How To Farm Vanguard Engrams – Step By Step 2023

In this guide, we will explore the process of farming Vanguard engrams in Destiny 2. The recent changes to the game have made it possible to obtain vendor-exclusive weapons, such as those from Zavala and Shaxx, through engram turn-ins.

This exciting update allows players to acquire sought-after god roll weapons that were previously exclusive to playlist activities. Whether you’re aiming for a perfect Frozen Orbit sniper or other powerful weapons, we’ll walk you through the steps to maximize your chances of obtaining these desirable rolls.

To maximize your chances of leveling up and acquiring Vanguard ingrams, focus on completing Nightfall activities. Whether you prefer the Hero difficulty with matchmaking or have a fireteam to tackle the Master and Legend Nightfalls, aim to speedrun through these activities. Keep an eye out for the modifiers introduced each week to optimize your gameplay and potentially enhance grenade energy generation.

How To Farm Vanguard Engrams
How To Farm Vanguard Engrams

Step 1: Acquiring Vanguard Engrams:

To begin farming Vanguard engrams, engage in activities related to Vanguard playlists. Completing strikes, Nightfalls, or any other Vanguard-centric activities will reward you with engrams that can be turned in to Zavala. By participating in these activities, you increase your chances of obtaining the desired god-roll weapons.

Step 2: Turning in Engrams to Zavala:

Once you have acquired a substantial number of Vanguard engrams, head over to Zavala in the Tower. Interact with him and start turning in your engrams one by one. This process will reveal the weapons and armor pieces contained within each engram.

Step 3: Evaluating God Rolls:

As you turn in engrams, pay close attention to the perks and rolls of the weapons you receive. Focus on specific weapons you are interested in, such as the Xenoclast shotgun, Royal Entry rocket launcher, or Axiom pulse rifle. Look for desirable combinations of perks that enhance the weapon’s performance, such as Auto-Loading Holster, Trench Barrel, or Killing Wind. Each weapon has its own unique god role that can significantly improve its effectiveness in different activities.

Step 4: Managing Armor Drops:

While the primary focus is obtaining god-roll weapons, it is worth noting that armor pieces also drop from Vanguard engrams. Evaluate the stat rolls on these armor pieces, aiming for high total stats and desirable distributions. Armor pieces with high Discipline, Intellect, and Recovery stats are particularly valuable for enhancing your gameplay in various activities.

Step 5: Evaluating Vanguard Playlist Exclusives:

Keep in mind that the weapons you obtain from Vanguard engrams are exclusive to the Vanguard playlist activities. These weapons may have different perks and rolls compared to their open-world counterparts. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire playlist-exclusive weapons that were previously only available through specific activities.

Step 6: Dismantling and Inventory Management:

Throughout the process of turning in Vanguard engrams, you may encounter weapons or armor pieces that do not have the desired god rolls. Evaluate their usefulness and dismantle those that do not meet your requirements. This will help manage your inventory space and focus on the weapons and armor pieces that align with your playstyle and preferences.


Farming Vanguard engrams can be an exciting and rewarding experience in Destiny 2. By engaging in Vanguard playlist activities and turning in engrams to Zavala, players have the opportunity to obtain powerful god-roll weapons that were previously exclusive to specific activities.

Evaluate the perks and rolls of each weapon, prioritize the desired combinations, and dismantle items that do not meet your criteria. With persistence and a bit of luck, you can build a formidable arsenal of weapons and armor through Vanguard engram farming.

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