Hay Day Wheel of Fortune: Tips, Strategies, and Prizes Explained

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most exciting and rewarding features in the popular farming game Hay Day. Spinning this wheel can reward players with significant prizes to help them progress faster through the game. But knowing the ins and outs of how the Wheel of Fortune works is key to making the most of your spins.

Hay Day Wheel of Fortune
Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune, including:

  • What is the Wheel of Fortune?
  • How the Wheel of Fortune works
  • The different prize types you can win
  • Spinning strategies and tips
  • Calculating your odds of winning prizes
  • The history and changes to the wheel over time
  • Common questions about the wheel

With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to spin the Wheel of Fortune like a pro and take your Hay Day farming skills to the next level!

What is the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune?

The Wheel of Fortune is a spinning wheel mini-game located on the left side of the screen in Hay Day. Landing on certain spaces on the wheel grants the player prizes.

These prizes can include the following:

  • Diamonds
  • Mystery chests
  • Farm materials like expansion materials and building materials
  • Barn materials like saws and nails
  • Decoration materials
  • Land deed permits to unlock new plots of land
  • Boosters like Tom the Trader town visitor or mining tools
  • Puzzle piece cards to complete and win new farm animals

The wheel has 22 spaces that contain prizes, with some blank spaces interspersed. Players get one free spin of the wheel each day. Additional spins beyond the first free spin require the use of diamonds.

Spinning the wheel and winning prizes is completely random, making it an exciting addition to the game. With valuable prizes like diamonds up for grabs, players have extra incentive to check in daily and spin the wheel.

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How the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune Works

When a player first taps on the Wheel of Fortune, it will spin and land on a prize randomly. The player collects whatever prize they land.

Then the option comes up to “Spin Again” for 20 diamonds. Players can keep spending diamonds to spin again as many times as they want.

Each spin is completely independent, meaning the results of one spin do not affect the results of the next spin. The wheel is programmed with certain odds for each space. We’ll break down the specific odds a bit later in this guide.

It’s important to note that the Wheel of Fortune has no skill or strategy involved. You simply press spin and hope to get lucky. There are no tactics a player can use to improve the outcome.

Now let’s take a look at the typical structure and contents of the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune board:

  • There are 22 prize spaces spread around the wheel
  • 2 blank spaces
  • 2 “Try Again” spaces that allow you to spin again without using diamonds
  • The top half of the wheel contains the most valuable prizes like diamonds and puzzle pieces
  • The bottom half contains less valuable prizes like building and expansion materials
  • High-value prizes generally have lower odds of being landed on

This distribution is structured so that the most lucrative rewards are harder to obtain. Landing on an empty space or getting another free spin from “Try Again” is common. Big rewards like 700 diamonds only have a 5% chance of being won.

But that’s the thrill of the wheel – sometimes you’ll hit the jackpot!

Prize Types on the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

Now let’s take a closer look at the typical prizes found on the Wheel of Fortune. Landing on each of these has the potential to boost your progression and speed up building and expanding your farm.


Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable prize on the Wheel of Fortune. They are the game’s premium currency used to purchase special items and speed up production.

Common diamond amounts range from 20 diamonds up to 700 diamonds on the wheel. Of course, 700 diamonds is the jackpot prize that only has a very small chance of being landed.

But any amount of free diamonds is hugely helpful, as these diamonds can be used to purchase production boosters, Tom the trader, mining tools, and more.

Mystery Chests

Mystery chests contain a random assortment of useful farm materials. The color and look of the chest indicate the value of the materials inside:

  • Common Chest – Contains lower-value materials like screws, wooden boards, stones, etc. Maximum of around 15 total materials.
  • Rare Chest – Contains better materials like planks, nails, concrete blocks, bricks, etc. Around 25-30 materials.
  • Epic Chest – The best chest that contains high-value materials like bolts, hammers, axes, dynamite, etc. Up to 50 materials are possible.

The mystery chests provide a ton of helpful building materials for expanding your farm. They can also contain barn upgrade materials to expand your cow, sheep, chicken, and pig housing.

Expansion and Building Materials

Instead of mystery crates, you may directly land on spaces that provide expansion materials or building materials.

Expansion materials include:

  • Dynamites to clear land
  • Deed permits to unlock plots of land
  • Shovels to speed up land clearing

Building materials include:

  • Nails, screws, bolts, duct tape, etc to build production buildings
  • Bricks, wooden boards, slabs, glass panes, etc for town buildings
  • Wrenches, paint, wheels, and pipes for town decorations

Having a stockpile of these materials will allow you to build up your farm much faster. You can even sell extra materials at your roadside shop for coins if you don’t need them.

Puzzle Piece Cards

Puzzle pieces allow you to complete sets of themed cards. Each complete set lets you unlock a new animal for your farm!

The four different puzzle-piece themes are:

  • Gingerbread pieces – Unlock gingerbread animals like reindeer
  • Circus pieces – Unlock circus animals like elephants
  • Seaside pieces – Unlock ocean animals like seals
  • Jungle pieces – Unlock jungle animals like monkeys

Completing these exotic animal sets adds some fun variety to your standard cows and chickens. The cards are also worth good resale value if you sell duplicates at your roadside shop.


Landing on booster spaces will reward you with a special item to boost your production:

  • Tom the Trader – Tom is a friendly wandering trader who will visit your farm. While he’s visiting, Tom acts as an extra supplier for your production buildings to speed up output.
  • Instant Nails – 25 free nails that speed up production time for your buildings when used.
  • Instant Screws – 25 free screws that also reduce production time just like nails.
  • Mining Tools – 5 free pickaxes, dynamites, or TNTs to instantly complete part of the ore mining process.
  • Fishing Nets – 5 free fishing nets that instantly catch a fish when used, speeding up fishing production.

Barn Upgrade Materials

If you’re looking to expand housing for your cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs, the wheel may award:

  • Saws to open up new barn stalls
  • Nails to build the stalls
  • Blankets, brushes, and paint for decoration upgrades

Landing on these can help boost your maximum livestock capacity on your farm.

Spinning Strategies and Tips for the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

While the Wheel of Fortune is ultimately based on random luck, there are some general strategies players use to get the most out of their spins:

Take Advantage of the Free Daily Spin

The single free spin awarded each day is valuable because it costs you nothing. Make sure to check Hay Day at least once daily to use this free opportunity. Sometimes you’ll get useless materials, but occasionally you may luck out and snag diamonds or a puzzle piece.

Build Up a Stockpile of Diamonds

To have the most chance at valuable prizes, you need to have a good supply of diamonds. Diamonds let you spin the wheel beyond the free daily spin. Try to stockpile diamonds from completing achievements, helping neighbors, selling items, etc. The more spins you can do, the higher your odds of hitting a jackpot.

Spin in Moderation

While it’s tempting to spend a huge chunk of diamonds spinning repeatedly, it’s generally best to spin in moderation. Only spend as many diamonds as you can afford on bonus spins. Set a diamond limit for yourself each day and stick to it. Spinning out of control can drain your diamonds extremely fast.

Avoid the Wheels’ Edges

Statistically, the edges of the wheel have a lower probability of landing on high-value prizes. The best prizes like 700 diamonds sit closer to the middle. When spinning, you may irrationally hope to not hit the edges, even though you have no control!

Don’t Get Overly Attached to One Prize

The wheel giveth and the wheel taketh away. Never get too fixated on winning a particular prize from the wheel. Even if you land on 20 diamonds, it doesn’t mean a 700-diamond spin is any more likely on your next try. Manage your expectations, and enjoy whatever you end up landing on.

Take a Break After Big Wins or Losses

Say you’ve spun 10 times and only gotten blank spaces and materials. Or you scored big and landed on the jackpot diamond prize. In either case, it may be wise to take a break from spinning for a while to refresh your luck. This can help you avoid either bad losing streaks or getting overconfident on a hot winning streak.

Think Long Term

The Wheel of Fortune is a long game. The odds are always balanced against you. But if you spin consistently over weeks and months, your randomness should balance out. Not every spin can be a winner, so take a long view. The wheel prizes will help your farm thrive in the end.

Now let’s examine exactly how the prize odds shape your chances of winning…

Understanding Your Odds on the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

In probability theory, the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune represents a classic Monte Carlo simulation. The outcome of each spin is randomly determined by preset odds. Knowing the different odds for each prize space can give you an edge.

Let’s break down the odds on a typical Wheel of Fortune board:

  • 5% chance – 700 diamonds, Circus puzzle piece
  • 6% chance – 500 diamonds
  • 7% chance – 300 diamonds, Tom booster
  • 8% chance – 180 diamonds, Rare mystery chest
  • 10% chance – Epic mystery chest, Jungle puzzle piece
  • 11% chance – Common mystery chest
  • 13% chance – 20 diamonds
  • 14% chance – Try again spin

Adding up the percentages shows:

  • You have a 42% total chance of landing on diamonds.
  • A 31% chance at some type of mystery chest.
  • Around a 25% chance at “useless” blank spaces or extra spins.

These odds demonstrate that even after many spins, scoring big diamond prizes is unlikely. But we all love beating the odds, don’t we?

As a tip, if you really want diamonds, it may actually be more cost-effective to buy diamond packs directly rather than relying on wheel spins.

History and Changes to the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune has gone through many iterations and changes over the years. When first introduced, it had simpler prizes and worse odds.

Some major updates include:

June 2013 – Wheel of Fortune added to Hay Day. Initial prizes were only building materials, no diamonds.

January 2014 – Diamonds, boosters, and puzzle pieces are introduced as potential prizes. This made the wheel much more rewarding.

June 2015 – Mystery chests added to the wheel as a new prize type. Chests contain a variety of randomized building materials.

January 2020 – Odds of landing on rarer prizes increased. 700 diamond space added with a 5% chance. Makes the wheel even more exciting!

June 2021 – Visual overhaul with a colorful new carnival theme. The spin button was changed to a roller lever.

Developers occasionally shuffle around the prize distribution and odds. But the core gameplay remains spinning for a chance at free diamonds and goodies.

No matter what changes come in the future, the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune will continue to be a fun way to take a risk and boost your farm resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Hay Day Wheel of Fortune

Here are answers to some common questions players have about this luck-based feature:

Does the wheel reset each day?

No, the wheel does not reset or change each day. The odds and prizes remain fixed. The only reset is your free spin – you get one per day.

Can you increase the odds of landing on diamonds?

No, the odds are set and cannot be increased by the player. They only change if Supercell updates the wheel.

Does the wheel have skill or strategy involved?

Nope, the wheel is 100% random chance each spin. There are no tactics or skills to improve your odds.

Is the wheel rigged against landing on big prizes?

It may sometimes feel that way when you hit a bunch of blank spaces. But the wheel is fair based on the stated odds.

Can you get free spins beyond the daily one?

Yes, if you land on the “Try Again” spaces you get an extra free spin without using diamonds. Plus daily free spins are awarded for completing achievements.

Should you spend real money on diamonds to spin more times?

Only if you can comfortably afford it. Buying diamond packs does not really improve your long-term wheel odds, so free-to-play is still viable.

What is the best prize you can win from the wheel?

The 700-diamond jackpot space is the most lucrative since diamonds are extremely valuable in Hay Day and hard to obtain.

Does Supercell adjust the odds without telling players?

They openly announce major wheel changes in update notes but may do silent tweaks. Ultimately Supercell wants it to remain profitable long-term.

Hopefully, these common questions provide more insight into the operation of this beloved Hay Day feature.


The randomly rewarding Wheel of Fortune provides a fun diversion from the standard farm work in Hay Day. With valuable prizes like diamonds and puzzle pieces up for grabs, it’s worth giving the wheel a daily spin.

Just be sure to set diamond spending limits for yourself and manage expectations. The wheel may not make you rich with every spin, but it will pay off over time to boost your farming strategy.

Check back here for future wheel updates. May the odds be ever in your favor on your journey to farmer prosperity on Hay Day!

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