How to Use Destiny Item Manager (DIM) in Destiny 2: The Ultimate Guide

Destiny Item Manager (DIM) is an incredibly useful third-party application that allows Destiny 2 players to manage their weapons, armor, items, and materials from outside of the game. With DIM, you can create load-outs, compare gear, move items between characters, and much more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using DIM to improve your Destiny 2 experience.

How to Use Destiny Item Manager (DIM) in Destiny 2
How to Use Destiny Item Manager (DIM) in Destiny 2

What is Destiny Item Manager (DIM)?

DIM stands for Destiny Item Manager. It’s a free web app and browser extension that gives players access to their Destiny 2 vault from any web browser.

DIM allows you to:

  • View all items on all your characters in one place
  • Easily move weapons, armor, consumables, mods, and materials between characters
  • Create and save load-outs for different activities
  • Compare weapons and armor stats and perks
  • Quickly find the best gear based on stats and perks
  • See recommended load-outs for different activities
  • Search and filter your inventory
  • Equip items and optimize your character without visiting the Tower
  • See vendor inventory and sale items without visiting the Tower

In short, DIM makes item management in Destiny 2 infinitely easier and saves you tons of time. No more having to fly to the Tower just to swap a gun between characters!

How to Get Started with DIM

Using DIM is easy and completely free. Here’s how to get started:

1. Visit the DIM Website

Go to This is the main DIM website where you’ll access all of its features.

Alternatively, you can download the DIM browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. This will integrate DIM directly into your browser for quicker access.

2. Sign in with Your Bungie Account

When you first access DIM, it will ask you to sign in with your Bungie account. This links DIM to your Destiny 2 characters and inventory. Click the “Sign In” button and enter your Bungie login credentials.

After signing in, DIM will display all your Destiny 2 characters, vault, weapons, armor, and items in one place.

3. Allow API Access

The first time you use DIM, it will ask you to connect to the Destiny API. This allows DIM to securely read your Destiny 2 account data. Click “Allow Access” to continue.

You only have to do this once. DIM will remember these permissions going forward.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to start using DIM to enhance your Destiny gameplay experience.

Key DIM Features and How to Use Them

Now let’s dive into the main DIM features and how you can use each one in Destiny 2:

View All Items in One Place

The DIM main interface shows all your characters, the vault, and all your items on a single screen. No more having to log into multiple characters just to see what gear they have!

This gives you an instant overview of all the weapons, armor, and items across your account. With just a glance, you can see what you have equipped and what’s in your inventory or vault.

Easily Move Items Between Characters

One of DIM’s most useful features is the ability to instantly move items between any character or the vault. No more time wasted flying to the Tower!

To move an item, just drag and drop it onto the character you want. You can rapidly pull things from the vault or distribute gear among alts this way.

You can even equip an item directly onto a character by holding Shift while dragging. DIM will equip the item in the relevant armor or weapon slot.

Create Loadouts

DIM makes it super easy to create saved load-outs with your favorite weapons, armor, mods, etc. Loadouts allow you to quickly re-equip a build for certain activities.

To make a loadout:

  1. Equip the weapons and armor you want on a character.
  2. Click the “Loadout Builder” button.
  3. Name the loadout and click “Create Loadout”.

To re-equip the loadout later, just click the loadout name and hit “Equip”. DIM will transfer all included gear onto your character automatically!

You can create multiple load-outs for different activities like raids, PvP, nightfalls, etc.

Compare Weapon and Armor Stats

Wondering if that new auto rifle is better than your current one stat-wise? You can easily compare gear with DIM.

When viewing a weapon or armor piece, you’ll see a “Compare” button on the item’s popup details. Click this and you can select another item to compare stats against.

This brings up a side-by-side stat comparison, so you can see which gear is objectively better based on stats, perks, mods, and more.

Search and Filter Inventory

DIM has a robust search and filtering system to help you find gear. Here are some examples of powerful search filters:

  • is: exotic – Show only exotic items
  • is: dupe – Show duplicate items
  • is: solar – Filter by damage type
  • power:>1000 – Show items above 1000 power
  • Name: hand cannon – Search by name

You can combine filters like is: arc name:ikelos to find your Ikelos SMG. Tap the search bar to see a full list of search operators and filters.

For certain activities like raids and dungeons, DIM provides recommended loadouts of the best weapons to use.

To see these, click on an activity in the DIM Activities section. You’ll see curated load-outs for that activity using top-tier weapons, mods, and subclasses.

You can equip the full loadout with one click or just refer to it as a guide.

Quickly Gather Bounties

DIM has a handy Bounty Manager section that shows available bounties from all vendors. You can collect all the bounties you want, then grab them from the vendors in one quick sweep.

Save time flying around the Tower picking up bounties one by one and let DIM gather them on your to-do list automatically!

See Vendor Inventory and Sales

Want to know what Banshee-44 or Eververse are selling without loading into the Tower? DIM shows their current item inventory and sales.

Check what mods, materials, or seasonal offerings are available from vendors and shopping without needing to visit them in person.

Organize Items

DIM provides custom tags and labels to help you organize your inventory.

Add tags like “Vault”, “Junk”, and “Keep”, etc to help sort through your loot. You can tag items manually or create automatic tag rules.

Rate items 1-5 stars so it’s easy to see your favorites at a glance. DIM has all the tools you need to organize your armory just how you like.

Infuse Items

See an item you want to infuse? DIM lets you start the infusion process right from the app.

When viewing an item, click the Infusion Fuel Finder. Select the item you want to consume to infuse. DIM will show you the resulting power level.

Click Infuse and DIM will move the fuel item so it’s ready to go in Destiny 2.

Track Quests and Bounties

DIM integrates with Braytech to display tracked quests and bounties right on your inventory screen, saving you from digging through menus.

You can see objectives, progress, lore, maps, and more for any questline. Easily see what you need to work on next.

Loadout Optimizer

For fine-tuning high-level PvE and PvP builds the DIM Loadout Optimizer is invaluable.

Tell it your desired stats, mods, exotics, etc and the Optimizer finds the best possible gear combination from your inventory. It perfectly minimizes your loadout so you don’t have to crunch numbers yourself.

The Loadout Optimizer is an indispensable tool for build crafting and lets you create raid-ready loadouts with a single click.

DIM Browser Extensions and Mobile Apps

For maximum convenience, be sure to install the DIM browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

This adds the DIM icon to your toolbar for one-click access. The browser add-ons have full DIM functionality for easy access at any time.

DIM is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Manage your loadouts and inventory on the go.

Tips for New DIM Users

Here are some helpful tips as you get started with Destiny Item Manager:

  • Set up loadouts for your main activities like raids, strikes, Crucible, etc to save time re-equipping gear.
  • Tag items you want to keep or infuse so they stand out. Mark trash items you can dismantle or Spider items to remember to trade for Glimmer.
  • Use loadout stats and comparison tools to build high-stat armor and recovery/discipline builds.
  • Note which mods you have less of and buy extras from Ada-1 and Banshee when available.
  • Utilize search filters like “is: dupe” and “is: solar” to quickly find items.
  • Check Eververse and Banshee-44 daily for new armor mods.
  • See the DIM subreddit at /r/DestinyItemManager for tips from experienced users.

Mastering DIM takes your Destiny 2 experience to the next level. Take advantage of its powerful inventory tools to save time and optimize your Guardian. DIM is a game-changer that no Destiny player should be without!

DIM Premium

DIM offers an optional Premium subscription which unlocks extra features and supports ongoing development.

DIM Premium adds:

  • Custom loadout builder with stat visualizer
  • Enhanced search saves
  • Unlimited load-outs and vault space
  • Custom tags and labels
  • Item rating
  • Item notes
  • Premium-only themes

Premium costs $15 annually or $3 monthly. All proceeds go towards improving DIM for the entire community.

The free version of DIM contains the core essential features most players need. But upgrading to Premium provides convenience and cosmetic perks for power users.

Troubleshooting DIM Issues

DIM is generally very stable, but you may run into an occasional issue. Here are some common problems and fixes:

DIM not showing items

  • Double-check permissions for DIM to access your profile under Settings.
  • Log out and back in to resync DIM with Destiny 2.
  • Ensure you don’t have DIM open in multiple browser tabs, which can cause conflicts.

Items not moving between characters

  • You can only equip items in the same class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock).
  • Make sure you don’t already have an exotic equipped in that weapon/armor slot.
  • Is your Destiny 2 character currently in a loading screen or transition? Wait until fully loaded in orbit or Tower.

Loadouts not equipping properly

  • Check that loadout items are still in your inventory and not recently deleted or moved.
  • Try recreating the loadout and equip again.
  • Ensure no exotics in the loadout conflict with currently equipped exotics.

Can’t log in to

  • Double-check your Bungie username and password.
  • Try logging in directly on to test credentials.
  • Reset Bungie’s password if forgotten.

API limitations with DIM Plus

  • Bungie’s API limits third-party apps from rapidly pulling data. If you exceed the limits, take a break from DIM for an hour and it will reset.

Overall DIM is very reliable when used as intended. Follow best practices and you should have minimal problems managing your inventory with DIM.

DIM Roadmap and Future Development

The DIM developers are constantly improving the app and rolling out new features. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in development:

  • Cross-platform sync between desktop and mobile
  • Item build crafting templates
  • Enhanced clan support and management tools
  • Guided games LFG integration
  • Updated UI refresh across platforms
  • Customizable columns and views
  • Additional handy tools like a gear calculator

The DIM team communicates openly about their roadmap on GitHub. Community feedback drives the evolution of DIM.

Given how far DIM has already come in just a few years, the future looks very promising. DIM should continue to expand in usefulness and become even more invaluable to the Destiny community.

Contribute your thoughts on how to improve DIM even further. Connecting with other knowledgeable DIM users is the best way to master it.


Destiny Item Manager is an essential third-party tool that gives players extensive inventory management power through any web browser.

With DIM, you can effortlessly move items between characters, create load-outs, compare gear, organize your vault, and optimize every aspect of inventory management. It will save you countless hours in Destiny 2.

Getting started is as easy as signing in with Take advantage of DIM’s full suite of time-saving features to level up your Guardian efficiency and take your game to new heights.

The passionate DIM community is constantly evolving the tool and finding new ways to enhance the Destiny 2 experience. DIM has quickly become a beloved app cherished by the player base.

Master the tips covered in this guide to transform the way you play Destiny 2. The right gear and loadout for any occasion are just a few clicks away thanks to DIM!

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