The Best Guns to Grab from Vanguard Engrams in Destiny 2

It’s coming towards the end of a Destiny 2 season and you likely have a huge stash of Vanguard engrams just waiting to be decrypted. Maybe you got them while farming Vanguard ops or playlist activities for a god roll on a particular gun.

But with the way RNG works in Destiny 2, you probably ended up with a bunch of suboptimal rolls. This leaves you wondering – which weapons are actually worth spending these engrams on for PVE and PVP?

Top PVE Guns to Grab from Vanguard Engrams

For PVE, here are the top 3 standout legendary weapons to hope for when decrypting Vanguard engrams:

1. Fortissimo-11

The Fortissimo-11 kinetic slug shotgun is a top priority if you don’t already have a good roll. This is because Fortissimo has the best possible perk combination of any kinetic slug shotgun in Destiny 2.

Slug shotguns have always been strong PVE options since their introduction, with uses like:

  • High single target DPS, often paired with Divinity or Tractor Cannon.
  • Taking down tough majors or champions.

For PVE, you’ll want perks like:

  • Frenzy – This damage/reload buff is unique to the Fortissimo in the kinetic slot.
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm – Returns ammo to the mag on precision hits. Great for sustaining DPS.
  • Assault Mag – Boosts magazine size and reload speed.

With the right roll, Fortissimo can compete with the likes of Heritage and First In, Last Out. Grab it if RNG blesses you with the chance.

2. Loaded Question

The fusion rifle Loaded Question is loaded with great perk options, especially for endgame PVE content. For max damage, Reservoir Burst creates an AOE explosion on kills. But Controlled Burst can be better for sustained DPS.

Other great perks are:

  • Overflow – Picking up ammo overflows the mag for huge uptime.
  • Liquid Coils – Boosts damage per burst.

Loaded Question’s flexibility makes it a fantastic addition to your arsenal if you can get it from engrams.

3. Hothead

The legendary rocket launcher Hothead is still a top choice heavy weapon for PVE. It has fallen slightly with new rocket launchers entering the loot pool, but it remains very potent.

Ideal perks include:

  • Clown Cartridge – Randomly overloads the magazine for extra rockets. Great for burst damage.
  • Explosive Light – Massive damage buff after gathering orbs of light. Pairs well with ALH.
  • Impact Casing – Further enhances rocket damage output.

While Hothead may not be the absolute best in class currently, it is still plenty strong in PVE.

Other Solid PVE Guns from Engrams

Some other legendary weapons to hope for include:

  • Empty Vessel – Reliable grenade launcher, especially with Blinding Grenades.
  • The Wendigo GL3 – Legendary heavy grenade launcher still packs a punch.
  • Tarantula – Hard-hitting arc linear fusion rifle.

With the right rolls, these can all contribute nicely to your PVE loadouts.

Top PVP Weapons to Target from Engrams

For PVP, here are some deadly Crucible weapons to hope for:

1. The Hung Jury SR4

This adaptive frame scout rifle flies under the radar, but The Hung Jury SR4 has a secret weapon – the perk Box Breathing. When activated after aiming down sights, it boosts damage to allow 2-tap guardian kills.

With the right scope and range perks, this makes Hung Jury a monster long-range option for Trials, Competitive, or Iron Banner.

2. Darkest Before

The pulse rifle Darkest Before has oscillated in and out of the meta but remains one of the best in class. With perks like Zen Moment and Kill Clip, it can reliably mow down opponents.

Pair this with Arrowhead Brake and a range masterwork and you have an extremely crispy 4-burst pulse rifle perfect for slaying in 6v6 modes.

3. Plug One.1

For special weapons, Plug One.1 stands at the top of the fusion rifle class. It can roll with deadly combos like Under Pressure and Kickstart. This pairs excellently with the Titan exotic chest armor piece Antaeus Wards.

The right roll on Plug One.1 can dominate Crucible matches by shutting down apes and stopping roaming supers.

Viable PVP Honorable Mentions

Some other solid PVP weapons from engrams include:

  • Farewell – Aggressive hand cannon with monstrous range.
  • Riiswalker – Pellet shotgun packing a serious punch up close.
  • Frozen Orbit – Snapshot + Moving Target makes this a lethal sniper.

Tips for Maximizing Your Engram Drops

  • Focus on completing Vanguard Ops and weekly playlist challenges for engram drops.
  • Make sure to equip lots of “Prosperity” mods on your Ghost shell to up your chances.
  • Buy engrams with Vanguard tokens from Commander Zavala whenever you can.
  • Complete Vanguard rank reset quests each season for additional engram rewards.

The more resets you earn, the more possible perk combinations will become available on the base Vanguard weapon drops. This expands the chances of getting a great roll.

Though you’ll still have to contend with RNG, following these tips can help you get your hands on all of these top-tier Destiny 2 weapons from Vanguard engrams!

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