Syndrion Talent Tree Guide for Call of Dragons

Syndrion is one of the most popular and versatile heroes in Call of Dragons. With the right talent tree build, Syndrion can fill multiple roles from damage dealer to support. This guide will walk you through the best Syndrion talent tree options at each tier to maximize your effectiveness.

Syndrion Talent Tree
Syndrion Talent Tree

Overview of Syndrion’s Abilities

Before jumping into specific talent choices, let’s do a quick overview of Syndrion’s basic abilities in Call of Dragons:

  • Arc Lightning: Syndrion’s main damage ability. He sends out bolts of lightning that bounce between nearby enemies. This ability scales well with bonus damage effects.
  • Static Field: An AoE electric field that damages and slows enemies inside. Great for controlling areas.
  • Ball Lightning: Syndrion summons an orb of lightning that zips around zapping enemies. The ball provides consistent area damage.
  • Charged Up: Syndrion gains bonus damage and attack speed for a short duration. Useful offensive buff.
  • Tesla Coil: Drops a Tesla coil tower that shocks nearby enemies over time. Good for setting up offensive zones.

Keeping these core abilities in mind, let’s look at how to maximize them through talents.

Level 10: Focused Static

For his first talent choice at level 10, Focused Static is the best option for most Syndrion builds. This makes Static Field focus all its damage on one target rather than spreading it out. This is a huge single-target damage boost that also keeps the AoE slow field.

Other options like Conductive Materials (+damage if enemies are wet) or Capacitor (bonus charges) can work for specific builds, but Focused Static’s overall damage and flexibility make it the top choice for general gameplay.

Level 20: Crackling Intensity

At level 20 Syndrion gains the option Crackling Intensity. This adds bonus damage to Arc Lightning each time it hits a new target. This is a huge boost to Syndrion’s main damage ability, giving him great burst potential against multiple enemies.

Alternatives like Circuits (ability cooldown reduction) or Superconductors (bonus damage on chilled foes) have more niche uses. But Crackling Intensity’s raw damage output will be valuable in most scenarios.

Level 30: Magnetic Flux

For level 30, Magnetic Flux should be Syndrion’s choice in most matchups. This talent greatly increases the pull strength of Static Field, dragging enemies into the center of the AoE.

Clumping up enemies with Magnetic Flux allows Arc Lightning and Ball Lightning to ricochet between targets more easily. It also combos well with Focused Static by forcibly grouping enemies in one spot for single-target damage.

Ionic Drain (energy return on hitting marked foes) and Galvanizing Spark (AoE zap on using abilities) offer more utility, but Magnetic Flux offers too much synergy to pass up.

Level 40: Ball Lightning – Splitter

For his level 40 tier, Syndrion has his first ability-specific talent choice. For Ball Lightning, the clear pick is Splitter.

This makes Ball Lightning split into two smaller orbs whenever it hits an enemy hero, doubling its zapping power. With two balls zinging around, Syndrion can shred through teams much faster.

The other Ball Lightning options (Tricks of the Trade – bonus orb speed, High Frequency – faster zapping) simply can’t match Splitter’s huge damage increase. It’s an easy choice here.

Level 50: Charged Up – Supercharge

At tier 50, we have our choice of upgrades for Charged Up. Here, Supercharge is the talent that boosts Syndrion’s offense the most.

Supercharge increases the duration of Charged Up by 4 seconds. This gives Syndrion tons of extra time at max power to burn enemies down. Whether pushing lanes, taking objectives, or team fighting, that extended burst damage is invaluable.

The other options (Grounded – immunity to slows, Power Surge – larger radius) are more defensive. But Syndrion is all about offense, so Supercharge it is.

Level 60: Tesla Coil – Chain Lightning

For our level 60 Tesla Coil talent, Chain Lightning is the clear winner. This makes Tesla Coil blasts arc to hit a nearby enemy, essentially doubling the coils’ zapping power.

Chain Lightning synergizes extremely well with Syndrion’s kit. Combined with all his other chaining and bouncing electricity abilities, he can fry entire groups at once. This also combos with Magnetic Flux by damaging clumped-up enemies.

The other Tesla Coil talents (Grounding – reduces enemy damage, Overcharge – bonus damage on max energy) simply can’t match Chain Lightning’s zap amplification.

Level 70: Stormrider

Reaching tier 70, Stormrider is Syndrion’s final talent and it’s a game-changer. Stormrider equips Syndrion with a permanent stormcloud that zaps nearby enemies for heavy damage per second.

This stormcloud follows Syndrion everywhere, allowing him to deal devastating damage to anyone who gets near him. It’s excellent for lane clearing, small group fights, and even solo kills if enemies underestimate the storm.

The other options (Fortified – bonus shielding, Harmonic Resonance – larger AoE abilities) improve Syndrion’s survivability and utility. But Stormrider’s raw power is too good to pass up.

Offensive Damage Build

Putting together all the offensive talent choices, here is an example full talent tree focused on dealing as much damage as possible:

  • Level 10: Focused Static
  • Level 20: Crackling Intensity
  • Level 30: Magnetic Flux
  • Level 40: Ball Lightning – Splitter
  • Level 50: Charged Up – Supercharge
  • Level 60: Tesla Coil – Chain Lightning
  • Level 70: Stormrider

This build maximizes Syndrion’s multi-target damage potential. Combined with his core lightning abilities, you will be an absolute menace to enemy teams. The synergy between talents like Magnetic Flux, Splitter, Chain Lightning, and Stormrider results in insane AoE damage.

Support/Utility Build

Here is an example of a Syndrion talent build focused more on utility and supporting your team:

  • Level 10: Capacitor
  • Level 20: Circuits
  • Level 30: Ionic Drain
  • Level 40: Ball Lightning – Tricks of the Trade
  • Level 50: Charged Up – Grounded
  • Level 60: Tesla Coil – Grounding
  • Level 70: Harmonic Resonance

This build relies more on Syndrion’s disabling effects and buffs rather than raw damage. The extra charges from the Capacitor allow for more Static Fields to control the battlefield. Ionic Drain gives you sustainability, while Grounded and Grounding make you more durable. And Harmonic Resonance enhances your teamfight presence.

Hybrid Build

You can also combine offense and utility talents to make a hybrid Syndrion build. Here is one example:

  • Level 10: Focused Static
  • Level 20: Superconductor
  • Level 30: Galvanizing Spark
  • Level 40: Ball Lightning – Tricks of the Trade
  • Level 50: Charged Up – Power Surge
  • Level 60: Tesla Coil – Overcharge
  • Level 70: Fortified

This build grabs key damage talents like Focused Static and Superconductor, while also taking more utility through Tricks of the Trade, Galvanizing Spark, and Fortified. You still bring solid offensive power, but have more survivability and versatility than a full damage build.

Map-Specific Talents

Some Syndrion talents work better on certain maps or objective types. For example:

  • Conductive Materials shine on maps with lots of water like Glasswater Gulf allow frequent electrocution damage.
  • Capacitor gets more value on maps with frequent skirmishing and small objective fights where you can benefit from the short cooldowns.
  • Harmonic Resonance becomes more useful on small area maps like Dragonfall Jungle where enemies are packed together more.

Matchup-Specific Talents

You may also consider adjusting talents based on the enemy team comps:

  • Superconductor gains value against team comps with lots of slows and chill effects like Winter Wyrm or Frostlord teams.
  • Grounding helps survive high burst damage enemies like Ragnaros and Malygos.
  • Fortified is useful against auto-attack heavy comps like Urogrim teams to counter their sustained damage.

Core Items Synergy

Syndrion’s talent choices also synergize well with certain core items in Call of Dragons.

For offense, boosting Syndrion’s lightning damage with Stormcaller’s Ring is extremely effective. The bonus damage applies to all of Syndrion’s abilities.

Cheetah’s Agility Cloak is also great for boosting Syndrion’s offense by providing attack speed and mana regen to keep the lightning zapping continuously.

For defense, the shielding effect of Apothecary’s Cape combines nicely with Syndrion’s Fortified or Harmonic Resonance talents. The magic resistance from Wyrmskin Tunic also amplifies his durability against spell damage.

Sorcerer’s Slippers are a perfect utility item for Syndrion, reducing cooldowns dramatically so he can zap and disable enemies more often.

Ideal Team Synergy

When considering teammates, Syndrion thrives with heroes who group up enemies for him to unleash his AoE lightning.

Heroes with knockbacks and pulls like Drakkon, Tempest, or Whirlwind are excellent for bunching targets for Magnetic Flux and Syndrion’s other chaining abilities to go to work.

Ground-based AoE mages like Malygos and Gazul work well too since they naturally clump enemies on top of their fields, giving Syndrion tightly packed targets.

Healers and supports with defensive buffs and absorbs like Lucian and Dryad help enable Syndrion to stay in the thick of combat while his lightning goes wild.


With so many options, Syndrion’s talent tree allows you to fill many roles from damage to utility. Carefully choosing talents that amplify and synergize with his core lightning abilities results in devastating AoE damage.

But you can also go for a more defensive build to help support your team with crowd control and buffs. Adapt your Syndrion build to your team comps and matchups, and he can become an absolute powerhouse. The storm is yours to command!

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