Hay Day Fishing Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Mastering Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular and rewarding activities in Hay Day. As a farmer, fishing allows you to catch a variety of fish to complete orders, upgrade your fishing boat, make fish-based products like Fish Pie and Sushi, and earn coins.

While fishing may seem simple at first, there are many strategies and techniques you can use to improve your fishing efficiency and maximize your profits. This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about fishing in Hay Day, from basic mechanics to advanced tips and tricks.

How Fishing Works in Hay Day

Fishing unlocks at experience level 17 when you build the Fishing Pier on your farm. The pier provides access to the lake, where you can catch a variety of common, rare, and seasonal fish.

To start fishing, tap the pier icon to enter the fishing area. This will open your tackle box, where you can equip different kinds of fishing rods and lures.

There are 5 different rods you can use for fishing:

  • Basic Fishing Rod – Unlocked at level 17
  • Good Fishing Rod – Unlocked at level 25
  • Great Fishing Rod – Unlocked at level 35
  • Epic Fishing Rod – Unlocked at level 50
  • Iridium Fishing Rod – Unlocked at level 60

Each rod can catch heavier fish of increasing weight. As you level up, upgrade your rod to catch larger fish worth more coins.

In addition to rods, there are 3 different lures you can equip:

  • Regular Lure – Catches common fish
  • Special Lure – Catches rare fish
  • Super Lure – Catches seasonal fish

Once your rod and lure are equipped, tap the “Start Fishing” button to cast your line into the lake. A fish will eventually bite – tap quickly when you see the bobber move to hook the fish. Then, tap and hold to reel it in.

The type of fish you catch depends on your fishing rod, lure, and timing. Heavier rods let you catch heavier fish. Different lures catch different rarities of fish. And tapping at the right time improves your chances of catching a higher-quality fish.

Each fish has a certain weight, value in coins, and time it takes to reel in. Heavier fish are worth more but take longer to catch. Your fishing profits come from selling the fish you catch at their market value.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s get into more advanced fishing strategies and tips!

Fishing Tips and Tricks

Here are some key techniques and advice to help you master fishing in Hay Day:

Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

  • Higher-level rods catch heavier fish worth more coins.
  • Upgrade your rod as soon as you reach the required level.
  • The Iridium Rod available at level 60 catches the heaviest fish for max profits.

Use the Right Lure

  • Regular Lure catches common fish – use when fishing casually.
  • Special Lure catches rare fish – use when you need rarer fish for orders.
  • Super Lure catches seasonal fish – extremely valuable but costs diamonds.

Tap at the Right Time

  • Tap quickly when the bobber dips to hook the fish. This increases your chances of catching a higher-quality fish.
  • If you miss the tap or are too slow, you may catch a lower-quality fish.
  • Turn on bobber animations in settings to make timing easier.

Use Tom to Reduce Fishing Time

  • Tom is a fisherman who can be hired to fish and reduce fishing times.
  • At higher friendship levels, Tom provides larger discounts of up to 50% off fishing time.
  • Use Tom when you need to catch many fish quickly.

Fish During 2x Fish Events

  • 2x fish events double your fishing productivity for a few days.
  • Take advantage by prepping rods/lures and fishing heavily during the event.
  • You can earn coins extremely fast during this time, so fish as much as possible.

Sell Rare Fish for maximum profit

  • Rare and seasonal fish sell for much higher prices than common fish.
  • Use the Special and Super lures to catch rare and seasonal fish.
  • Save these for orders that reward a lot of coins.

How to Get Lures and Expand Your Tackle Box

To unlock better lures and expand your tackle box to equip more rods/lures, you need to gain fishing XP and achievements. Here’s how it works:

  • Catching fish grants fishing XP based on the fish’s weight.
  • Gaining fishing XP will level up your tackle box and unlock upgrades.
  • Upgrades include new lures and additional rod/lure slots.
  • Completing fishing achievements will also unlock some tackle box upgrades.
  • Keep catching fish of all sizes to gain XP and achievements.
  • With all upgrades, you can equip 5 rods and 10 lures at once.

To see your current XP level and upgrades, tap the tackle box icon while fishing. Make sure to equip your best rods and most useful lures in the upgraded slots.

Fish Types by Rod, Rarity, and Season

Here is a breakdown of all the different types of fish you can catch in Hay Day and how to catch them:

Fish Catchable by Each Fishing Rod

  • Basic Rod – Pale Chub, Tiddler, Redfin Pickerel
  • Good Rod – Halibut, Red Mullet, Perch
  • Great Rod – Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout
  • Epic Rod – Salmon, Sturgeon
  • Iridium Rod – King Fish, Blue Marlin

Common Fish (Regular Lure)

  • Pale Chub
  • Tiddler
  • Redfin Pickerel
  • Halibut
  • Red Mullet
  • Perch

Rare Fish (Special Lure)

  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Salmon
  • Sturgeon

Seasonal Fish (Super Lure)

  • King Fish – Summer
  • Blue Marlin – Fall
  • Sandfish – Winter
  • Scarefish – Spring

As you can see, the higher-level rods catch the heaviest and most valuable fish. The Special and Super lures are needed for the rarest and seasonal varieties.

Earning Coins from Fishing

Fishing earns you coins by catching and selling fish at market value. Here are some tips to maximize profits:

  • Prioritize orders – Fill boat orders requesting fish for 2-3x profit.
  • Sell rare & seasonal fish – Their high market value means huge coin earnings.
  • Sell common fish in bulk – Less profit per fish but adds up when selling many.
  • Fill the roadside stall – Passersby pay 10% over market value.
  • Use Tom to reduce costs – More profit since less time spent per fish.
  • Take advantage of 2x events – Double the fish caught means double the profits!
  • Process fish into other goods – Further multiplies profit, e.g. Fish Pie.

With the right strategy, you can easily earn thousands of coins per day from fishing. It’s one of the most lucrative activities in Hay Day.

Creating Fish Recipes

You can further increase your fishing income by using fish to prepare recipes like sushi and fish pie. Here are some top fish recipes to make:

Fish Pie

  • Ingredients: 1 Pale Chub, 2 Rainbow Trout, 1 Smallmouth Bass
  • Products Made: Fish Pie
  • Profit Per Product: +135% over ingredient cost

Fish pie is very profitable since it only uses common and rare fish. Make lots of pies to turn low-value fish into big profits.

King Fish Sushi

  • Ingredients: 1 King Fish, 1 Rice
  • Products Made: King Fish Sushi
  • Profit Per Product: +260% over ingredient cost

Kingfish is seasonal so may be hard to obtain. But sushi multiplies its high value for huge profits.

Sturgeon Caviar

  • Ingredients: 1 Sturgeon, 1 Salt
  • Products Made: Sturgeon Caviar
  • Profit Per Product: +410% over ingredient cost!

Caviar is amongst the most valuable fish products. Use your Sturgeon to make this delicacy for massive earnings.

Step-by-Step Fishing Guide for Beginners

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough to help beginners get started with fishing in Hay Day:

1. Build a Fishing Pier

  • Costs 48,000 coins to construct
  • Unlocks at experience level 17
  • Provides access to the fishing lake

2. Equip a Fishing Rod and Lure

  • Start with Basic Rod and Regular Lure
  • Tap the tackle box icon to equip the rod and lure

3. Tap “Start Fishing”

  • Cast your line into the lake
  • Wait for a fish to take the bait

4. Hook the Fish When Bobber Moves

  • Tap quickly when bobber dips to hook fish
  • If timed correctly, you have a chance at better fish

5. Reel in the Fish

  • Keep a finger on the screen to reel fish in once hooked
  • Heavier fish take longer to reel

6. Sell the Fish

  • Each fish has a coin value based on weight
  • Sell fish for profits to buy upgrades

7. Upgrade Rod and Lures

  • Improve rods to catch heavier fish
  • Use Special and Super lures for rare & seasonal fish

And that covers the basics of how to start fishing successfully on Hay Day! Follow the tips above to steadily improve your fishing over time.

Optimizing Your Fishing Strategy

Once you master the fundamentals, you can optimize your fishing with these advanced strategies:

Know Your Profit-Per-Hour for Each Fish

  • Calculate profit per hour for each fish type.
  • Prioritize fish that make the most money per time spent.

Rotate Between Lures

  • Use Regular Lure to build up an inventory of common fish.
  • Switch to Special Lure when you need rarer fish.

Fill Orders and Boat Crates First

  • Look for fishing boat orders and crates to fill.
  • Earn 2-3x more profit from ordering fish.

Farm Diamonds to Get Super Lure

  • Super Lure lets you catch ultra-rare seasonal fish.
  • Farm diamonds from achievement rewards to purchase it.

Strategically Use Tom

  • Use Tom on longer fish to maximize time savings.
  • Also, use Tom during 2x events to catch more fish.

Analyze Market Trends

  • Watch price fluctuations for high-value fish.
  • Stock up when prices spike to maximize profits.

Fishing Achievements

Completing fishing achievements will reward you with tackle box upgrades, diamonds, and other prizes. Here are some achievements to target:

  • Caught 50 Fish – Unlocks second-rod slot.
  • Caught 500 Lbs of Fish – Unlocks Super Lure.
  • Caught 1000 Lbs of Fish – 5000 coins reward.
  • Caught 10 King Fish – Diamonds reward.
  • Caught 100 Fish in a Fishing Session – Blueprint piece reward.

Make sure to frequently check your achievements menu to see if you’ve completed any fishing tasks. The upgrades and diamonds they offer are very valuable.

Some achievements also have tiered rewards, so you’ll want to keep catching fish to progress through the achievement levels.

Expanding Your Farm With Fishing

Once you build up your fishing earnings, invest your profits back into expanding your farm:

  • Buy land expansions – Expand your farmable area.
  • Purchase machines – Automate production.
  • Hire farm hands – Help harvest and care for animals.
  • Build and upgrade production buildings – Make products faster.
  • Decorate your farm – Customize for fun and increase XP.

A larger farm lets you grow more crops and raise more animals. Combined with the ongoing profits from fishing, this investment will take your Hay Day success to the next level!

Common Fishing Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about fishing in Hay Day:

How often do fish respawn in the lake?

Fish instantly respawn in the lake so you’ll never run out. No need to wait between catches.

What’s the benefit of a 2x fishing event?

All fish caught during a 2x event earn double the coins and XP. It’s the perfect time to fish heavily.

Do certain fish only appear at certain times?

No, all fish can be caught at any time as long as you have the right rod and lure equipped.

Can I lose a fish while reeling it in?

Yes, fish can escape if you stop reeling. Keep your finger continuously swiping the screen!

Is there a trick to get more pearls from oysters?

Unfortunately no – the number of pearls is random based on luck. Keep fishing oysters for chances at more pearls.

What is the best rod and lure for beginners?

Focus on upgrading to the Great Rod and using the Regular Lure as a newcomer. This combination will catch a profitable variety of fish.

And those are the basics of fishing in Hay Day! Follow this guide and you’ll be a master angler making profits in no time. Let us know if you have any other Hay Day fishing questions. Happy fishing!

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