underneath.
  • DFA into water – Plunge from great heights into water for a satisfying splashdown kill.
  • DFA off Clutch Nixon ramps – Use stunt ramps to soar into enemies from big air.
  • DFA from Zipline – Zip into enemies parachute-style at the end of your line.
  • Mid-air DFAs – Tackle helicopters and planes by jumping between aircraft midflight!

Challenge yourself to expand when and how you utilize the Death From Above. Find new ways to surprise enemies and satisfy your inner daredevil.

Takedown Animations and Variety

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Death From Above is the wide range of takedown animations that play out upon executing it.

These cinematic scenes showcase your character brutally driving their weapon into the enemy in visceral fashion. The animation that occurs depends on:

  • The weapon you currently have equipped
  • What direction the enemy is facing
  • If you are airborne or on the ground
  • If you are sprinting or stationary

This variety keeps DFAs feeling fresh, as you’ll almost never see the exact same takedown repeated. There are well over a dozen unique DFA kill animations, each showcasing your equipped weapon being used in cringe-inducing ways.

Pistols, rifles, shotguns, knives, sledgehammers, baseball bats, and more all have their own tailored death animations. Even your bare hands get in on the action for weaponless DFAs.

Mix up your loadout and approach direction when doing Death From Aboves to experience the full range of brutal takedown scenes possible.

Earning Death From Above Achievements/Trophies

Successfully performing enough Death From Above takedowns will unlock achievements/trophies in Far Cry 5.

Xbox One Achievement

The “Death From Above” Achievement unlocks after completing 10 Death From Above kills. This is a cumulative total, so they can be done across multiple play sessions.

PS4 Trophy

The “Death from above” Bronze Trophy also unlocks after 10 DFA takedown kills. Again, this total is cumulative and can be earned over time.

Steam Achievement

The Steam version also awards the “Death from above” achievement for the same 10 Death From Above criteria.

Earning these achievements/trophies is a great way to motivate yourself to master the Death From Above. Use the tips in this guide to quickly add to your total.

Why Stealth Is Important for DFAs

It’s worth reiterating that Death From Above takedowns will only work if you haven’t been detected. Your stealthiness is crucial for setting up successful DFAs.

This is why skills and weapons that aid in silent infiltration are highly recommended if you plan to utilize DFAs regularly.

Use suppressed snipers to quietly clear out exterior guards so you can access elevated positions unnoticed.

Unlocking enhanced stealth skills like Sneaky and Deathdealer will also make getting into position easier. And equipable items like mines, throwing knives and rocks can take out or distract troublesome enemies.

Finally, having patience and carefully observing enemy patrols helps you identify gaps where you can access high ground undetected.

Mastering stealth basics enables more DFA opportunities. You want your enemies completely oblivious until the moment you descend upon them from above.

Advanced Death From Above Strategies and Tactics

Once you’ve honed your basic DFA skills, consider these pro-level tips for executing next-level aerial assassinations:

  • Combine with parachute – Unlock the parachute then float high above targets before plummeting onto them.
  • Exploit destructible environments – Drop heavy objects onto enemies, detonate explosive barrels near them, etc.
  • Loot mid-DFA – Pick up loot off enemies in the instant you collide with them before the takedown animation.
  • Use DFA impact to enter rooms – Time your DFA to crash through weak doors and windows for dynamic entries.
  • DFA multiple floors – Tackle enemies through gaps in ceilings for impressive multistory kills.
  • Launch vehicles into enemies – Send vehicles flying off ramps or heights to pancake bad guys below.
  • Grab ledges to abort – Grab edges mid-fall to abort a dangerous DFA attempt and pull yourself to safety.
  • DFA into BG-Blasters – Hilariously dunk onto enemies using Nick and Hurk’s anti-gravity gadgets.
  • Take human shields first – Grapple enemies to use as meat shields, then DFA together for two-in-one kills!

With creativity and practice, you can pull off Hollywood-worthy aerial attacks using Death From Above. Soar through the skies and let your imagination run wild.

Customizing Your Character for DFAs

You can complement your Death From Above skills even further by customizing your character’s loadout and abilities.

Selecting particular weapons, gear and perks that accentuate your aerial assassin playstyle can make DFAs faster, easier and more effective.


  • Bow & Arrow – Silent sniping from heights
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle – Quiet threat elimination
  • Sledgehammer – Savage DFA animations
  • Throwing Knives – Distract and reposition enemies
  • Baseball Bat – Agile and blunt DFA kills


  • Parachute – Greater aerial control and elevation
  • Grapple – Quick access to elevated DFA spots
  • Wingsuit – Precision airborne movement
  • Zipline – Set up rapid DFA routes
  • Adrenaline Shot – Slow downtime after DFAs


  • Deathdealer – Extended takedown distance
  • Sneaky – Reduced detection speed
  • Acrobat – Negates fall damage
  • Bullseye – Improved throwing weapon accuracy
  • Lightfoot – Makes movement silent

Experiment to discover the best personal selections that support and amplify your signature DFA style. The right loadout can make you a true apex aerial predator.

Death From Above Compilation Videos

One of the best ways to get inspired and see the full potential of the Death From Above is by watching compilation videos.

There are numerous montages showcasing the most epic, over-the-top DFA moments captured by players:

Far Cry 5: ULTIMATE Death from Above Compilation #1

Far Cry 5 Death from Above Compilation

Far Cry 5 | Death from Above Montage

These videos demonstrate expert timing on long distance jumps, multiplayer DFA team kills, using vehicles to set up shots, and other advanced tactics worthy of imitation.

Study these highlight reels to get a feel for Death From Above mastery. Learning from others will fast track your skills.

Common Death From Above Problems and Solutions

When you’re first getting the hang of Death From Aboves, there are some common hurdles you may encounter:

Problem: Enemy detects you before you can DFA

Solution: Use silenced sniper rifles and enhanced stealth skills to quietly access positions unnoticed. Observe patrol routes and strike during gaps.

Problem: DFA attempt doesn’t trigger the animation

Solution: Ensure you’re lined up directly above the enemy before jumping, not at an angle. Time the takedown button precisely as you make contact.

Problem: Running off edges accidentally instead of jumping

Solution: Make sure you’re sprinting to leap off edges for maximum distance. Walking may cause you to stumble off instead.

Problem: Exposed position after DFA leads to getting spotted

Solution: Plan an escape route after DFAing to slip away unseen, whether it’s water for a swim getaway or a vehicle for a quick exit.

With practice, you’ll soon troubleshoot issues and nail Death From Above consistently. Patience and precision are key.

Death From Above Unlockables and Reward

Beyond the inherent satisfaction of literally dropping in on enemies and taking them out in dramatic fashion, successfully landing Death From Aboves provides the following rewards:

  • Bonus XP – You gain additional XP for each DFA kill, helping you rank up faster.
  • Achievements/Trophies – Unlocking DFA achievements gives you bragging rights and Gamerscore.
  • Prestige DFA clothing – Special DFA-themed clothing items become available in stores.
  • Signature weapon – A customized DFA melee weapon can be acquired once you reach DFA mastery.

Death From Above feels extraordinarily rewarding to pull off, between the instant enemy deletion, bonus experience, and stylish flair. Stick with it to unlock all DFA rewards.

Final Death From Above Tips and Recap

Mastering the Death From Above can take some patience, but is an indispensable tool in Far Cry 5. Here are final tips to recap DFA excellence:

  • Observe enemy patrols and exploit gaps to access heights unseen
  • Maximize elevation differences for bigger leaps and impact
  • Line up vertical drops for precise aerial delivery systems
  • Time your takedown press perfectly upon collision for proper triggering
  • Utilize the entire environment for creative aerial assassinations
  • Customize your loadout to complement your airborne attacks
  • Watch compilation videos to learn from DFA experts

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