Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest 2023 Walkthrough

The Closing Ceremony quest in Destiny 2 has captivated gamers in 2023, providing a spectacular finale to the ongoing battle between Light and Darkness. As the Witness’s forces seek to subjugate humanity, Guardians must band together to overcome incredible odds and emerge victorious. This quest holds the key to unlocking the game’s next chapter, promising to unveil a mysterious new champion to lead Guardians in the coming battles.

Overview of the Closing Ceremony Quest

The Closing Ceremony quest kicks off the final chapter in Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness saga, as players prepare to confront the Witness and their endgame forces. It becomes available during the Season of Defiance and centers around honoring past champions while uncovering a new hero to stand against the encroaching Darkness.

To begin the quest, visit the Enclave on Mars and speak with Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and the Exo Stranger. They will explain that the Witness’s forces are preparing for an all-out assault, and a ceremony must be held to memorialize the fallen and welcome a new champion.

Key Objectives

The Closing Ceremony quest contains multi-part objectives to complete, including:

  • Gathering Vestiges of the past by defeating combatants and completing bounties. These represent memories of fallen heroes.
  • Collecting Plumes from completed activities. These are used to form the ceremonial garb.
  • Receiving the Mark of the Risen after completing the Haunted Lost Sector. This opens the final memorial.
  • Lighting the Memorial Flame to honor past sacrifices.
  • Finding all Memories of the past to unlock a final door.
  • Discovering the identity of the next champion.

Completing this quest provides substantial XP gains, new lore entries, and exclusive exotic gear rewards. It also unlocks the next major chapter in Destiny 2.

Walkthrough for the Closing Ceremony Quest

Here is a complete walkthrough for finishing the Closing Ceremony quest:

Step 1: Speak with Zavala, Ikora, and the Exo Stranger

  • Travel to the Enclave on Mars
  • Open the quest tab
  • Speak with Zavala, Ikora Rey, and the Exo Stranger near the memorial plaque
  • They will explain the Ceremony and summon Vestiges of past champions

Step 2: Gather Vestiges and Plumes

  • Earn Vestiges by defeating combatants and completing bounties
  • Focus on daily bounties from vendors to speed up Vestige gains
  • Collect Plumes from ritual activities like Crucible, Gambit, and Wellspring
  • 100 Vestiges and 20 Plumes are needed to proceed

Step 3: Complete the Haunted Sector

  • Launch the special Haunted K1 Communion Lost Sector
  • Defeat Headless Ones and the final boss to receive the Mark of the Risen
  • This will unlock the Memorial Flame

Step 4: Light the Memorial Flame

  • Return to Zavala and place the Mark into the Memorial Flame
  • This will honor past champions and heroes
  • Find all of the Vestige Memories to proceed

Step 5: Locate all Vestige Memories

  • Small white orbs called Memories will appear around the Enclave
  • Interact with each one to collect stories of past champions
  • All 12 Memories must be found to unlock the final door

Step 6: Unlock the Final Door

  • With all Memories collected, the final door will unlock
  • This leads to a dark passage filled with Shadow Legion enemies
  • Defeat them and reach the central arena to discover the new champion

Step 7: Witness the Unveiling Ceremony

  • A cutscene will play, unveiling the new champion
  • This being will be a key ally against the Witness’s forces
  • Return to Zavala, Ikora, and the Exo Stranger to complete the quest

Fixing ‘Closing Ceremony’ Quest Bugs and Issues

Like any complex questline, players may encounter bugs and issues with the Closing Ceremony in Destiny 2. Here are some potential problems and their solutions:

Quest Not Appearing

  • Ensure you have finished the preceding Season of Defiance quest steps to unlock Closing Ceremony
  • Speak with Zavala, Ikora, and the Exo Stranger in the Enclave
  • Log out and back into the game
  • Switch characters and try again

Unable to Collect Vestiges/Plumes

  • Restart the quest and re-gather the materials
  • Try collecting on a different character or account
  • Switch instances if the enemy kills don’t drop Vestiges

Haunted Sector Won’t Launch

  • Check quest progress and ensure previous steps are completed
  • Try launching the Sector from the Moon map
  • Relaunch the game or change characters

Memories Not Spawning

  • Double-check Enclave areas thoroughly for any missed orbs
  • Leave and re-enter the instance to reset spawns
  • Check behind structures as orbs can be obscured

Final Door Won’t Open

  • Confirm all 12 Vestige Memories have been collected
  • Try fast traveling away then return to the door
  • Force a new instance by joining another player’s fireteam

Cutscene/Reward Not Triggering

  • Don’t speed through the end arena, clear all enemies
  • Let final cutscene play out fully before leaving
  • Change characters and replay the finale

Getting stuck can be frustrating, but reloading and trying fixes like these will usually get the Closing Ceremony back on track.

Destiny 2 Players Prepare for an Epic Conclusion in the Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony quest has sparked excitement and speculation among Destiny 2 players as they anticipate an incredible conclusion to the Light and Darkness saga. Here is a look at some of the major discussions around this quest:

Massive Buildup

Many players note that Bungie has been building towards this climactic quest for years, promising to tie up long-running stories and unveil a major new character. There is a feeling that this will be one of the most important moments in Destiny’s history.

Unexpected Twists

Bungie is known for surprise reveals and plot twists. Fans theorize that the identity of the new champion may catch us off guard. Popular guesses range from Eris Morn to Nezarec and beyond.

Emotional Storytelling

The memorial for past heroes promises to be a heavy and emotional moment. Players expect to say farewell to legends like Cayde-6 and Andal Brask in a beautiful cutscene.

Epic Scope

With Lightfall and The Final Shape still ahead, this seems to be the lead-in to an explosive battle against the Witness and the Black Fleet in 2024. The Closing Ceremony should set the stage in truly epic fashion.

Clues to Decode

Lore experts are analyzing every clue that could hint at what’s to come. Theories involve old factions like the Iron Lords, details in weapon lore tabs, and prophecies from the Book of Sorrow.

As the Destiny universe reaches its apex, the Closing Ceremony looks to be an unforgettable quest filled with spectacle, surprises, and meaning. Veteran players cannot wait to experience the revelations it brings.

Key Takeaways on Completing the Closing Ceremony in Destiny 2

The Closing Ceremony questline offers an incredible conclusion to Destiny 2’s overarching Light and Darkness saga. Here are some key tips for players seeking to finish it:

  • Follow the objectives to gather Vestiges and Plumes by completing bounties and ritual activities.
  • Brave the Haunted Sector to obtain the Mark of the Risen and unlock the memorial.
  • Locate all Vestige Memory orbs scattered around the Enclave area.
  • Defeat the Shadow Legion enemies guarding the final door.
  • Let the unveiling ceremony cutscene play out to reveal the new champion.
  • Check with Zavala, Ikora Rey, and the Exo Stranger to get quest rewards.
  • Use online guides to fix any bugs or issues that arise during the quest.
  • Pay attention to lore details as the quest wraps up epic storylines.

Completing the Closing Ceremony sets the stage for Destiny 2’s future, as Light and Darkness forces gather for all-out war. Players can expect story revelations, emotional tributes, new exotic gear, and the surprise debut of a mysterious new champion. For Destiny fans, this is a long-awaited quest promising to kick off the next glorious chapter in Bungie’s incredible universe.

The Identity of the New Champion in Destiny 2 Sparks Fan Theories

The Closing Ceremony quest concludes with the unveiling of a mysterious new champion who will play a pivotal role going forward. This surprise reveal has sparked endless speculation within the Destiny community about who this new hero could be. Here are some leading theories on the champion’s identity:


Many believe the former Prince Uldren Sov will finally take up the mantle of Hunter Vanguard and lead Guardians against the Witness. Crow has built strong alliances and proven himself worthy of the role.

Empress Caiatl

The Cabal leader could unite her people with humanity and become a champion following the Speaker’s path. Her honor and martial skill would make her a formidable ally.


The Eliksni Kell has led the way in uniting his House of Light with Guardians. Misraaks becoming a champion could bring more Fallen into humanity’s alliance.

Master Rahool

The Cryptarch taking up arms as a champion would be an unexpected twist. Rahool’s deep knowledge could make him a guiding force against the Darkness.

Queen Mara Sov

The Awoken Queen is one of the few who understands the Witness’s true nature. Her cunning and magic may be needed in the final battle.

Xivu Arath

Savathun’s sister betraying the Darkness would cause chaos. The Hive God of War becoming a champion could turn the tide.


Long teased in lore, the ancient evil Nezarec would be the ultimate twist. Redeeming himself as a champion could bring shocking revelations.

Eris Morn

Eris has long experience battling the Darkness from the Moon Pyramid to Savathun. Her knowledge and grit makes her a top candidate.

Of course, Bungie likely has surprises no one could predict. But the new champion reveal will certainly shake up Destiny 2 lore and set course for the last stand against the Witness.

Gearing Up to Face the Witness: Destiny 2’s Endgame Weapons and Armor

The Closing Ceremony quest sets the stage for the final fight against Destiny 2’s ultimate villain, the Witness and their Black Fleet forces. To prepare, Guardians will need the most powerful weapons and armor available. Here are some of the top endgame gear options to equip when facing the Witness:


Exotic weapons and armor with unique perks or buffs are essential. Top choices include Gjallarhorn, Thunderlord, Sleeper Simulant, The Lament, Phoenix Protocol, Cuirass of the Falling Star, Mask of Bakris, and Star-Eater Scales.

Raid Rewards

Weapons and armor from the Vow of the Disciple and King’s Fall raids offer some of the best stats and traits for challenging PvE content. Perks like Bait and Switch, Focused Fury, Explosive Light, Reconstruction, and Enhanced Perks boost damage and sustainability.

Adept Nightfall Drops

Adept weapons earned in high-level Nightfalls rollout enhanced perks for a damage and utility boost against champions and bosses. Eyasluna, Uzume RR4, Silicon Neuroma, and The Comedian shine.

Craftable Weapons

Crafted weapons allow players to hone ideal perk combinations with levels and ascendant alloy. Potential powerhouses include Thoughtless, Piece of Mind, Father’s Sins, and Blood Feud.

Seasonal Artifact Mods

Temporary artifact mods like Anti-Barrier, Overload, Unstoppable, and Sundering Glare help counter challenging enemies.

To stand a chance against the Witness, Guardians must wield the most lethal firepower and impenetrable defense. The right loadout combined with skill and strategy will give us our best shot at taking down Destiny 2’s ultimate evil for good.

Destiny 2 Lore Theories on Defeating the Witness Once and For All

The Closing Ceremony sets up Destiny 2’s endgame, where Guardians must find a way to defeat the insidious mastermind known as the Witness and their Black Fleet forces. This raises many questions for lore experts on what it will take to eliminate this threat and bring peace. Here are some of the top theories on defeating the Witness for good:

Unite All Light Factions

The key may be getting all groups wielding the Traveler’s Light to work together, including humanity, the Awoken, the Eliksni, Cabal defectors, and even races from Fundament or Torobatl. Fighting as one is stronger.

Discover the Witness’ Origins

Learning more about who the Witness was before becoming what they are, such as their original species and planet, may uncover weaknesses or solutions. This lore remains their most guarded secret.

Cut Off From Darkness

If Guardians can find a way to sever the Witness from directly tapping into the Darkness in the Black Fleet, it may reduce their power enough for defeat.

Corrupt Their Loyalists

Turning key disciples and Darkness races to the side of Light again, through redemption, deception, or destruction, could cripple the Witness by removing their most dangerous servants.

Strip Their Physical Form

Forcing the Witness out of their current physical body could make them vulnerable for a time, if they can be destroyed while weakened between manifestations.

Collapse Black Fleet

Defeating or collapsing the mysterious Black Fleet spacecraft may cut off the Witness from enough Darkness energy to defeat them outright.

Destroy the Lunar Pyramid

As the Witness’ throne world, destroying the Lunar Pyramid could potentially eliminate them or at least dissipate their power.

Overcharge the Traveler

Harnessing enough Light energy from Guardians empowering the Traveler may enable it to overwhelm the Witness entirely with a massive burst.

Unite Light and Dark

Following Old Lore hints, perhaps Light and Dark together can nullify the Witness, if Guardians wield both in balance. But the risks could be catastrophic.

Of course, the Witness will have their own cunning plans and powers to unleash. But Destiny lore provides many thought-provoking avenues for their ultimate defeat when the final battle comes.

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