How to Break One Card in Clash Royale: The Mortar Evolution

Clash Royale players are always on the lookout for strategies and tactics to gain an edge over their opponents. One powerful card that has recently caught the attention of many players is the Mortar Evolution. In this article, we will explore the special abilities and advantages of the Mortar Evolution, as well as discuss ways to counter this formidable card.

The New Mortar Evolution and Its Special Abilities

The Mortar Evolution is a recent addition to Clash Royale, bringing a fresh twist to the game’s meta. This card possesses a unique special ability that sets it apart from the regular Mortar card. When evolved, the Mortar transforms into a powerful Goblin launcher, enhancing its offensive capabilities. The evolved Mortar not only deals more damage but also gains additional health, making it more resilient on the battlefield.

One of the notable advantages of the Mortar Evolution is its increased attack speed. It attacks 20% faster than the regular Mortar, reducing its hit speed from five seconds to four seconds. This increased speed allows the Mortar Evolution to rain down devastating attacks on enemy towers more frequently, putting immense pressure on opponents.

Moreover, the Mortar Evolution requires two cycles to deploy, offering an advantage in terms of deployment time compared to its non-evolved counterpart. This means that the Mortar Evolution can be deployed faster, catching opponents off guard and potentially overwhelming them with its relentless assaults.

How to Break One Card in Clash Royale
How to Break One Card in Clash Royale

Defending Against the Mortar Evolution

Defending against the Mortar Evolution can be challenging due to its unique characteristics. Once the Mortar locks onto a tower, it becomes incredibly hard to defend. Traditional defenses are ineffective against the Mortar Evolution, as additional mortar blasts can destroy low-health units and even tanks, leaving them unable to counter effectively. The additional Goblin spawns lock directly onto the tower, compounding the damage.

To defend against the Mortar Evolution, consider the following strategies:

  1. Sneak a tank in front: Distract the Mortar by placing a tank unit in front of it. This can divert its attention and allow other units to counter the Goblins.
  2. Use Valkyrie or area-of-effect units: Units like Valkyrie that can deal area-of-effect damage are effective against the Mortar Evolution. They can clear out Goblins and provide a solution to the relentless attacks.
  3. Combine tank and support: Building a push with a tank unit and support troops can help counter the Mortar Evolution effectively. The tank can absorb the Mortar’s shots while the support troops deal with the Goblins.

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Advantages of the Mortar Evolution

The Mortar Evolution boasts several advantages over the regular Mortar card. First and foremost, it possesses significantly more health, making it more resilient to enemy attacks. With 20 additional health points, the Mortar Evolution can withstand more damage before being taken down.

This increased durability gives players a strategic advantage in battles, allowing the Mortar Evolution to survive longer and deal more damage to enemy towers.

Another significant advantage of the Mortar Evolution lies in its increased attack speed. By attacking 20% faster, the Mortar Evolution can unleash a higher volume of projectiles on enemy towers, rapidly wearing them down. This accelerated attack speed can catch opponents off guard and force them to adapt quickly to counter the intensified onslaught.

Additionally, the Mortar Evolution’s increased attack speed translates into more Goblin spawns. With each attack, the Mortar Evolution spawns Goblins that rush toward enemy towers, dealing additional damage. These spawning Goblins can quickly accumulate and overwhelm towers if left unanswered, posing a significant threat to opponents who fail to effectively counter the Mortar Evolution.

Countering the Mortar Evolution

While the Mortar Evolution can be a formidable card, it is not invincible. With the right strategies and a well-constructed deck, players can successfully counter the Mortar Evolution and turn the tides of battle in their favor. Here are some effective strategies to break through the Mortar Evolution’s defenses:

  1. Exploit its Deployment Time: The Mortar Evolution requires two cycles to deploy, which can create a window of opportunity for opponents. By capitalizing on this deployment time, players can launch a swift and powerful counter-attack, catching their opponents off guard.
  2. Defend with High-Damage Units: Deploying high-damage units, such as the Mini P.E.K.K.A or the Inferno Dragon, can effectively dismantle the Mortar Evolution. These units can quickly eliminate the Mortar Evolution before it has a chance to deal significant damage to your towers.
  3. Utilize Area-of-Effect Spells: Area-of-effect spells, such as Fireball or Rocket, can be invaluable tools when countering the Mortar Evolution. These spells can clear out the spawning Goblins and deal substantial damage to the Mortar Evolution itself, neutralizing its threat.
  4. Deploy Air Units: As the Mortar Evolution primarily targets ground units, deploying air units, such as the Baby Dragon or the Inferno Dragon, can bypass its attacks and directly target the enemy towers. This strategy can catch opponents off guard and apply pressure to their defenses.
  5. Create Strong Defensive Combinations: Combining defensive units, such as the Valkyrie and the Mega Knight, can create a robust defense against the Mortar Evolution. These units possess area-of-effect damage and can quickly eliminate the spawning Goblins, leaving the Mortar Evolution vulnerable.

By employing these strategies and adapting your tactics to counter the Mortar Evolution, you can effectively break through its defenses and gain an advantage in Clash Royale battles.

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The Mortar Evolution brings a fresh twist to Clash Royale battles, offering players a powerful card with unique abilities. Its increased attack speed, additional health, and spawning Goblins make it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, with the right strategies and a well-executed game plan, opponents can effectively counter the Mortar Evolution and turn the tables in their favor.

Remember, exploiting the Mortar Evolution’s weaknesses, such as its deployment time and vulnerability to high-damage units, is crucial. By deploying a combination of units and spells tailored to counter this card, players can break through its defenses and secure victory.

Mastering the art of countering the Mortar Evolution requires practice, adaptability, and a deep understanding of Clash Royale’s mechanics. With perseverance and strategic thinking, you can rise above the challenge and achieve victory in Clash Royale battles.

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