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Far Cry 5 is an open-world action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It was released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in March 2018. The game is set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, where a fanatical cult called Eden’s Gate has taken over the county at the command of its charismatic and powerful leader, Joseph Seed.

far cry 5 vinyl
far cry 5 vinyl

One of the many collectibles in Far Cry 5 is vinyl crates that contain albums you can play on turntables. There are 12 vinyl crate locations scattered throughout Hope County. Finding all the vinyl crates will complete the mission “Turn the Tables” which tasks you with finding rare vinyl records for a music aficionado named Sarah Perkins. This guide will show you all the vinyl crate locations in Far Cry 5.

Overview of Vinyl Crates in Far Cry 5

Vinyl crates contain rare vinyl records that you can collect in Far Cry 5. There are 12 vinyl crates total to find. The vinyl crate locations are scattered all over the map of Hope County. Collecting a vinyl crate will automatically add the album to your inventory.

You can play the vinyl records you collect on turntables. When you approach a turntable, you’ll get a prompt to “Place Vinyl.” This will bring up the list of albums you’ve collected so far and allow you to pick one to play. So the vinyl crates serve both as a collectible and also unlock new music you can listen to anywhere there is a turntable.

Finding all 12 vinyl crates completes the mission “Turn the Tables” given by Sarah Perkins. Sarah is looking to replace her vinyl collection that she lost in a fire. She’ll give you the location of the first vinyl crate, and finding the rest are up to you to track down. Completing this mission unlocks the “Music Lover” perk that reveals the location of audio logs, another collectible, on the map.

Below we’ll go over each of the 12 vinyl crate locations in Far Cry 5 and provide maps and images to help you find them all.

Vinyl Crate Locations in Holland Valley

There are 5 vinyl crates to collect in the Holland Valley region. Here are their locations:

Vinyl Crate #1

The first vinyl crate is located at Rusty Willies wingsuit challenge at the Lamb of God Church. This is the crate that Sarah tells you about to start the mission.

Go inside the church and you’ll find the crate on the upper floor in an office room near the collapsed floor that leads down to the wingsuit challenge.

Vinyl Crate #2

For the second crate, go to the Baron Lumber Mill in northern Holland Valley. Enter the main sawmill building and go upstairs. There is a locked door you can pick to enter a bedroom with the vinyl crate inside.

Vinyl Crate #3

The third vinyl crate is inside John Seed’s bunker, west of the Lamb of God Church. Progress through the bunker until you reach the library area. There will be some enemies to clear out. Check the shelves on the upper level of the library to find the crate.

Vinyl Crate #4

For the fourth crate, travel to the Pink Mist Brothel, east of the Baron Lumber Mill. Go upstairs and enter the room marked VIP Area. Defeat the enemy inside, then grab the vinyl crate next to the table.

Vinyl Crate #5

The fifth Holland Valley crate is inside Rye & Daughters Aviation, found at the northern tip of the region. Go to the back room upstairs and look for the crate on a shelf next to some bunk beds.

Vinyl Crate Locations in Henbane River

There are 4 vinyl records to find in the Henbane River area. Here is where to locate them:

Vinyl Crate #6

Travel to the Hillside Cannery, west of Rye & Sons Aviation, to find this crate. Enter the cannery and go upstairs to the top floor. There will be some enemies to take care of. The crate is in the bedroom area atop a nightstand.

Vinyl Crate #7

For the seventh crate, make your way north to the Belle Motel. Go to the northernmost building with the neon sign that says “Movies.” Climb the ladder on the backside and enter through the vent. Crawl through and drop down into the motel room. Defeat the enemies inside, then grab the crate.

Vinyl Crate #8

Next, travel to the Lost Prayer Baptist Church found in central Henbane River. Enter the church and climb to the top of the bell tower. The vinyl crate can be found once at the top.

Vinyl Crate #9

The fourth Henbane River crate is inside the Wolf’s Den, south of the Belle Motel. This is the prison where you rescued Jerome Jeffries earlier in the story. Access the basement and then make your way upstairs. There will be heavy resistance from enemies. Fight your way to the Warden’s office and grab the crate from his desk.

Vinyl Crate Locations in Whitetail Mountains

The mountainous Whitetail region contains the final 3 vinyl crates. Here is where to find them:

Vinyl Crate #10

For the 10th crate, go to the Rock Bass Grill restaurant east of the Spread Eagle bar. Enter and climb up to the roof using boxes and an air conditioning unit. The vinyl crate will be up here once you climb onto the roof.

Vinyl Crate #11

Next, travel to the Ranger Station at the Ski Resort found in the northern part of the Whitetail Mountains. Go upstairs and enter the bedroom. There will be some cult members inside to deal with. Find the crate on the bed once they are cleared out.

Vinyl Crate #12

The final vinyl crate is located at the Woodson Pig Plant just south of the Ranger Station. Go around to the roof and find the crate next to the chairs overlooking the mountains.

And that covers all 12 vinyl crate locations in Far Cry 5! Finding them all completes the “Turn the Tables” mission.

“Turn the Tables” Mission Overview

The “Turn the Tables” mission tasks you with finding rare vinyl records for Sarah Perkins, whose own vinyl collection was destroyed in a fire. This gives you a gameplay reason to hunt down the vinyl crates scattered around Hope County.

You’ll get the mission after speaking with Sarah at the 8-Bit Pizza Bar in the Henbane River region. She’ll tell you about her ruined vinyl collection and mark the location of the first crate at the Lamb of God Church on your map.

After you grab that first crate, it’s up to you to track down the remaining 11. They can be collected in any order. Each time you pick up a crate, it will save your progress for the mission.

Once you’ve found all 12 vinyl crates, return to the 8-Bit Pizza Bar and talk to Sarah. This will complete the mission and also unlock the “Music Lover” perk.

“Music Lover” Perk Reward

The reward for completing the “Turn the Tables” mission is the “Music Lover” perk. This will reveal the location of audio logs on your map.

Audio logs are another collectible in Far Cry 5 that provide background stories and world building lore. There are over 60 audio logs in total. The “Music Lover” perk marks their locations with speaker icons so you can more easily find them all.

This perk is very helpful for collecting all the audio logs in the game. While not mandatory, it makes tracking them down much less tedious. So the vinyl crate hunt winds up rewarding you with aid in finding another collectible. A nice bonus for the completionist!

Tips for Finding All the Vinyl Crates

Here are some tips to help you locate all of the vinyl crates in Far Cry 5:

  • Explore thoroughly – Don’t just rush through an area. Take time to enter buildings and examine rooms. The crates can often be tucked away in corners or hidden spots off the main path.
  • Listen for music – Some of the crates play music when you are near them. Let the sound guide you as you search.
  • Tag the crates – When you find a crate, make sure to tag it by pressing R3. This puts a locator icon on your screen so you know which ones you’ve grabbed.
  • Come back later – If an area has tougher enemies than you can handle, mark it on your map and return when you have better weapons and skills. The crates stay in their spots.
  • Talk to locals – Civilians on the roadsides will sometimes tell you about points of interest nearby if you stop to chat. They might mention a crate location.
  • Look high and low – The vinyl crates can be found on rooftops, inside bunkers, at ground level, etc. Check every vertical area.
  • Use a guide if really stuck – There’s no shame in consulting a guide if you just can’t find that final crate after combing the map. We all need a helping hand sometimes!

Just remain thorough in your exploration, listen for audio cues, and eventually you’ll track down all 12 vinyl crate locations in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Vinyl Albums

Collecting a vinyl crate in Far Cry 5 adds an album to your inventory that can be played on turntables. Here’s a look at all 12 albums you can unlock:

Revelator by Dan Romer

This is the soundtrack album for Far Cry 5, composed by Dan Romer. It includes music from the game itself and has an original cover created for the vinyl release.

Portraits by Jamiroquai

Funk and disco vibes permeate this 2010 album from British band Jamiroquai. It was their seventh studio album.

Live at Pompeii by David Gilmour

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour did a series of solo shows in 2016 at the Pompeii Amphitheater, which were made into this live album.

IV by Led Zeppelin

The famous fourth studio album by Led Zeppelin featuring classics like “Black Dog” and “Stairway to Heaven.” Originally released in 1971.

Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Funk rock band RHCP found major mainstream success with their 1999 album Californication, which contained the hits “Scar Tissue” and “Otherside.”

Irrational by Molly Hatchet

Southern rock album Irrational was the fifth studio release by Molly Hatchet in 1981, a year before the band would reach their commercial peak.

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac

One of the best-selling albums of all time, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours came out in 1977 following relationship breakups between band members.

Gettin’ Tighter by Deep Purple

Deep Purple’s seventh studio album Gettin’ Tighter was released in 1975. It was the last album recorded by the band’s famous Mark II lineup.

Alive! by Kiss

This 1975 live album helped propel rock band Kiss to stardom. It includes many of their most popular songs like “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

Dirt by Alice in Chains

Often called Alice in Chains’ masterpiece, this 1992 grunge album features the hits “Would?” and “Rooster” along with darker tracks like “Junkhead.”

Harvest by Neil Young

Neil Young had great success going country-rock on this 1972 album featuring “Heart of Gold.” Critics praised its warm, sincere sound.

Under a Blood Red Sky by U2

Irish rockers U2 broke through to international fame with this 1983 live album recorded at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

So those are the 12 complete vinyl album collectibles you can unlock in Far Cry 5!

Final Wrap Up

Collecting all 12 vinyl crates in Far Cry 5 takes some legwork traversing the vast open world. But it’s a fun excuse to fully explore every nook and cranny while also unlocking cool albums to enjoy anywhere there’s a playable turntable.

The reward of revealing all audio log locations makes obtaining every crate worthwhile for completionist players. And the retro appeal of vinyl records meshes so well with the rural Montana setting.

We hope this guide to all the vinyl crate locations in Far Cry 5, including maps and tips, helps you round up all of these collectibles during your journey through Hope County. Just take it slow, follow the clues, and soon you’ll be a vinyl hoarder extraordinaire!

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