The Best Deck for Goblin Delivery – Clash Royale

In the realm of Clash Royale, where fierce battles and strategic gameplay reign supreme, finding the perfect deck can make all the difference between victory and defeat. If you’re on a quest for dominance and seeking the ultimate strategy to conquer your opponents, look no further than the Goblin Delivery deck.

This extraordinary deck harnesses the relentless power of the Cycle World Giant, complemented by surprising elements that will catch your opponents off guard and pave the way for triumph.

The Best Deck for Goblin Delivery
The Best Deck for Goblin Delivery

Unveiling the Deck Composition

Let’s delve into the deck composition that forms the backbone of the Goblin Delivery strategy. This expertly crafted deck consists of:

  1. Cycle World Giant: The centerpiece of this strategy, the Cycle World Giant, serves as your primary win condition. This towering force of destruction will lead your assault on enemy towers, soaking up damage while leaving a path of devastation in its wake.
  2. Mortar: A somewhat unexpected addition, the Mortar provides a surprising twist to this deck. While it may not be a common sight in Cycle World Giant decks, its inclusion adds complexity to catch your opponents off guard. The Mortar’s long-range attacks can rain down destruction upon enemy defenses, while the Cycle World Giant takes the spotlight.
  3. Earthquake: Enhancing the deck’s versatility and destructive potential, the Earthquake spell ensures that no structure is safe from your onslaught. It cripples enemy defenses, weakens structures, and opens up opportunities for your Goblin forces to strike.
  4. Knight: A steadfast and reliable defender, the Knight shines in its role as a tank for the Goblins. With its sturdy armor and unwavering loyalty, it will shield your Goblins from harm, allowing them to focus on obliterating your adversaries.
  5. Goblins: Swift, nimble, and brimming with mischief, the Goblins are the backbone of your offensive maneuvers. With the Cycle World Giant leading the charge, these mischievous creatures unleash havoc upon enemy troops and structures, ensuring swift and decisive victories.
  6. Ice Spirit: An icy surprise, the Ice Spirit serves as a versatile utility card. It can tank for the Mortar, providing additional protection while it hammers away at enemy defenses. Alternatively, it can be used to freeze and disrupt enemy troops, buying you precious seconds to execute your strategy.
  7. Log: A formidable spell that rolls over enemy units, the Log is an invaluable tool for clearing the way for your Cycle World Giant and Goblins. It obliterates swarms of enemy troops, ensuring a smooth path toward victory.
  8. Bomb Tower: Fortifying your defenses, the Bomb Tower offers resolute protection against enemy assaults. It forces your opponents to reconsider their approach, making it challenging for them to penetrate your fortified lines.

Unleashing the Goblin Delivery Strategy

To fully comprehend the intricacies of the Goblin Delivery deck, it’s essential to understand the strategy behind it. Let’s break down the gameplay and explore the various elements that make this deck an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Cycle World Giant and Earthquake: A Destructive Duo

The Cycle World Giant, accompanied by the Earthquake spell, forms the backbone of this strategy. The sheer power of the Cycle World Giant, combined with the widespread destruction caused by Earthquake, enables you to deal devastating blows to your opponent’s towers. As the Cycle World Giant relentlessly pounds away at enemy structures, the Earthquake spell weakens defenses and cripples enemy troops, leaving them in disarray.

Goblins: The Cleanup Crew

The Goblins, nimble and mischievous as ever, play a vital role in this deck. As the Cycle World Giant carves a path of destruction, the Goblins swoop in to eliminate any remaining threats. With the Cycle World Giant acting as their shield, the Goblins unleash their fury upon enemy structures, ensuring that nothing stands in your way to victory.

Knight: A Trusty Guardian

The Knight, clad in resilient armor, takes on the role of defender in this deck. Positioned strategically, the Knight acts as a reliable tank for the Goblins, soaking up damage and allowing them to focus solely on unleashing chaos upon your opponents. With the Knight by their side, your Goblins become an unstoppable force, decimating enemy troops and structures with ease.

Mortar: The Unexpected Surprise

One of the deck’s greatest surprises is the inclusion of the Mortar. While not typically seen in Cycle World Giant decks, the Mortar adds an element of surprise that catches opponents off guard. With its long-range attacks, the Mortar rains down destruction upon enemy defenses, while the Cycle World Giant takes center stage. This unexpected combination confuses opponents and creates opportunities for your Goblins to exploit.

Ice Spirit: A Chilling Utility

The Ice Spirit serves as a versatile utility card in this deck. It can be used to tank for the Mortar, providing additional protection and buying it more time to inflict damage. Additionally, the Ice Spirit’s freezing ability can disrupt enemy troops, creating moments of chaos that you can capitalize on. Its strategic deployment can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Log: Rolling Over the Opposition

The Log, a powerful spell, takes on the role of crowd control in this deck. Its rolling motion clears the path for your Cycle World Giant and Goblins, obliterating enemy troops and swarms with ease. This enables your offensive units to advance unhindered, delivering devastating blows to enemy towers.

Bomb Tower: Fortifying Your Defenses

In the face of enemy assaults, the Bomb Tower stands tall, bolstering your defenses. Its explosive capabilities deter opponents, making it challenging for them to breach your fortified lines. By strategically positioning the Bomb Tower, you can repel enemy advances and maintain control of the battlefield.

The Advantage of the Goblin Delivery Deck

What sets the Goblin Delivery deck apart from others is its unique composition and unexpected elements. While many players are utilizing Motorcycle Mortar Bait decks, this strategy takes it a step further by incorporating the Cycle World Giant, Earthquake, and surprising additions like the Mortar. This unexpected combination catches opponents off guard, leaving them scrambling to counter your devastating onslaught.

Conquering the Battlefield

With the Goblin Delivery deck in your arsenal, you possess the tools to dominate Clash Royale’s fierce battles. This formidable strategy, driven by the Cycle World Giant, leaves a path of destruction in its wake. The unexpected surprises, from the Mortar’s raining projectiles to the Ice Spirit’s chilling interruptions, ensure that your opponents are kept on their toes. As your Goblins swarm and your Cycle World Giant thunders forward, victory becomes inevitable.


In the realm of Clash Royale, where mastery of strategy and deck composition is crucial, the Goblin Delivery deck shines as an exceptional choice. With the Cycle World Giant leading the charge, supported by surprising elements like the Mortar and Ice Spirit, victory is within your grasp. Crush your opponents, rise through the ranks, and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with.

Embrace the power of the Goblin Delivery deck and unleash its full potential. Dominate the Clash Royale arena, leaving your opponents in awe of your strategic prowess. Prepare for battle, for victory awaits those who wield the Cycle World Giant with unmatched finesse.

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