Terms and Conditions

Welcome to BetBry’s website! We have some important rules you need to know when you use our site. These rules are here to make sure everyone has a safe and fair experience.

Who Can Use This Website You must be at least 18 years old to use our website. If you’re younger, please don’t use it.

Our Stuff and Your Stuff We own everything on our website, like pictures and text. You can look at our stuff, but you can’t use it for other things.

What You Can’t Do There are some things you can’t do on our website:

  • Don’t share our stuff somewhere else.
  • Don’t sell, rent, or make money from our stuff.
  • Don’t show our stuff to the public.
  • Don’t use our website to harm it, other people, or businesses.
  • Don’t break any laws when using our website.
  • Don’t try to steal information from our website.
  • Don’t use our website for advertising.

Restricted Areas Some parts of our website might not be available to everyone. We can also change who can see these parts. If you have a username and password, keep them secret.

Your Content If you put things like videos, pictures, or text on our website, you let us use them in different ways, like showing them to others. Your content must be your own, and you can’t use other people’s stuff.

No Promises We try to make our website great, but we can’t promise it’s always perfect. We can’t give you any special advice through our website.

Limits on Responsibility We’re not responsible for any problems you have when using our website. This includes any special, indirect, or unexpected issues.

You Agree to Protect Us If you do something that causes us problems, you have to take responsibility for it.

If Things Go Wrong If any part of these rules doesn’t work because of the law, we’ll remove that part, but the rest still applies.

Changes to Rules We can change these rules whenever we want, so make sure to check them sometimes.

Sharing Rights We can share our rights and responsibilities, but you can’t.

Everything Together These rules are everything we both agree on when you use our website. They’re more important than anything else.

Laws and Rules These rules follow the laws of bd. If there are any problems, we’ll solve them where the bd courts can see.