Hay Day Omelette Station: Unleashing the New Machine

The Omelette Station is one of the most useful and profitable buildings in the popular farming game Hay Day. Unlocking this building and mastering omelette production can give you a significant advantage over other players.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Hay Day Omelette Station, including:

  • What is the Omelette Station?
  • Omelette Station requirements
  • How to unlock the Omelette Station
  • Omelette Station production times
  • Omelette recipes and ingredients
  • Tips for maximizing omelette production
  • Uses for omelettes in Hay Day
  • Is the Omelette Station worth it?
  • And much more!

Whether you’re a beginner looking to expand your farm or a seasoned player wanting to step up your Hay Day game, read on to learn all about this essential Hay Day building.

What is the Omelette Station on Hay Day?

The Omelette Station is a production building in Hay Day that allows players to combine eggs and other ingredients to make omelettes.

Unlocking the Omelette Station opens up an entirely new production line for your farm. The main benefits of the Omelette Station are:

  • It produces omelettes, which can be sold for good profits or used to fill boat orders.
  • Omelettes take very little time to make compared to other processed items. You can churn out dozens of omelettes in the time it takes to make a few cakes or juices.
  • The ingredient requirements are very basic – just eggs and one other item. Eggs are one of the easiest things to produce on any Hay Day farm.

So in summary, the Omelette Station produces a quick and lucrative product that can dramatically boost your farm’s income once you unlock it. The ability to regularly fill boat orders for omelettes also provides a ton of experience points to level up.

Omelette Station Requirements on Hay Day

Before you can start cooking up omelettes, you need to meet a few requirements to build the Omelette Station:

You must be at least Level 26.

This is the minimum level needed to purchase the Omelette Station blueprint from the shop. Make sure your farmer has reached at least level 26 before trying to build this station.

The Omelette Station costs 750 coins.

Once you reach level 26, the Omelette Station blueprint will appear for sale in your shop for 750 coins. Save up your Hay Day coin earnings to be able to afford to purchase this building.

You need wood planks and bricks to build it.

The Omelette Station itself requires 20 wood planks and 40 bricks to construct after you buy the blueprint. Make sure you have enough of these basic building materials saved up so you can start on the Omelette Station right away.

Room for it on your farm.

The Omelette Station takes up a 7×5-sized plot of land. Make sure you have enough open space on your farm layout to place the station.

That covers the basic requirements. Let’s move on to actually unlocking and building the Omelette Station on your farm.

How to Unlock the Omelette Station on Hay Day

Follow these steps to unlock the ability to make omelettes in Hay Day:

1. Reach Farmer Level 26

The first step is to get your farmer character to Level 26 or higher. This unlocks the Omelette Station blueprint in the shop.

Make sure you are regularly harvesting crops, fulfilling orders, and completing daily tasks to earn XP and level up. It may take several weeks of playing consistently to reach Level 26.

2. Save up to 750 Coins

Once you reach Level 26, you’ll need 750 coins to purchase the Omelette Station blueprint from the shop.

There are many ways to earn coins in the game: selling crops, filling truck orders, completing boat orders, selling items in your roadside shop, and more.

Start saving up a few weeks before you plan to unlock the Omelette Station so you have enough coins ready.

3. Collect 20 Wood Planks and 40 Bricks

In addition to the 750 coins for the blueprint, you also need building materials to construct the Omelette Station. Specifically, you need:

  • 20 wood planks
  • 40 bricks

Stockpile these construction materials by harvesting your sawmill and brick factories daily for a few days before you plan to build. You may also request planks and bricks from your Hay Day neighbours to speed up the process.

4. Buy the Omelette Station Blueprint

Once you reach Level 26 and have 750 coins saved up, the Omelette Station blueprint will appear for sale in your shop. You can find it in the “Buildings” tab.

Purchase the blueprint for 750 coins. The Omelette Station will now be unlocked and available for you to build anytime.

5. Build the Omelette Station

With the blueprint purchased, you can now place the Omelette Station on your farm. It will take up a 7×5-sized plot of land.

Tap the blueprint icon, then tap a vacant 7×5 space to place the outline foundation. Next, use the wood planks and bricks from your inventory to finish constructing the building.

It takes just a minute or two to fully build. And that’s it – your Omelette Station is now ready to start cooking up omelettes!

Omelette Station Production Times

The Omelette Station produces omelettes very quickly compared to other processed items in Hay Day.

Here are the production times for the different omelette recipes:

Basic Omelette: 1 minute

Cheese Omelette: 1 minute 30 seconds

Bacon Omelette: 2 minutes

Onion Omelette: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Pumpkin Omelette: 3 minutes

Tomato Omelette: 3 minutes 30 seconds

Carrot Omelette: 4 minutes

So even the most elaborate omelette takes just 4 minutes to make at the Omelette Station. That’s 8-10 times faster than products like cakes, popsicles, and apple pies that take 30+ minutes to produce.

This quick production time allows you to churn out dozens of omelettes per hour. A single Omelette Station running constantly could make 30+ omelettes per hour.

The short production times also make it easy to fill boat orders requesting multiple omelettes within the delivery deadline.

Use the fast cook times to your advantage to turn around orders quickly. Keep your Omelette Station constantly busy and you’ll be raking in profits and XP.

Omelette Recipes and Ingredients

There are several different omelette recipes you can produce at the Omelette Station in Hay Day:

Basic Omelette

  • 1x Egg

The most basic omelette requires just a single egg. Take advantage of your abundant chicken egg supply to mass-produce basic omelettes.

Cheese Omelette

  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Cheese

Adding a slice of cheese to the eggs creates a tasty cheese omelette. Make sure your dairy farms are producing enough cheese.

Bacon Omelette

  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Bacon

The bacon omelette combines eggs and crispy cooked bacon. Keep your pig pens full to be able to produce lots of bacon.

Onion Omelette

  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Onion

Onions add a punch of flavour to omelettes. Grow plenty of onions on your farm fields.

Pumpkin Omelette

  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Pumpkin

Pumpkin omelettes are a tasty fall treat. Grow pumpkins in your garden patches or request them from neighbours.

Tomato Omelette

  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Tomato

Juicy tomatoes complement eggs wonderfully in an omelette. Make sure your greenhouse has a steady tomato crop.

Carrot Omelette

  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Carrot

For a healthy omelette filled with veggies, add some carrots. Grow them on your farm or request them from friends.

As you can see, the omelette recipes only require 1 egg plus 1 other basic ingredient like veggies, cheese, or bacon.

Eggs are produced regularly by chickens, so you’ll likely have plenty available. The key is simply making sure you also have enough of the secondary omelette ingredients being produced and stockpiled.

If you ever run low on a certain ingredient, you can post requests in your chat rooms asking your Hay Day neighbours to supply them. Proper ingredient management will let your Omelette Station run smoothly.

Now let’s go over some tips to maximize productivity.

Tips for Maximizing Omelette Station Production

Here are some key strategies to squeeze the most omelettes and profits out of your Omelette Station on Hay Day:

1. Keep Queues Full

The most basic productivity tip is to keep your Omelette Station constantly busy cooking up omelettes.

Don’t let it sit idle. Always have a full queue of several omelettes lined up so that new ones start automatically cooking as soon as existing ones finish.

Set timers if needed to check back often and top up your queues. A full queue churning out omelettes nonstop will give you the highest output.

2. Load Up During Breaks

When you’re away from the game for a while, load up the production queue as much as possible.

That way the Omelette Station can keep producing for 1-2 hours unattended while you’re offline. Come back later to collect the huge stash of finished omelettes.

3. Fulfill Boat Orders

Keep an eye out for boat orders requesting multiple omelettes. The fast cooking times make these very profitable orders.

Aim to always have boat orders with omelettes cooking. The big coin and XP rewards will have you levelling up fast.

4. Sell in Roadside Shop

You can sell extra omelettes directly from your roadside shop for a good profit.

Price them competitively based on market rates. Omelettes sell reliably in shops due to their usefulness for boat orders.

5. Use Production Boosts

Use Tom the delivery boy’s production boosts strategically when you have lots of omelettes queued up.

The boost temporarily speeds up production so you can crank out even more omelettes when it counts. Time boosts for maximum impact.

6. Expand If Needed

Once your single Omelette Station is constantly overloaded with demand, consider expanding by building a second one.

Two stations double your omelette output. Down the road, experienced players can add even more Omelette Stations.

With these tips, your Omelette Station will be an egg-cracking machine pumping out profits!

Uses for Omelettes in Hay Day

Once your Omelette Station is up and running, what should you actually do with all the omelettes being produced? Here are the main uses:

Selling for Coins

Omelettes can be sold directly from the production menu for good coin. They sell for between 240-1440 coins each depending on the recipe.

Selling omelettes is a faster way to earn coins than selling raw eggs one by one.

Filling Boat Orders

Omelette orders from the town visitors arriving on boats are very profitable. Fill as many of these orders as possible.

Keep your Omelette Station churning out the specific omelette varieties requested in current boat orders to fulfil them quickly.

Requests from Friends

Friends and teammates may request omelettes from you. Always fill these neighbour requests if possible for relationship XP.

You can also request any omelette ingredients you’re low on from your friend’s list.

Farmer’s Markets

You may be able to sell omelettes in certain seasonal Farmer’s Markets that allow processed goods. Omelettes tend to sell out fast in markets.

Farm Visitors

Some of the visitors that randomly appear on your farm may request specific omelettes. Fulfill these orders to earn coins, and XP and boost your popularity.

Chest Orders

Omelette orders will occasionally come up when opening mystery treasure chests. Fill these chest orders promptly for big rewards.

Town Visitors

Visitors walking around town may also order omelettes from your roadside shop. Keep your shop well stocked to earn money from these passersby.

As you can see, omelettes have a wide variety of uses, so those eggs won’t go to waste. The Omelette Station gives you a whole new dimension for playing the game.

Is the Omelette Station Worth Building in Hay Day?

For any newer Hay Day players wondering if the Omelette Station is worth spending time and resources to unlock and build, the answer is a resounding YES!

Here’s a quick recap of the main benefits that make the Omelette Station incredibly valuable:

Produces high-profit omelettes. Omelettes sell for good prices and are in high demand from town visitors. A prolific Omelette Station essentially prints money!

Quick production time. Churning out omelettes takes only 1-4 minutes. You can fulfil many more orders and keep output high.

Easy ingredients. Eggs are plentiful, and you just need 1 other basic item like cheese or veggies per omelette. Ingredients are easy to stockpile.

Grants XP fast. Filling boat orders for multiple omelettes gives tons of experience points to level up faster.

High capacity. The small footprint allows fitting several Omelette Stations on your farm for mass production.

Fun to use. It’s satisfying turning your egg supply into a delicious, profitable omelette operation!

For any Hay Day player looking to take their farm to the next level, getting the Omelette Station up and running should be a top priority. The profits and benefits are just too good to pass up!

Omelette Station Tips and Tricks

Here are some additional tips and tricks from advanced Hay Day players to master your Omelette Station:

  • Use green boosters strategically when boats request lots of omelettes to double production speed.
  • Rearrange your farm buildings as needed to make room for multiple Omelette Stations.
  • Set timer alarms on your phone to remind you to check back and restock Omelette Station queues.
  • Communicate regularly with your neighborhood and ask for omelet ingredients you’re low on.
  • Fulfill as many boat orders for omelettes as possible, since they offer great XP.
  • Upgrade to the next egg production buildings (Enriched Chicken Coop, Deluxe Chicken Coop) to increase your egg supply.
  • Temporarily plant more of the crops used in omelets, like cheese, bacon, carrots, or tomatoes when low on them.
  • During downtime when you have fewer boat orders, stockpile surplus omelettes to sell in your roadside shop.
  • Occasionally check your shop price against other players’ shops to ensure your omelets are competitively priced.
  • If your Omelette Stations are constantly overwhelmed with demand, construct additional ones to boost capacity.

Mastering these tips and tricks will help you churn out omelette profits faster than you can say “omelette du fromage”!

Omelette Station FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Hay Day Omelette Station:

What level unlocks the Omelette Station?

You must reach farm Level 26 before the Omelette Station blueprint becomes available for purchase in the shop for 750 coins.

How long does the Omelette Station take to build?

The Omelette Station takes around 1-2 minutes to fully construct with the required materials. Have the needed wood planks, bricks, nails, and screws ready!

Can you use eggs from ducks or geese?

No, only chicken eggs can be used for omelettes. Make sure your chicken coops are upgraded and producing enough eggs.

What is the most valuable omelette?

The pumpkin omelette sells for the highest price at 1,440 coins per omelette, so focus on making those when possible.

Should I sell my omelettes or use them for boat orders?

It’s typically more profitable to use omelettes to fill high-quantity boat orders. But selling extras in your roadside shop is a good source of coins too.

How many omelettes can a boat order request?

Boat orders can request up to 15 omelettes at once. Have multiple Omelette Stations ready to churn out big orders fast.

Can Omelette Stations work on multiple recipes at once?

Yes, you can queue up different omelette recipes simultaneously. No need to batch-make the same recipes.

Is there a limit to how many Omelette Stations I can build?

You can build as many Omelette Stations as you have space for on your farm! Five stations are common for more advanced players.


That wraps up this comprehensive guide to unlocking and mastering the Omelette Station in Hay Day. From basic info to advanced tips, you should now have the knowledge needed to start cooking up profits with omelettes.

The Omelette Station provides a whole new dimension to farm production. Make sure to unlock it as soon as you reach Level 26. Load up your queues, keep your chickens laying eggs, and fill those boat orders!

With your new omelette empire up and running, your coins will be multiplying faster than rabbits in spring. Your path to Hay Day success just got much easier. Enjoy all of the satisfying omelette action!

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