Most Profitable Hay Day Tree: Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Farm’s Profit Potential

Hello farmers! Are you ready to dive into the world of Hay Day and discover the most profitable fruit tree? In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the various fruit trees available in Hay Day, provide you with valuable tips on managing your farm efficiently, and calculate the profits you can generate from each tree. Get ready to optimize your Hay Day experience and boost your farm’s earnings! Let’s get started.

Most Profitable Hay Day Tree
Most Profitable Hay Day Tree

Tips for Managing Your Fruit Trees

When it comes to your Hay Day farm, managing your fruit trees effectively can make a significant difference in your overall success. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Optimize Farm Space: Before you start planting numerous trees, make sure you have enough storage space in your silo to handle the fruits they produce. Overplanting without enough storage can lead to wasted resources and a cluttered farm.
  2. Strategic Harvesting: Avoid collecting fruits from your trees unless you need them for a specific purpose. Leaving the fruits on the trees won’t harm your farm and can even enhance its appearance.
  3. Consider Sauce and Axes Availability: If you’re a high-level player with an abundance of saws and axes, feel free to plant more trees. However, if you’re a lower-level player with limited saws and axes, be mindful of how many trees you plant, as it might become challenging to manage them all.

Different Types of Fruit Trees on Hay Day

Hay Day offers a diverse range of fruit trees, each unlocking at different levels. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1. Apple Trees

Apple trees are the first trees you’ll encounter in the game, unlocking at level 16. They have three growth stages, with the final stage producing four apples per harvest. One interesting feature of apple trees is that you can revive them by spending diamonds, allowing you to harvest even more apples from a single tree.

2. Cherry Trees

Unlocking at level 19, cherry trees offer a delightful sight when in full bloom. Like apple trees, cherry trees also have three stages, with the final stage yielding four cherries. Cherries are excellent for producing cherry jam and cherry juice.

3. Cacao Trees

Cacao trees become available at level 36. These trees are a favorite among players due to their profitability. In their final stage, cacao trees produce four cocoa beans per harvest, which can be sold for a substantial amount of coins in your shop.

4. Olive Trees

Unlocking at level 57, olive trees add a Mediterranean touch to your farm. They, too, have three stages, and their final stage produces four olives per harvest. Olives are valuable for making olive oil, a highly sought-after product.

5. Lemon Trees

Lemon trees brighten up your farm with their vibrant yellow fruits. They unlock at level 65 and produce four lemons per harvest in their final stage. Lemons are essential for producing lemon curd and lemonade.

6. Orange Trees

At level 70, you can unlock orange trees, which offer a burst of citrusy goodness. Similar to other trees, they also have three stages, yielding four oranges per harvest in the final stage. Oranges are indispensable for making orange juices and orange marmalade.

7. Peach Trees

Peach trees grace your farm with their lovely pink blossoms. They become available at level 76 and, in their final stage, produce four peaches per harvest. Peaches are perfect for making peach smoothies and peach pies.

8. Banana Trees

Unlocking at level 88, banana trees are known for their exotic appearance. They are especially popular for their high XP value. In the final stage, a single banana tree produces four bananas per harvest, making them a valuable resource for both coins and experience points.

9. Plum Trees

Finally, at level 94, you can unlock plum trees. Plum trees bring a touch of purple elegance to your farm. In their final stage, plum trees produce four plums per harvest, and like other fruits, they can be used for making plum jam and plum pudding.

Calculating Profits from Fruit Trees

To determine the most profitable tree, let’s delve into the calculations. The formula for calculating the net profit from a tree is as follows:

Total Profit = Total Fruits Price – (Tree Cost + Saw Cost)

Now, let’s apply the formula to each fruit tree:

  1. Apple Trees: Cost: 160 coins | Total Fruits Price: 514 coins | Profit: 354 coins.
  2. Cherry Trees: Cost: 10 coins | Total Fruits Price: 869 coins | Profit: 859 coins.
  3. Cacao Trees: Cost: 550 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,123 coins | Profit: 573 coins.
  4. Olive Trees: Cost: 16 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,076 coins | Profit: 1,060 coins.
  5. Lemon Trees: Cost: 6 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,216 coins | Profit: 1,210 coins.
  6. Orange Trees: Cost: 720 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,263 coins | Profit: 543 coins.
  7. Peach Trees: Cost: 750 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,310 coins | Profit: 560 coins.
  8. Banana Trees: Cost: 1,040 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,357 coins | Profit: 317 coins.
  9. Plum Trees: Cost: 600 coins | Total Fruits Price: 1,076 coins | Profit: 476 coins.

The Most Profitable Tree: Cacao Trees

After analyzing the profits from each tree, it becomes evident that Cacao Trees stand out as the most profitable option in Hay Day. Not only do they unlock relatively early at level 36, but they also provide a substantial return on investment. By planting Cacao Trees, you can harvest cocoa beans, which can be sold in your shop for a good price, generating significant profits for your farm.

Final Thoughts

Managing your fruit trees efficiently is essential for running a successful Hay Day farm. While Cacao Trees reign as the most profitable, remember that personal preferences and aesthetics also play a role in choosing which trees to plant. Strike a balance between profitability and enjoyment, and make decisions that align with your unique playstyle.

With these tips and insights, you’re now equipped to maximize your farm’s profit potential in Hay Day. Happy farming, and may your virtual fields be ever bountiful with prosperity and joy!

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