Essential Tips for Every Card – Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a popular mobile game that requires strategic thinking and quick decision-making. To excel in the game, it’s important to master the different cards and understand their unique abilities.

In this article, we will explore essential tips for every single card in Clash Royale, ensuring that you have the knowledge needed to dominate your opponents. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, these tips will help you improve your gameplay and achieve victory. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets behind each card.

Essential Tips for Every Card - Clash Royale


Did you know that the Bowler can be used on defense against a Goblin Barrel? Place the Bowler strategically to completely shut it down. The Bowler’s rock is just big enough to hit all three Goblins in a straight line, denying any damage to your Tower. This defensive strategy can give you an elixir advantage and protect your tower from potential damage.


The Bandit possesses a unique ability known as Dash, which makes her temporarily invulnerable to damage. This ability can be utilized in crucial moments to absorb high-damage attacks. For example, you can use the Bandit to soak up a hit from a Sparky or Prince while she is still mid-Dash. Mastering this technique can make a significant difference in defending against powerful units.

Golden Knight

Pair the Golden Knight with a sneaky Tornado spell to almost always guarantee a dash connection on your opponent’s Tower. It doesn’t matter where they drop their defensive units; the Golden Knight, combined with the Tornado, can create an unstoppable attack. However, be cautious if your opponent has both the Golden Knight and Tornado in their deck. Plan your defenses accordingly to counter this deadly combo.

Archer Queen

The Archer Queen possesses the unique ability to turn invisible. Use this to your advantage by sneaking her behind units, allowing her to tank damage and deal significant damage from behind. This tactic can be particularly effective when paired with other high-DPS units, as it catches your opponent off guard. Remember to protect her during her invisibility phase as she becomes vulnerable once visible.

Skeleton King

The Skeleton King boasts a hidden stat known as mass or weight, which determines a unit’s ability to push through other units. Exploiting this characteristic, you can use the Skeleton King to push your win conditions away from buildings and toward your enemy’s Crown Tower. This unexpected maneuver can catch your opponent off guard and provide a tactical advantage.

Royal Giant

For a well-timed Mighty Mole ability, you can fully counter a Goblin Barrel. The Monk’s ability will also convert spawning units into your own, which is effective against cards like Barbarian Barrel. This not only denies damage to your push but also converts enemy units to your army, often resulting in a lock onto your enemy’s Crown Tower. Master this defensive technique to thwart your opponent’s strategies.


The Earthquake spell serves as a semi-decent counter for the Graveyard. Its damage is spread across three different waves, allowing each wave to completely kill a skeleton. Take advantage of the pauses between waves to wait for more skeletons to spawn, denying your opponent’s Graveyard value. Additionally, Earthquakes can be used strategically to weaken enemy buildings, making them easier to destroy.

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The Log can activate your own King Tower against a Monk. Pull the Monk into the middle of the arena and bait them into activating their ability. This niche interaction is incredibly satisfying to pull off, catching your opponent off guard. Remember, timing is crucial for this maneuver, so practice it in friendly battles or challenges to perfect your execution.


The Tornado spell has versatile uses. It can pull various units like Hog Riders, Skeleton Barrels, Balloons, or even a Graveyard. If your Tornado is under-leveled, it won’t kill the skeletons in one tick, allowing them to reach your King Tower and get a shot off. Many players intentionally keep their Tornado spell one level lower than the maximum for this reason. Experiment with different placements and learn to predict your opponent’s movements to maximize the Tornado’s effectiveness.


A well-timed Zap can force your enemy’s Tower to retarget, surprising them with unexpected results. This allows even a unit with only one HP enough time to deal devastating damage or force out a greater response. Mastering this trick can turn the tide of battle. Keep in mind that Zap can also reset the charges of units like Inferno Tower or Sparky, providing you with a window of opportunity to counter them effectively.


The Giant’s size allows it to be used in the middle to pull enemy support units to the opposite side, away from their push. Pair the Giant with flying units like Baby Dragon or Mega Minion to safely destroy ground cards and create a deadly offensive combination.

In a Sparky deck, play the Sparky behind your King Tower. As your opponent rushes the opposite lane, drive your Giant into the middle, pulling all their support to the same lane as the Sparky. Watch as the Sparky decimates their defense and opens up an opportunity for a significant counter-push.


Pair the Sparky with a perfectly timed Zap spell to momentarily stun units like the Electro Wizard or Bandit. This creates a critical window for your Sparky to blast its attack before the enemy can react. Surprise your opponent with this combo and secure victory in one decisive interaction. Practice the timing in friendly battles to master this deadly strategy.

Goblin Barrel

Switch up your Goblin Barrel placements consistently to catch your opponent off guard and maximize damage potential. Experiment with placements to the side or behind a tower to trick your opponent into missing their spell.

Timing is key when deploying the Goblin Barrel, as a well-timed deployment can overwhelm your opponent’s defenses and lead to significant damage to their Tower. Combine it with other units or spells to create deadly combinations and keep your opponent guessing.

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Magic Archer

The Magic Archer is a powerful card in Clash Royale. Take advantage of its long-range attack to snipe your opponent’s Tower from different locations. Observe your opponent’s habits and bait them into using a card in front of their Tower.

Then, drop the Magic Archer to snipe away at their Tower and accumulate damage. Be mindful of the Magic Archer’s relatively low health, and protect it from melee units or spells that can take it out quickly. It’s also important to position the Magic Archer in a way that it can hit multiple targets, maximizing its value.

Giant Skeleton

The Giant Skeleton’s high mass or weight can be used strategically. Push your win conditions away from buildings and towards your enemy’s Crown Tower using the Giant Skeleton. Surprise your opponent with unexpected placements and force them to divert their defensive attention. The Giant Skeleton’s bomb upon death can also clear out swarms of enemy troops, creating an opportunity for your other units to advance and deal damage.

By mastering these essential tips for every card in Clash Royale, you will gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and how to leverage them effectively. Remember, practice and experimentation are key to finding the strategies that work best for you. As you continue to refine your skills and implement these tips into your gameplay, you’ll undoubtedly become a formidable force in the world of Clash Royale.

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