Far Cry 5 Walkthrough – A Comprehensive Guide to Completing the Main Story

Far Cry 5 is an open-world first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft. Released in 2018, it takes place in the fictional Hope County, Montana where a doomsday cult called Eden’s Gate has taken over the area. As a junior deputy sheriff, your goal is to fight back against the cult and liberate Hope County.

This walkthrough provides a step-by-step guide to completing the main story missions in Far Cry 5. It covers mission objectives, combat strategies, and tips for taking down key targets. Use this guide to help you free Hope County from the grip of Eden’s Gate.

Far Cry 5 Walkthrough
Far Cry 5 Walkthrough

Starting Out

When you first start Far Cry 5, you’ll go through a brief tutorial that teaches the basic controls and mechanics. Follow the instructions until you gain control of your character during the opening cutscene.

The Junior Deputy

After creating your character, you begin the game as a junior deputy riding with the sheriff to arrest Joseph Seed, the leader of Eden’s Gate. Upon arriving at Seed’s church, it’s clear his followers are heavily armed and dangerous.

Despite warnings from the sheriff, you move in to serve the warrant. Seed seems willing to be arrested at first, but the situation quickly escalates when one of his followers attacks you. Chaos ensues as Seed’s militia fights back.

You manage to make it to the church exit, but Seed’s people have surrounded the area. The sheriff tells you to run for the chopper outside while he stays behind to buy you time. Fight your way through armed guards until you reach the helicopter. Get in as soon as you can to escape.

Escape from Eden’s Gate

After taking off in the helicopter, Eden’s Gate forces will pursue you in trucks armed with machine guns. They deal heavy damage, so be ready to move around in your seat to avoid their line of fire.

Your pilot, Dutch, will try to lose them in the mountains. The chopper takes hits during the chase and eventually crashes. Quickly exit the wreckage before it’s too late.

The Resistance (Missions 1-6)

Having escaped Eden’s Gate, you’ll find yourself alone in the wilderness and wanted by the cult. But soon you encounter pastors Jerome and Tracey, who are part of the growing resistance against Eden’s Gate. They help get you on your feet.

The goal now is to find more allies in the fight against Seed’s people. This first chapter involves meeting key resistance members and helping them strike early blows against the cult.

Where It All Began

  • Meet with Dutch to retrieve your lost gear and guns. He informs you that the cult has your colleagues Marshall and Whitehorse.
  • Head to Fall’s End and meet Pastor Jerome again. Help him and Mary May retake the town from Eden’s Gate.
  • After liberating Fall’s End, find Tulip to begin taking back Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Destroy silos and eliminate enemies.
  • Return to Jerome when the farm is secure. He sends you to rescue Marshall from John Seed’s prison convoy.
  • Ambush the convoy and free Marshall. Bring her back to Jerome for medical treatment. He then sends you to find Nick Rye next.
  • Locate Nick Rye at his home. He agrees to help if you first clear his airstrip of Eden’s Gate troops.
  • After retaking the airstrip, Nick joins your cause with air support. Head to Dutch’s island with Jerome and Tracey.

Strategy Tips

  • When ambushing convoys, use explosives to stop vehicles. Then pick off guards with headshots.
  • Liberate alarm boxes at outposts so enemies can’t call reinforcements.
  • When rescuing allies, kill all enemies first so they don’t call captives.
  • Buy better guns and gear at shops after liberating towns.
  • Nick’s plane can be summoned for air strikes on enemies when needed.

The Cleansing (Missions 7-10)

The next chapter focuses on dismantling Eden’s Gate operations throughout Hope County. With Nick’s air support, you now have the means to deal major damage to the cult’s resources.

Each main mission in this chapter involves assaulting one of the cult’s key facilities. Completing them will loosen Eden’s Gate’s grip on the region.

The Cleansing Begins

  • Meet with Dutch. He sends you to take back John Seed’s fertilizer plant.
  • Work with Grace Armstrong to infiltrate and destroy the plant. Escape before detonation.
  • Regroup with Jerome and Nick Rye. They direct you to capture John Seed’s gas tankers.
  • Meet Sharky Boshaw, then hijack tankers and return them to Fall’s End. Fend off cult forces.
  • Report back to Jerome, then travel to Nick and Kim Rye’s house. Restore power to the building.
  • Defend Nick and Kim from attacking cultists until Nick can unlock the hangar.
  • Follow Nick to John Seed’s ranch to capture his prized plane and strike a blow to Eden’s Gate.

Strategy Tips

  • Use stealth to infiltrate facilities at first, then go loud.
  • Let NPC allies enter combat first to draw enemy fire.
  • Call in air strikes from Nick to attack large groups.
  • When defending positions, use traps, explosives, and sniping spots.
  • Always loot ammo and med kits from fallen enemies.

The Revelator (Missions 11-14)

The resistance is gaining momentum, but Joseph Seed’s herald John Seed continues to be a major thorn. The next few missions focus on confronting John directly before setting your sights on Jacob Seed’s territory.

Taking down John is key to controlling Holland Valley. You’ll need to attack his resources and followers to draw him out of hiding.

Confronting John

  • Meet with Jerome and help him retake John’s apple farm. Destroy silos and deal with snipers.
  • Head to Nick’s hangar afterward. He sends you to capture John’s freighter truck depot.
  • Infiltrate the depot undetected and take control of the trucks. Deliver them to the Marina.
  • Talk to Adelaide Drubman at the Marina. She sends you on a mission to destroy John’s giant statue.
  • After demolishing the statue, find Nick’s seaplane to fly to John’s ranch.
  • Assault John’s ranch, killing guards until you locate John himself.
  • Chase John through the bunkers below his ranch. Corner and subdue him for interrogation.

Strategy Tips

  • When infiltrating, use silenced pistols and takedowns on guards.
  • Let captured trucks take the lead during convoy missions to draw enemy fire.
  • Use rocket launchers to quickly destroy silos from a distance.
  • During the bunker chase, Nick’s plane for air support against pursuers.

The Judge (Missions 15-19)

With John Seed neutralized, turn your efforts toward freeing Fall’s End from Faith Seed’s control. She maintains Bliss fields that brainwash the town.

You’ll also begin dismantling Jacob Seed’s operations in the Whitetail Mountains. Killing his judges and hunters will spark conflict with Jacob.

Confronting Faith

  • Meet with Mary May at Fall’s End. Destroy Bliss containers to free townspeople from Faith’s control.
  • Head to the F.A.N.G. Center afterward. Help Tracey take back the facility and shut down the Bliss production.
  • Meet with Tracey. She sends you to eliminate Faith’s pet judge wolf, Judge.
  • Track Judge to an old barn and burn it down to kill the wolf inside. Escape the fire afterward.
  • Return to Tracey, then find Tulip to get an aid. She gives you a key to access Faith’s bunker.
  • Infiltrate the bunker, confronting Faith directly. Resist her hallucinations and mind tricks.
  • Subdue Faith, then carry her body outside. She will collapse into Bliss before you can capture her.

Strategy Tips

  • Use fire arrows to ignite Bliss containers from a distance.
  • Sabotage alarms at outposts so they can’t call reinforcements.
  • Equip crushers in Jacob regions to prevent wolf attacks.
  • Inside bunkers, use pipe bombs and C4 to quickly clear rooms of enemies.

Confronting Jacob

  • Find Grace and help her rescue civilians captured by Jacob’s hunters.
  • Head to the mountains afterward to destroy Jacob’s wolf beacons that control judges.
  • Make your way up the mountain and destroy the beacons, then confront Jacob directly.
  • Fend off Jacob and escape the area. He will now view you as a priority target.
  • Return to the Wolf’s Den and confront Jacob again, resisting his conditioning attempts.
  • Subdue Jacob and decide his fate. Showing mercy will let him go free.

Strategy Tips

  • Equip a sniper rifle and tag enemies to track them through walls.
  • Mines are effective for ambushing hunter convoys on roads.
  • Use a helicopter for rapid travel between beacon locations.
  • Jacob’s followers are highly aggressive. Keep moving and use the cover.

The Collapse (Missions 20-24)

Joseph Seed’s three heralds have now been defeated. All that remains is confronting the Father himself at his compound.

First, you will need to destabilize his operations by attacking his resources and liberating his territories. Weaken his grip on Hope County before the final showdown.

The March on Eden’s Gate

  • Assault Joseph’s fertilizer plant and destroy his drug production capabilities.
  • Clear the roads to Eden’s Gate of roadblocks so resistance can move in.
  • Capture Eden’s Gate’s central church to establish a foothold. Fend off counter-attacks.
  • Launch an assault on Joseph’s island headquarters, crippling his resources.
  • Finally, undertakes one last assault on his compound to confront Joseph Seed directly.

Strategy Tips

  • Attack at night and use sabotaged alarms to limit enemy response.
  • Designate priority targets like rocket and flamethrower units first.
  • Keep captured positions well defended for incoming counter-attacks.
  • Stock up on med kits, explosives, and ammo before the final assault.

The Collapse (Final Missions)

All of Joseph Seed’s heralds and resources are now defeated. The final confrontation with the Father himself lies directly ahead.

Make your way through his island compound while resisting last-ditch efforts to stop you. Confront Seed in his church for a final showdown.

Confronting Joseph

  • Launch a final attack on Joseph’s island with the resistance.
  • Fight through Eden’s Gate forces across the island until you reach the main church.
  • Inside the church, Joseph waits with his captured colleagues. Resist his mental conditioning.
  • Joseph will release the sheriff, triggering a shootout with cultists. Subdue Joseph afterward.
  • Outside, wait for resistance trucks to secure Joseph for transport. But he has one last trick up his sleeve.

The End?

  • Joseph’s conditioning suddenly takes hold of your colleagues, forcing them to turn on you.
  • Escape from your friends and fight your way to Joseph’s bunker as he prepares for “the collapse.”
  • Inside confront Joseph one last time to arrest or kill him. But as he predicted, nuclear war begins outside.
  • Flee deep into the bunker with Joseph as the bombs fall, bringing about “the collapse.”
  • The credits roll as you sit in shock with Joseph, his prophecy fulfilled as the world burns outside.

Hope County Side Activities

Outside the main story missions, Hope County offers a wide range of side activities and distractions. Take part in these optional events to build up the resistance and earn perks.


Cult outposts dot the landscape, serving as bases of operation. Systematically take them over by killing all enemies inside stealthily. Liberate them to reveal new areas of the map and gain fast travel access.

  • Tag all enemies using binoculars to track their locations.
  • Sabotage alarms before engaging so no reinforcements are called.
  • Capture outposts undetected for big resistance bonuses.

Prepper Stashes

Well-hidden prepper caches are hidden across Hope County, filled with useful loot and guns. Track them down to secure better gear.

  • Clues found in notes and signs point toward stashes.
  • They are hidden in tricky locations off the beaten path.
  • Inside you’ll find rare weapon variants and large ammo caches.


Wildlife roams the wilderness of Hope County, from deer and wolves to bears and cougars. Hunt them for materials to craft gear upgrades.

  • Use a bow and arrow for clean kills without damaging hides.
  • Cougars and bears are the deadliest. Keep your distance and shoot carefully.
  • sell excess skins and meat at general stores.


The lakes, rivers, and streams of Hope County are filled with different fish species. Catch them with a rod and reel for recreation and profit.

  • Buy special lures to catch bigger and rarer fish.
  • Look for fishing spots marked by ripples in the water.
  • Sell your catches to general store owners.

Special Vehicles

Unique vehicles like planes, helicopters, and boats can be found around the world. Repair and customize them for travel and combat.

  • Unique planes outfitted with guns can provide air support.
  • Armored vehicles allow you to assault convoys and outposts safely.
  • Boats help traverse Hope County’s waterways quickly.


Hope County has illegal hidden arcades with retro games to play. Locate them to try your hand at fun minigames.

  • Test your reflexes in fast-paced button timing challenges.
  • Go duck hunting on old-school 8-bit shooting galleries.
  • Rack up high scores for bragging rights.


Certain NPCs in Hope County can become combat companions and ammo suppliers. Help them out to recruit their aid.

  • Grace is a deadly sniper who spots enemies at a distance.
  • Peaches is a cougar who stealthily takes down foes.
  • Cheeseburger is a fearsome bear who tanks damage.

Special Events

As you explore, dynamic events will pop up like hostage rescues, supply truck ambushes, and areas being retaken by enemies. Take part to reap rewards.

  • Freeing civilian hostages adds them to the resistance.
  • Hijacking supply trucks gives you free guns and ammo.
  • Retaking locations pushes back enemy control.

Tips for Success

Here are some final tips to master Far Cry 5 and defeat the Eden’s Gate cult:

  • Always scout and tag enemies silently before attacking locations. Knowledge is power.
  • Pick off isolated enemies with stealth kills before going loud. Thin their numbers.
  • When things get chaotic, retreat and re-engage from a new flanking spot.
  • Upgrade health, weapon slots, and carrying capacity early and often.
  • Buy and equip perks that complement your playstyle, like enhanced stealth or weapon skills.
  • Keep your favorite guns maintained and stocked with ammo at all times.
  • Make good use of throwables like Molotovs, pipe bombs, and remote explosives. They’re lifesavers when surrounded.
  • Recruit allies and unique “Guns for Hire” to assist you in combat when possible.
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Experiment and play around with all the tools at your disposal.


That covers a complete main story walkthrough plus supplemental tips and strategies for dominating Far Cry 5. Use this guide to cut through Eden’s Gate and liberate Hope County from its clutches.

Take the fight to Joseph Seed and his heralds. With smart preparation and the help of loyal allies, you can overcome the odds and defeat the cult once and for all. Hope County’s freedom is in your hands deputy!

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