Destiny 2: Fel Taradiddle – God Roll and How to Get It

Fel Taradiddle is an exciting new combat bow that was introduced in Season of Plunder in Destiny 2. As a precision frame combat bow, it offers high damage and accuracy at the cost of slower draw time. With the right perks, Fel Taradiddle can be an extremely powerful weapon in both PvE and PvP activities. This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about getting your hands on Fel Taradiddle and putting together the perfect God Roll for your play style.

Overview of Fel Taradiddle

Fel Taradiddle is a legendary combat bow that drops from the new Ketchcrash and Expedition activities in Season of Plunder. It can also drop randomly from any core playlist activity. Here are some key details about this weapon:

  • Weapon Type: Combat Bow
  • Damage Type: Kinetic
  • RPM: 576
  • Magazine: 5
  • Intrinsic Perk: Precision Frame – Fires a long-range precision arrow. Firing from the hip launches the arrow straight and true. Aiming down sights boosts accuracy, range, and damage at the cost of fire rate.

As a precision combat bow, Fel Taradiddle is all about landing those critical hits at long range. The intrinsic perk provides excellent accuracy and aim assist when aiming down sights, allowing you to reliably hit targets even at long distances. The tradeoff is a lower rate of fire compared to lightweight bows.

In terms of stats, Fel Taradiddle is nicely balanced:

  • Impact: 68
  • Range: 76
  • Stability: 45
  • Handling: 68
  • Reload Speed: 46
  • Aim Assist: 70
  • Magazine Size: 5
  • Draw Time: 612ms

The baseline stats make Fel Taradiddle feel crisp and responsive. It has high aim assist for consistent hits at range, decent stability and reload speed, and middle-of-the-road draw time. This makes it flexible enough to perform well in both PvE and PvP.

Fel Taradiddle God Rolls

The real potential of Fel Taradiddle lies in the various perk combinations you can get through random rolls. Here are some recommended God Rolls for PvE and PvP.

PvE God Roll

For PvE content like strikes, seasonal activities, and dungeons, this God Roll will allow you to clear ads and chunk down majors and bosses quickly and safely from a distance.

  • Arrowhead Brake – Boosts handling and recoil direction. Great for keeping the bow stable during rapid shots.
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft – Increases draw speed for a snappier feel.
  • Archers Tempo – Significantly decreases draw time after each precision hit. Excellent for spraying down crowds of enemies quickly.
  • Dragonfly – Precision kills create an elemental explosion. Combined with the rapid Archers Tempo draws, you can clear out entire groups of weak enemies easily.
  • Alternate perk: Explosive Head – Explosive arrows provide good clarity and work well combined with the Overload Bow.
  • Draw Time Masterwork – Further improves draw speed for maximum Archers Tempo uptime.

This roll focuses on maximizing draw speed through perks and masterwork. The combination of Archer’s Tempo and Dragonfly is excellent for quickly demolishing groups of weak enemies at range. For tougher PvE content, swap Dragonfly for Explosive Head.

PvP God Roll

For The Crucible, you’ll want perks that improve peek shooting capability and target acquisition. This roll takes advantage of Fel Taradiddle’s excellent accuracy when aiming down sights.

Fel Taradiddle
Fel Taradiddle
  • Elastic String – Increases draw speed and improve accuracy when firing from the hip. Helps land the first shot when quickly peek around corners.
  • Natural String – Further boosts accuracy for reliable hipfire and aimed shots.
  • Snapshot Sights – Aiming down sights grants greatly increased handling and target acquisition for a short duration. Perfect for quick peeks and shots around the cover.
  • Moving Target – Increased movement speed and target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights. Improves strafe shooting capability.
  • Alternate perk: Opening Shot – Increased accuracy and range on the first shot when aiming down sights. Also excellent for peek shooting.
  • Handling Masterwork – Makes the bow feel snappier for faster target acquisition after peeking.

With this roll, you can quickly snap onto targets when briefly aiming down sights around cover. Between Snapshot Sights, Elastic String, and the Handling MW, Fel Taradiddle will feel very crisp and responsive. Moving Target or Opening Shot will make those aimed shots even more consistent.

How to Get Fel Taradiddle

Fel Taradiddle is not a fixed roll or quest reward. It can drop randomly from various activities, with the best chances coming from the new Season of Plunder content. Here are some tips for getting your own Fel Taradiddle drop:

  • Complete Ketchcrash weekly to earn Deepsight Resonance versions. These will allow you to craft the weapon and choose specific perks. Ketchcrash is also the most targeted farm each week.
  • Open treasure chests at the end of Expedition missions. These have a decent chance of dropping Fel Taradiddle. Farm Master difficulty for additional drops.
  • Earn Vanguard rank-up packages from Zavala and open the engram. Ranking up is fairly quick through Vanguard playlist activities.
  • Play Crucible, Gambit, or regular Strikes/Nightfalls. Fel Taradiddle is in the general legendary world loot pool.
  • Open Prime Engrams earned from general gameplay.
  • Check Xur and Ada-1 vendors each week to see if they are selling Fel Taradiddle rolls.
  • Watch for focused Umbral Engrams that allow bow drops.

Once you get a Deepsight Resonance version of Fel Taradiddle, you can take it to the Relic on the H.E.L.M. to unlock the pattern. This will allow you to craft your own God Roll using materials from extraction quests and vendor rank-ups.

If you want to save Enhancement Cores and Prisms, keep an eye out for Fel Taradiddle drops with most of the recommended perks already unlocked. That way you can spend fewer materials rerolling the masterwork and final column.

Fel Taradiddle Crafting

Crafting gives you complete control over the perks on your Fel Taradiddle. Here are some tips for crafting your god roll:

  • Arrowhead Brake is the best barrel option for PvE. Boosts handling and recoil direction.
  • For PvP, go with Elastic String to improve draw speed, accuracy, and handling.
  • The magazine perk makes little difference. Go with a Fiberglass Arrow Shaft or Straight Fletching for a minor draw time boost.
  • Enhanced Archers Tempo is the standout option for PvE. Maximize draw speed after precision hits.
  • For PvP, pick Enhanced Snapshot Sights for quick target acquisition when aiming down sights.
  • Enhanced Dragonfly is great for adding clarity in PvE. For tougher content, go with Enhanced Explosive Head.
  • Enhanced Moving Target or Enhanced Opening Shot are excellent choices in the final column for PvP.
  • Aim for a Draw Time Masterwork to push draw speed as high as possible.
  • Stack a Draw Time mod on the bow to maximize the Archer’s Tempo uptime.
  • Use a Targeting Adjuster mod in PvP for extra aim assist on those pinpoint shots.

Take advantage of the enhanced perks for significant boosts over their standard versions. And don’t forget to slot in a well-matched armor mod as the finishing touch.

Fel Taradiddle Catalyst

There is no catalyst available yet for Fel Taradiddle. Hopefully, one will be added in a future season to provide a nice bonus.

For now, you can maximize the weapon’s potential through advanced crafting. Here are some possibilities for what the catalyst could provide when it does release:

  • Further increase accuracy, target acquisition, or aim assist
  • Boost to range
  • The enhanced version of an existing perk like Snapshot Sights
  • Addition of a useful utility perk like Archer’s Gambit
  • Faster draw time
  • Increased magazine size or ammo reserves
  • Generate orbs of power on multikills

There are plenty of useful catalyst possibilities for Fel Taradiddle. More stats boosts or upgraded perks would be strong choices to reinforce its precision combat style. Utility perks like generating orbs of power would also be handy. We’ll have to wait and see what Bungie eventually adds!

How to Use Fel Taradiddle Effectively

Now that you have a God Roll Fel Taradiddle equipped, here are some tips to use it effectively:

PvE Tips

  • Make the most of Archer’s Tempo by chaining precision hits on tougher enemies and majors. This will allow you to rip off shots as fast as possible.
  • Take advantage of the long-range and aim down sights when fighting from a distance. This weapon can comfortably tag snipers and other dangerous enemies at range.
  • Use the hip-fire accuracy to clean up weaker red bar enemies up close.
  • Try pairing with Overload Bow to stun champions quickly from a safe distance.
  • Explosive Head and Dragonfly make it easy to demolish groups of clustered ads.
  • Employ the “Bow Swap” technique: Quickly shoot an arrow and then switch to your energy weapon to finish off the target in less time.

PvP Tips

  • Peek shoot around corners and cover for quick aimed down sights shots thanks to Snapshot Sights.
  • The high-aim assist and target acquisition perks give you an edge in duels. Take your time to land the crit.
  • Be unpredictable and use vertical space a lot to take angles on opponents.
  • Use your radar and sound cues to pre-draw when you expect to see an enemy.
  • Lead your shots at longer distances to compensate for travel time.
  • Pair with a Quickdraw Hand Cannon like Fatebringer to quickly clean up bodies after landing a bow hit.
  • Stay near cover and watch your radar to avoid being caught out in the open.

Fel Taradiddle Review

Fel Taradiddle is an exciting new combat bow for Destiny 2. The Precision Frame intrinsic perk gives it excellent base accuracy, aim assist, and feel. With the right perks and masterwork, it can be a top-tier option for PvE and PvP once you learn to master the draw timing and peek-shooting playstyle.

For PvE, perks like Archers Tempo and Dragonfly enable fast crowd clearing from a safe distance. And the high precision damage lets you chunk down majors effectively too.

In PvP, the peek shooting and target acquisition potential is very strong. Snapshot Sights, Opening Shot, and other perks reward an aggressive playstyle and make dueling feel great.

The main thing holding Fel Taradiddle back is the lack of a catalyst currently. There is a lot of competition from Exotic bows like Trinity Ghoul, Le Monarque, and Ticuu’s Divination. Once Fel Taradiddle receives a catalyst in the future, it has the potential to compete with the best.

Overall this is an excellent combat bow with plenty of PvE and PvP viability. If you enjoy using precision bows, it is absolutely worth hunting for a good roll or crafting your own God Roll. With the right perks and practice, Fel Taradiddle will allow you to dominate fights from any range.


Hopefully, this guide has given you all the key information on how to acquire Fel Taradiddle and assemble the perfect roll for your needs. Here are some final tips:

  • Farm the Season of Plunder seasonal content like Ketchcrash for efficiently targeted drops.
  • Crafting is the most reliable way to guarantee the perks you want.
  • Prioritize draw time and target acquisition perks for the best PvE and PvP rolls.
  • Practice chaining precision hits and proper peek shooting mechanics to get the most out of the weapon.
  • Keep an eye out for any future catalyst to take Fel Taradiddle to the next level.

Equip your shiny new Fel Taradiddle bow and experience the satisfying feeling of landing crispy headshot after headshot. Whether swiftly eliminating packs of weak foes or out-dueling guardians in the Crucible, this combat bow excels when used properly. Have fun unleashing volleys of destruction on your enemies with Fel Taradiddle!

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