How to Get Vouchers in Hay Day: The Ultimate Guide

Hay Day is one of the most popular farming simulator games on mobile devices. Developed by Supercell, this freemium game allows players to grow crops, raise animals, and produce goods to sell for coins. One of the key in-game currencies is vouchers, which can be used to purchase exclusive items and speed up production. Vouchers are not easy to obtain, so players are always looking for the best ways to get more.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting vouchers in Hay Day.

What are Vouchers in Hay Day?

Vouchers are a special currency in Hay Day that allows you to purchase premium decorations, items, and services. Here are some of the main uses of vouchers:

  • Purchase Exclusive Items: Many decorations, production buildings, animals, and other items can only be bought with vouchers. This includes rare items like the Royal Carriage.
  • Instant Production: Spend 1 voucher to instantly finish production of an item or crop. This can save hours of real-time waiting.
  • Request Specific Items: Use vouchers to request rare items from your neighbors that they may not have put up for sale.
  • Restock Shop Inventory: Vouchers can be used to restock shops like the jewelry and pet shops with new items for sale.
  • Unlocking Pets: Certain pets like the kitten or bunnies require vouchers to unlock when you first build their house.
  • Revive Trees: You can use vouchers to instantly revive fruit trees that have withered and died.

As you can see, vouchers are extremely valuable for accessing exclusive content and speeding up your progress in Hay Day. That’s why all players want to get their hands on as many vouchers as possible!

How to Get Vouchers in Hay Day

Now that you know what vouchers do, let’s look at all the different methods for earning them in Hay Day:

1. Complete Achievements

One of the most consistent sources of vouchers is completing achievements. Hay Day has over 500 achievements spanning multiple categories like crop mastery, animal care, town restoration, and more.

Most achievements reward diamonds, but some of the more difficult ones provide vouchers. The amount of vouchers earned ranges from 1 to 5 depending on the achievement.

To find the achievements, tap the ribbon icon at the top left of the screen. This will show your current achievement progress and which ones will give vouchers. Try to complete the voucher achievements first before focusing on others.

2. Level Up Your Account

As you gain experience points and level up your Hay Day account, you will be rewarded with vouchers at certain levels.

Here are the levels that give vouchers and how many you receive:

  • Level 15: 1 Voucher
  • Level 25: 1 Voucher
  • Level 35: 1 Voucher
  • Level 50: 2 Vouchers
  • Level 75: 2 Vouchers
  • Level 100: 3 Vouchers

Make sure you pay attention to your upcoming levels so you can collect these voucher rewards. Leveling up requires consistent play, production, filling orders, and expanding your farm so get grinding!

3. Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes offer randomized rewards and have a small chance of containing vouchers. There are several ways to get free mystery boxes:

  • Daily Login Reward: Check in each day for a free mystery box.
  • Fishing: You can catch mystery boxes while fishing. Use Tom to buy fishing lures.
  • Events: Special events will sometimes reward mystery boxes.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Spin this wheel for a random prize – vouchers are one of the possibilities.
  • Hay Day Discord: Linking your Discord account to Hay Day can get you a monthly mystery box.
  • Surveys: Completing surveys inside the Hay Day app will earn you a mystery box.

The odds of getting a voucher are low, but mystery boxes provide them occasionally. Open every free mystery box you can to increase your chances.

4. Complete Daily Tasks

The daily task board offers ways to earn vouchers each day. There are 9 tasks that rotate, with 1 always awarding vouchers.

Examples of daily tasks for vouchers include:

  • Harvesting wheat bundles
  • Collecting income from town buildings
  • Sending ships out from the port
  • Feeding animals
  • Filling orders for visitors

The tasks are very quick and easy to complete. Make the voucher task your top priority when you log in each day. The amount of vouchers ranges from 1-4 depending on the difficulty of the task.

5. Truck and Boat Orders

Filling orders from the truck delivery and boat can reward vouchers.

For the truck, you have a small chance of getting 1 voucher when you fill any order. The odds increase for more expensive orders.

For the town visitor boat, fulfilling orders under the “Hard” tab offers the best voucher odds. The boat comes approximately every 2 hours.

Filling as many truck and boat orders as possible will maximize your voucher income from this method. Prioritize the high-value “Hard” boat orders first.

6. Calendar Login Rewards

Logging in daily allows you to open the calendar and claim rewards. These include vouchers!

  • Day 7: 2 Vouchers
  • Day 14: 2 Vouchers
  • Day 21: 2 Vouchers
  • Day 28: 5 Vouchers

That’s 11 free vouchers each month just for logging in. The calendar resets after 28 days. Make sure to check it and claim any vouchers waiting for you.

7. Buy with Real Money

You can purchase vouchers with real money by going to the store and selecting the “Vouchers” tab. Here are the pack options:

  • 5 Vouchers for $1.99
  • 15 Vouchers for $4.99
  • 40 Vouchers for $9.99
  • 100 Vouchers for $19.99

Buying vouchers is the fastest way to get a lot of them. But use this method sparingly as the value per dollar is not very good. Only buy them if you really need vouchers and can afford them.

8. Watch Advertisement Videos

Hay Day allows you to watch short advertisement videos in exchange for vouchers. You can find the video icon near your experience bar at the top of the screen.

Watching one video will earn you 1 voucher. You can watch a maximum of 3 videos per day, so that’s 3 free vouchers daily.

The video method unlocks at level 17. Make sure to watch all 3 videos every day once they become available for consistent voucher income.

9. Completevoucherreddaily Derrbian Planet Tasks

Visiting the special Derrbian planet allows you to complete tasks in exchange for vouchers. Tap the spaceship icon to travel to Derrbian.

Once there, you can complete 3 tasks per day. Each task takes only a few minutes and rewards 1 voucher. This means 3 more free vouchers per day.

Derrbian tasks involve harvesting alien crops, feeding Derrbian animals, and collecting items. Look for the voucher icon over characters to see who has a task available.

10. Win Voucher Contests

The Hay Day Discord and subreddit communities sometimes hold contests that award vouchers. For example, there may be a farm design contest with the winner earning 5 vouchers.

Stay active on Discord/Reddit and keep an eye out for any voucher contests. Participate whenever possible to try and win big voucher prizes. Even if you don’t win, you can often earn 1 voucher for submitting an entry.

11. Sell Items on eBay

You can sell your Hay Day account or farm assets on sites like eBay to receive real money. Use this cash to buy yourself vouchers and transfer them to your main account.

Items you can sell include:

  • High-level accounts
  • Rare derby items
  • Unreleased mystery items
  • Diamonds and coins

Make sure to check eBay rules and only use legitimate sale methods. This option essentially converts cash into vouchers indirectly.

12. Hay Day Voucher Generators (Not Recommended)

Some websites claim to offer Hay Day voucher generators that can give unlimited free vouchers. These do NOT work and should be avoided.

Getting free vouchers without effort is impossible. Any site asking for personal data or account access to generate vouchers is a scam.

Stick to legitimate voucher-earning methods only for your safety and account security.

Tips and Strategies for Earning More Vouchers

Now that we’ve covered all the main voucher sources, here are some tips to maximize how many you can earn:

Prioritize Voucher Tasks

When logging in each day, make voucher tasks your top priority. Do your daily task, wheel spin, calendar, videos, Derrbian planet, etc. This builds up a reliable income stream.

Complete Sets of Achievements

Try to complete entire achievement sets instead of random ones. Certain sets like crop mastery and town buildings offer multiple vouchers for finishing them.

Fill Boat Orders First

The town boat has the best voucher payout rate from orders. Always prioritize filling boat orders, especially on the Hard tab.

Open Mystery Boxes ASAP

Don’t let mystery boxes pile up. Open them as soon as you get them to increase your chances of vouchers. Deleting them doesn’t give vouchers.

Buy Vouchers Strategically

If you do buy vouchers with real money, take advantage of sale bundles and double-value deals to maximize the amount you get.

Sell Valuable Items

Use the newspaper, roadside shop, and trading system to sell rare items. Turn coins into vouchers by purchasing them in the voucher store.

Join a Good Derby Team

In a high-level derby team, you can win vouchers as derby prizes. Teamwork helps you complete more demanding derby tasks as well.

Common Voucher Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about vouchers in Hay Day:

How many vouchers can you get in a day?

By using all daily sources, you can earn 10+ vouchers per day:

  • 1-4 from Daily Task
  • 3 from Videos
  • 3 from Derrbian Planet
  • 1-2 from Truck Orders
  • 1-2 from Boat Orders
  • Mystery Boxes, Contests, etc.

Can you buy vouchers with coins?

No, vouchers can only be purchased with real money in the store. There is no way to directly exchange coins for vouchers.

Do vouchers expire?

No, the vouchers you earn will never expire. They stay in your account permanently until used.

Can you gift vouchers to other players?

Unfortunately, you cannot send or gift vouchers to friends. Vouchers remain tied to the account that earned them.

How many vouchers for Instant Production?

It costs 1 voucher to instantly finish any production or crop growth. This applies to all items.

What’s the voucher limit?

There is no limit to how many vouchers you can have. Your voucher count can keep increasing infinitely.

Do vouchers transfer between farms?

When creating additional farms, your vouchers carry over and are shared between all farms on your account.

Final Tips for Getting Vouchers

Here are some final tips for maximizing your voucher income in Hay Day:

  • Check the shop daily for voucher deals
  • Participate in derby teams to earn voucher prizes
  • Avoid voucher generator scams that can steal your account
  • Watch for events that provide free mystery boxes
  • Focus on achievements that offer multiple vouchers
  • Keep production going to earn XP and level up faster
  • Buy often-requested boat order items to fill quickly
  • Clear land expansions to unlock more achievement possibilities

Vouchers provide huge benefits in Hay Day but require effort to accumulate. Use multiple earning methods together for the best results. With this guide, you now have all the top tips and strategies to get vouchers quickly in Hay Day!

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