Roblox Rise of Nations: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

Rise of Nations is a popular real-time strategy game that has been brought to life on the Roblox platform. With over 20 million visits, Rise of Nations on Roblox has become one of the most-played Roblox games of all time. This in-depth guide will provide tips, tricks, and strategies to help you succeed and dominate in Rise of Nations on Roblox.

Roblox Rise of Nations
Roblox Rise of Nations

An Introduction to Roblox Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations was originally created by Big Huge Games and released as a PC game in 2003. The Roblox version was developed by Hyperant and released in 2017. It quickly became massively popular among Roblox players.

Rise of Nations on Roblox captures the core gameplay of the original PC game while adapting it into a multiplayer online experience. Like the original, the Roblox version allows you to lead your nation from the ancient age to the information age. You’ll build cities, expand your borders, research technologies, and command armies to conquer enemies.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • 18 different territories to expand across a massive in-game world
  • 8 ages of human history to progress through
  • 24 different resources to harvest and manage
  • 28 distinct unit types including infantry, artillery, ships, and aircraft
  • Deep technology tree with over 100 upgrades
  • Multiplayer battles with alliances, trading, and conquest

The goal is to grow your nation’s territory, power, and wealth. You’ll need to balance economic expansion, technological research, diplomacy, and military might. The first player to reach the Space Age and build the wonder – Particle Collider – achieves victory. There’s also a scoreboard system where points are earned for accomplishments.

Now let’s dive into some tips and strategies to master Rise of Nations on Roblox!

Choosing the Right Nation

When first starting a game, you’ll need to choose which nation you want to lead. Each nation provides unique bonuses that complement certain playstyles and strategies. Here’s an overview of each nation and their bonuses:

Britons – Get bonus resources from water and faster naval production. Good for ocean exploration and naval dominance.

Chinese – Start with extra technologies researched. Best for a technology-focused playstyle.

Egyptians – Begin with more resources and farms operate faster. Strong early-game economic boost.

French – Training units require fewer resources. Great for building a military force quickly.

Germans – Units have +25 health. Best for infantry to rush opponents early.

Greeks – Build wonders faster. Useful for going after early wonders.

Japanese – Units do +33% damage when attacking. Allows aggressive rush tactics.

Koreans – Mines produce +1 resource. Excellent economic production.

Mongols – Units move faster. Great for raiding and flanking maneuvers.

Persians – Natural resources last longer. Boosts early resource collection.

Romans – Cities and forts are built faster. Good for expansion and defense.

Russians – Units slowly heal over time. Improves unit survivability in battle.

Spanish – Ships and air units move faster. Ideal for air and naval domination.

Americans – Air units are built faster. Gives air superiority late game.

Germans – Gain a resource bonus from camps and mills. Excellent economic civ.

Consider your preferred playstyle and strategy when choosing a nation. For example, the Japanese are great early-game rushers while the Koreans have excellent economic bonuses. Select the nation that matches your strengths!

Mastering the Basics: Tips for Beginners

As with any complex strategy game, it can take a while to get the hang of all the systems in Rise of Nations. Here are some key tips to understand as a beginner:

Prioritize Food and Wood – These are the two most important resources early on. Build mills/farms and collect wood to keep growing your cities.

Scout the Map – Use 1-2 units to explore the map and find resource hotspots and potential expansion areas. Knowing the terrain is key.

Conquer Neutral Cities – The NPC cities provide extra territory and resources once conquered. Make these early-game targets.

Defend Chokepoints – Use forts, walls, and other buildings to defend chokepoints leading into your empire. This makes it harder to invade.

Keep Population Growing – Make sure you have enough food/housing so your cities keep growing. A higher population unlocks more unit slots.

Research Military – Rush military tech upgrades like Nuclear Fission to unlock advanced units like tanks, aircraft, etc. These will be game-changers.

Build a Navy – Water control is hugely important for resources and map control. Build up a solid navy to dominate the seas.

Mastering these basic tips will help ensure you get off to a strong start. Now let’s look at overall gameplay strategies and tactics to secure victory.

Gameplay Strategies and Tactics for Victory

Here are some key strategic principles and tactics to lead your nation to victory:

Balance Offense and Defense

  • When expanding, don’t leave cities vulnerable. Build walls, and forts, and keep some units garrisoned.
  • Make sure borders are secured before pushing outward. Leave troops to guard front lines and chokepoints.
  • Build up both military power for offense and defensive structures to protect your core cities and resources.

Specialize Productive Cities

  • Have each city focus on a few resources rather than all. For example, one can specialize in naval units, and another in air units.
  • Move resources to cities as needed. Transfer food and production resources to cities building large projects.

Control Map Chokepoints

  • Use forts, towers, and military units to control chokepoints on the map. These are vital areas for defense and controlling territory.
  • Chokepoints include mountain passes, rivers, small land bridges between oceans, and corners of the map.

Raid and Disrupt Enemies

  • Send fast units like cavalry or aircraft to raid enemy cities, and disrupt the economy and production.
  • Draw enemies to chase you, then lead them into ambushes. Great for wearing down their forces.

Take Advantage of Alliance Powers

  • Ally with other players to combine forces and coordinate attacks.
  • Have allies blockade ports while your forces invade from land. Or have them attack from one side while you hit another.
  • Support allies under attack by sending supplies, units, or joint attacks to overwhelm enemies.

Turtle Up and Boom Economy

  • When significantly behind, turtle up by heavily fortifying cities and chokepoints.
  • Build up resources and economy under protection.
  • Research key tech upgrades and build elite units.
  • When ready, sweep out with your new army and take back map control.

Mastering these strategies and tactics will give you a winning edge over opponents. Now let’s explore different playstyles and see how to use the advantages of each nation.

Playing Different Styles: Military, Economic, Technological

Rise of Nations accommodates different playstyles. You can focus on military might, economic booms, technological advances, or a blend. Here are tips for the main playstyles:

Military Rush Playstyle

Some nations and tactics encourage fast military build-ups to overwhelm enemies.

Nation Bonuses: Greeks, Germans, French, Japanese, Mongols

** Tactics:**

  • Prioritize resources for the military like oil and aluminum
  • Rush key military technologies like Advanced Infantry, Bombers, etc
  • Build a strong frontline army with production-specialized cities
  • Expand quickly with overwhelming force before enemies tech up
  • Use cavalry and aircraft to raid enemy cities and economy

Economic Boom Playstyle

Other nations and strategies allow you to boost up your economy before military force.

Nation Bonuses: Koreans, Americans, Germans, Egyptians


  • Prioritize economic technologies first like Farming, Mining, etc
  • Build up strong resource collection from mines, farms, ports, etc
  • Fortify borders with walls and towers and a small defensive force
  • Trade excess resources with allies for what you need
  • Build up a resource and population advantage before going on the offensive

Technological Playstyle

Some nations can leverage advantages in technology research to gain key advantages.

Nation Bonuses: Chinese, Americans


  • Rush science research buildings like libraries, universities, etc first in cities
  • Ally with other strong research nations to trade techs
  • Prioritize technologies that counter enemy forces or give battlefield advantages
  • Mass-produce elite units unlocked by advanced technologies
  • Use specialized units like aircraft and artillery to destroy outdated enemy forces

Using Terrain, Geography, and Map Control

The varied terrain and geography of each random map provide advantages and disadvantages you can leverage:

Water – Build navies to control oceans and lakes. Set up strong ports and naval production. Ferry troops and control chokepoints.

Mountains – Use mountain passes as defensive chokepoints. Have observation posts and air units take advantage of high ground.

Forests – Use forests as defensive cover but beware of enemy ambushes. Chop down trees to deny the terrain advantage.

Hills – Hills boost defensive buildings. But beware they limit production.

Corner Territories – Control corners of maps for defensible borders. Enemies have to attack from one side.

Islands – Conquer islands to control more territory and resources. Use navies to transport and supply island troops.

Jungles – Chop down jungles around cities to clear fields of fire. Leave some up to hinder enemy movement.

Deserts – Deserts limit food but have oil. Control oases and wells. Raid across deserts with fast cavalry.

Leverage these tips to control key map terrain and geography advantages!

Using Politics, Trading, and Alliances

Diplomacy plays a key role in the Rise of Nations. Here are tips on using politics, trading, and alliances:

Trade Excess Resources – Trade your excess food, wood, etc with allies to get the resources you need and build economic cooperation.

Coordinate Attacks – Have allies hit enemies from different sides to overwhelm them. Time attacks to support each other.

Open and Close Borders – Open borders for trusted allies to allow trade and military coordination. Close borders to distrustful nations about to attack.

Vassalize City-States – Bring independent cities under your influence for resources, territory, and buffs.

Betray Friends for Conquest – If you’re confident of a quick victory, betray and conquer former allies before they grow too strong. But this closes possibilities for future cooperation and earns distrust from other nations.

Rebels and Revolutionaries – If a city rebels against their nation, quickly offer to take it under your protection and absorb it. Support rebels in enemy cities covertly to undermine their territory and resources.

Garrison and Lockdown – When conquering enemy cities, leave them garrisoned with units and close borders until the population is integrated under your rule.

Smart diplomacy and political maneuvers are key to success. Use these tips to master trade, alliances, and annexation in Rise of Nations.

Tips for Air, Sea, and Land Combat

Rise of Nations features warfare across land, sea, and air. Here are tips for commanding forces in each domain:

Land Combat

  • Combined arms of infantry, artillery, cavalry, and tanks are essential for land warfare
  • Use terrain like hills and forests to block and ambush enemy forces
  • Fortify cities with walls, forts, and garrisoned troops
  • Use blitzkrieg tactics of fast mechanized forces and overwhelming air power
  • Land mines are great for defending chokepoints
  • Keep infantry replenished as frontline fodder to protect stronger units

Naval Warfare

  • Destroyers counter Submarines, Subs counter Battleships, and Battleships counter Destroyers. Build units accordingly.
  • Use aircraft carriers to project air power at sea and bomb land targets from the sea
  • Place submarines outside enemy ports to ambush and destroy fleets
  • Protect convoys with destroyer escorts
  • Minelayers allow you to mine and blockade enemy ports
  • Transport troops across the water and perform naval invasions

Air Combat

  • Gain air superiority with fighters first before sending in bombers and attack aircraft
  • Use bombers to destroy enemy infrastructure, economy, and production
  • Place anti-air defenses around key cities and targets
  • Be flexible – move aircraft between airbases as new offensives open up
  • Use air power to support land and sea operations – destroy enemy ground forces, ships, etc
  • Don’t forget to replace and replenish pilots as you take losses!

Leverage these tips to gain dominance in air, sea, and land warfare!

Effective Unit Composition, Counters, and Tactics

Here are some tips on key units, unit counters, and tactics:

Scouts – Essential for exploration, and map control. Use to reveal terrain, find enemies, and locate resources. Protect with light cavalry.

Light Cavalry – Fast harassment and raiding. Flank enemies. Chase down artillery and ranged units. Scatter workers. Vulnerable to spearmen.

Heavy Cavalry – Shock and disruption of infantry formations. Counters light infantry. Vulnerable to pikes, and artillery.

Spearmen – Cheap anti-cavalry unit. Protects artillery and archers from cavalry charges. Vulnerable to archers and heavy infantry.

Pikemen – Essential protection against charging cavalry. Place with archers and artillery. Vulnerable to artillery and ranged attacks.

Archers – High damage ranged unit. Excels against light infantry and air units. Keep protected from cavalry charges.

Artillery – Devastated buildings and massed troops from range. Vulnerable up close. Protect with pikemen and anti-cavalry.

Anti-air – Crucial for protecting cities, and troops from aerial bombardment. Cluster around priority targets.

Fighters – Gain air superiority by defeating enemy fighters before attempting bombing runs.

Bombers – Devastate enemy infrastructure, buildings, and economy. Requires friendly air superiority. Avoid anti-air.

Transports – Critical for naval invasions, and transporting land units across water. Escort with naval forces.

Leveraging the right unit counters and tactics is crucial for battlefield success. Keep these tips in mind as you lead your forces!

Capitalizing on National Powers

Each nation gets unique national powers that can turn the tide of battle if used judiciously. Here are some examples:

British – Fleet of Foot – All units get +1 movement speed. Use for rapid attacks, withdrawals, and flanking.

Chinese – Art of War – Damages all enemies near a target. Use on massed enemy forces for huge effect. Saves resources.

French – La Victoire – +25% attack damage for a short duration. Use when initiating major offensives and attacks.

Germans – Panzerkrieg – Tanks do splash damage to nearby units. Leverage when using armor formations.

Greeks – Phalanx – Blockading infantry take less damage. Lockdown chokepoints.

Japanese – Bushido – Infantry gain +25 attack. Use when charging with massed infantry waves.

Mongols – Horde – All units cost 50% less for a short time. Save up then deploy mass forces.

Romans – Roman Road – Units move faster near roads. Use when maneuvering armies.

Russians – Rasputitsa – Rain prevents enemy movement. Use to bog down enemy offensives.

Spanish – El Dorado – Gain 500 gold and 100 of each resource. Excellent economic boost.

Make sure you know how and when to leverage your nation’s special powers!

Mastering the Late Game and Achieving Victory

The late game requires mastery of large armies, advanced technology, and economic power to achieve supremacy. Here are tips:

  • Max out resource collection and production capabilities
  • Use mass air power – stack bombers and fighters for dominance
  • Build large elite armored and artillery armies to steamroll opponents
  • Use special forces like paratroopers and naval marines for flanking
  • Deploy nuclear weapons against clustered enemy troops or cities
  • Ally with remaining players against sole superpowers to avoid being targeted
  • Before Collider Wonder victory, conquer any remaining players or NPC cities
  • Fortify borders and make sure no enemy forces are in your territory
  • Go on the offensive once building the wonder to prevent its disruption

Achieving the wonder victory takes time, resources, and mastery of all elements of gameplay. Apply everything you’ve learned for your best chance at victory!

In Conclusion

Rise of Nations on Roblox brilliantly adapts the classic RTS experience into the Roblox platform. With its mix of territory control, resource management, technology research, politics, trade, diplomacy, and large-scale combat, it offers incredible strategic depth.

Hopefully, these tips, strategies, and techniques give you the knowledge to lead your nation to greatness. There’s always more to explore and master in this game – practice against the AI, watch top players, and keep refining your skills. The journey to raise your nation from ancient times to modern supremacy awaits!

Now you have the knowledge to write Rise of Nations history yourself. Good luck, have fun, and go crush your opponents!

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