The Ultimate Guide to Infantry in Call of Dragons

Infantry is one of the core troop types in Call of Dragons, known for their defensive capabilities and high health pools. As the “tanks” of the battlefield, understanding how to best utilize infantry is key to success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about playing with infantry, from optimal talent paths and commander pairings to faction bonuses and PvP tactics.

What Makes Infantry Unique

  • High health pools and defense, allowing them to soak up damage
  • Low damage output compared to other troop types
  • Excellent for gathering resources due to increased load capacity
  • Provides engineering bonus for building/destroying structures on the battlefield

Infantry separates themselves from other troop types with their focus on survivability over raw damage. While they lack the firepower of archers or mages, their tanky attributes allow them to spearhead attacks and hold the frontline.

This defensive nature makes infantry ideal for gathering resources, as they can sustain hits from NPCs while collecting. It also grants them unique utility on the battlefield, as they can build or destroy key structures to control territory.

Infantry Attributes and Training

When training infantry in your city, you’ll notice they excel in two key areas:

Health: At level 14, infantry units have 233 base health, significantly higher than archers or mages. This allows them to absorb damage on the frontlines.

Defense: 105 base defense at level 14, again topping other troop types. Both physical and magical defense are high.

However, infantry compensates with weaknesses in other attributes:

Attack: At 192 attacks, infantry deal the lowest damage of any troop type. You rely on their bulk, not raw damage.

Load: With 14 load capacity, infantry can gather the most resources at once, critical for farming.

March Size: Capped at 9,000 units in a single march, compared to 12,000 for archers/mages.

Speed: Infantry is slow, with 10 base speed at level 14. They won’t be catching enemy ranged units anytime soon.

This overview shows the infantry’s clear role as frontline tanks. You utilize their health and defense to hold the frontline while relying on other troop types for damage.

Best Infantry Commanders

Choosing the right commanders is crucial for maximizing the infantry’s potential. Here are some of the top infantry commanders:


The premier infantry commander in Call of Dragons. Her skills provide:

  • Shield for damage reduction
  • Bonus health regeneration
  • Increased counterattack damage
  • March capacity boost

With both defensive and offensive buffs, Madeleine is a versatile leader. She excels at keeping infantry alive with shields and health regen, while also improving their damage.


While most infantry commanders focus on defense, Nika provides some much-needed offensive power. Her skills include:

  • Large bonuses to infantry attack/counterattack damage
  • Improved rage regeneration
  • Damage boost when units are low health

Pairing Nika with a defensive commander like Madeleine balances offense and defense. She amplifies infantry damage significantly.


The healing commander. Garwood’s skills provide:

  • Direct healing to infantry units
  • Continuous healing over time
  • Bonus healing when units are low health
  • Healing other marches in the army

Garwood maximizes infantry survival with consistent healing. Use him when you need infantry to hold a position for extended periods.


Bakar brings infantry both damage and disruption. His skills:

  • Improve rage skill damage
  • Cause stun on hit
  • Reduce enemy march speed
  • Reflect damage

Bakar enhances infantry offense while hindering opponents. Use him to both deal damage and control the flow of battle.

Best Commander Pairings

With multiple strong infantry commanders, you have options for synergistic pairings:

Madeleine + Nika

This pairing is currently the top infantry march for PvP. Madeleine’s defense and disruption combine perfectly with Nika’s offense and rage generation.

Madeleine + Garwood

Maximizing defense and healing. Madeleine shields and boosts health/defense while Garwood provides sustained healing. Excellent for holding positions.

Nika + Bakar

Double down on infantry offense and disruption. Nika brings damage while Bakar stuns, reflects, and slows the enemy.

Garwood + Eliana

Boost infantry healing even further by pairing Garwood with Eliana. With both commanders healing, your infantry will regenerate rapidly even under heavy fire.

The combinations are endless. Pairing a defense, healing, and disruption commander enables infantry to truly shine.

Infantry Talents

Your commander’s talent paths are also key. For infantry, prioritize:

Health/Defense – Boost infantry tackiness. More health and defense means they survive longer.

Counterattack – Improve infantry damage through counterattacking. Compensates for their low base damage.

March Speed – Increase mobility for chasing down archers/mages. Help infantry engage and disrupt.

Rage Generation – Faster rage means more frequent skill use for damage/healing/disruption.

Avoid investing too heavily in raw attack, as even with bonuses infantry damage is mediocre. Focus on improving defense, counterattacks, and mobility.

Infantry Battle Tactics

Infantry shines best when used correctly on the battlefield. Here are some key tactics:

Hold the Frontline

Use infantry to soak up frontal assault damage. Keep them in front of squishier units like archers/mages.

Disrupt Enemy Formations

Use infantry skills to stun, slow, and disrupt approaching enemies. Break up their organized marches.

Spearhead Attacks

Use infantry to lead the charge before bringing fragile damage dealers into the fight. Draw fire away from your backline.

Flank and Chase

Use infantry speed to chase down archers/mages once engaged. Get them away from your frontline to disrupt and isolate.

Absorb Boss Damage

Essential for fighting behemoths and other PvE bosses. Keep their damage focused on infantry while your ranged units whittle them down.

Leverage infantry’s traits to control the battlefield. Don’t rely on them solely for damage.

Infantry Artifacts

Artifacts can provide a huge boost to infantry effectiveness. Look for:

Hardcore Mask

Reduces damage taken by infantry. Further improves their tanky attributes for leading assaults.

Greymar’s Hammer

AoE stun on cast. Excellent for disrupting enemy marches and formations.

Radiant Armour

Reflects damage back at attackers. Combos with infantry’s counterattack bonuses for even more damage.

Frost Shield

Generates a protective shield to negate damage. Again improves survivability.

Dragonscale Army

Provides a strong temporary boost to defense and health regeneration. Keep infantry alive longer.

Disrupting Blows

Increases counterattack damage. Stack with counterattack bonuses from talents for massive damage on being hit.

Target artifacts that shore up infantry defense, disruption, mobility, or counterattack damage.

Infantry Unit Design

While infantry plays similarly across factions, unit design, and faction buffs provide some variation:

Human Infantry

The vanilla infantry unit. No special bonuses, but a solid all-rounder. Never a bad option.

Orc Infantry

Receive bonus health regeneration during combat. Improves their sustainability on the frontlines.

Elven Infantry

Gain bonus evasion, making them harder to hit. Excellent for distraction and disruption.

Undead Infantry

Causes fear on hit, decreasing enemy defense. Good for punching through frontlines.

Celestial Infantry

Bonus magic defense. Patch up infantry’s weakness to magical damage.

League Infantry

Slow enemies on the attack. Disrupt and control enemy movements.

Dragonborn Infantry

Counterattack applies burn damage over time. Significantly increases counterattack threat.

While all factions play to the core infantry strengths, small bonuses like regeneration, evasion, or burn damage can be impactful.

Putting It All Together

Here’s an example of how you could build infantry focused on disruption and defense:


  • Madeleine (Defense/Disruption)
  • Bakar (Damage/Disruption)


  • Health/Defense for Survivability
  • Counterattack to boost damage
  • March Speed for mobility


  • Lead charges to absorb damage
  • Disrupt enemy marches with skills
  • Defend chokepoints and objectives


  • Hardcore Mask to reduce damage
  • Greymar’s Hammer for AoE disruption


  • Elven Infantry for evasion
  • Celestial Infantry for magic defense

You can customize infantry to excel in a particular role based on your commanders, talents, artifacts, and unit choices. Building around their strengths is key.

Pros and Cons of Infantry


  1. Tankiness: Infantry units are known for their exceptional tanking capabilities, particularly in physical defense. This makes them highly effective against archers and cavalry, serving as formidable shields for your other troops.
  2. Versatility: The infantry’s inherent tankiness makes them versatile in both PvE and PvP scenarios. They excel in absorbing damage, allowing your other troops to unleash their full potential.
  3. Artifacts: Infantry shines in PvE thanks to artifacts like the Hardcore Mask. This combination enables them to conquer resource nodes and Behemoths with ease, securing your dominance in various aspects of the game.
  4. Disruptors in PvP: When it comes to PvP, infantry are disruptors. With their commander skills and artifacts, they can lead the charge, cast stuns, and strategically control the battlefield.
  5. Engineering Bonus: In engineering tasks like building flags, roads, or barricades, infantry units excel, giving you an advantage in these crucial tasks.


  1. Low Damage: While infantry are sturdy, their damage output is relatively low compared to other troop types. Except for specific commander pairings, infantry won’t be your primary source of damage.
  2. High Investment: Effectively using infantry requires a substantial troop investment. They often suffer more losses than kills, so maintaining a robust force is essential.
  3. Unsung Heroes: Despite their crucial role in battles, infantry commanders might not generate flashy reports filled with kills and high damage numbers.


That covers the key considerations for using infantry effectively in Call of Dragons. While they lack raw damage, intelligent use of their disruption, defense, and counterattack potential enables them to anchor your army on the battlefield.

Focus on commander pairings that accentuate their strengths while covering individual weaknesses. Support them with talents and artifacts improving defense, mobility, healing, and disruption over pure damage. And use tactical gameplay that leverages their tanky attributes to control the flow of battle.

There is significant depth to explore in mastering infantry combat. Hopefully, this guide provides a strong starting point for commanding massed infantry forces in your conquest of the land of Darion!

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