Hay Day Town Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Experience

Welcome to my farm! In this comprehensive guide, I’ll take you on a journey through the Hay Day town feature, providing valuable tips and tricks to unlock and maximize your town experience. If you’re eager to level up, gain rewards, and efficiently manage your townies, keep reading!

Understanding the Town Feature

The town is a fascinating game feature in Hay Day that unlocks at level 34. To gain access, you’ll need to spend thirty-nine thousand all points, and the town will be ready to explore in three days. The town board, located near the train station, displays the town’s history crests, showcasing the requests made by visitors in your town.

Hay Day Town
Hay Day Town

The Experts Train Town Visitors

The Experts Train plays a crucial role in attracting visitors to your town. It arrives every six hours, bringing a stream of townies, also known as whizzes. The number of visitors you receive depends on your train station’s level. To maximize your town’s potential, consider upgrading your train station from level 11 to 12, which requires handrails, breaks, and Todd buckets.

Utilizing the Personal Train

The Personal Train is a valuable asset to bring townies from your neighborhood members. When upgrading your personal train, you have two options: increasing its training capacity or reducing the time it takes to arrive. A balanced approach to both upgrades is recommended, as it ensures a smooth flow of townies.

The Town Hall: Heart of Your Town

The Town Hall acts as the administrative center of your town, controlling various aspects of its operation. To level up your Town Hall, invest in paint buckets, hammers, and stone blocks. Each level increase expands your town’s capacity and unlocks new tabs, enhancing your town management capabilities.

Upgrading Town Buildings

Your town comprises seven buildings, each serving a unique purpose. Upgrading these buildings is essential for better rewards and overall town development. To upgrade them, focus on various aspects, such as slots, coins, XP, reputation, and extension. Begin with upgrading your time first to serve more visitors in less time. Then, proceed to upgrade your reputation and XP tabs for increased rewards.

  1. Cinema: Upgrading requires hammers, wood panels, and stone blocks.
  2. Diner: To upgrade, you’ll need screws and planks.
  3. Grocery Store: Upgrading demands bar tools, including tapes, bolts, and bricks.
  4. Bed-and-Breakfast: This building requires paint buckets, bricks, and hand drills for upgrades.
  5. Bar: Upgrade the bar using tar buckets, bricks, and stone blocks.
  6. Gift Shop: To upgrade, gather hammers, tar buckets, and stone blocks.
  7. Beach Cafe: Upgrade the beach cafe with hand drills, tar buckets, and hammers.

Serving Townies Efficiently

To efficiently serve your townies, avoid picking those who want to visit the bed-and-breakfast or spa. These buildings take considerable time to serve visitors, leading to frustration. Instead, focus on picking townies for buildings with shorter serving times, such as the gift shop or beach cafe.

Leveraging the Ready Tab for Derby Tasks

Participating in derby tasks requires preparation and efficiency. Utilize the ready tab in the Town Hall to prepare townies in advance for the upcoming derby task. This strategic approach saves time and ensures you are ready to compete without delay.

Decorating Your Town

As you level up in the town, new decorations will be unlocked, allowing you to beautify your surroundings. These decorations, such as benches and various other elements, add charm and appeal to your town, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for your visitors.

The Journey to Higher Town Levels

Your town journey doesn’t stop at level 34; in fact, the town has a whopping one thousand levels to explore! While some players might find reaching level 100 in the town an incredible feat, Hay Day has expanded the possibilities to a staggering one thousand levels. Although challenging, this provides a long-term goal and keeps you engaged with the game for an extended period.


Congratulations! You’ve now become well-versed in the world of Hay Day towns. By applying these tips and tricks, you can unlock the town feature, upgrade buildings, serve townies efficiently, and ultimately level up your town to gain exciting rewards. Embrace the joy of building the best town in Hay Day as you expand your farm and explore the endless possibilities of this delightful game!

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