Top 15 Rarest Clash Royale Emotes in 2023

Emotes in Clash Royale are a fun way to express yourself during battles, but did you know that not all emotes are created equal? Some are exceptionally rare, adding a touch of exclusivity to your collection.

As avid Clash Royale players, we all know the excitement and pride that comes with obtaining rare emotes in the game. Emotes are not only a fun way to express ourselves during battles, but they also add a touch of personality to our victories and defeats.

In this article, we will dive deep into the top 15 rarest Clash Royale emotes, exploring their unique animations, Bad Manners (BM) potential, and the impact they have on the game’s community. So sit back, relax, and let’s embark on this journey to uncover the most coveted emotes in Clash Royale.

Top 15 Rarest Clash Royale Emotes
Top 15 Rarest Clash Royale Emotes

1. The Laughing Goblin – Spreading Laughter Across Arenas

Our list begins with a bang – The Laughing Goblin. With its infectious laughter, this emote is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and sought-after in Clash Royale. Its ability to tilt opponents and leave them disheartened has earned it a top spot in the BM Hall of Fame. The Laughing Goblin has become a symbol of victory and triumph, making it a must-have for any true Clash Royale enthusiast.

2. Fire Goblin – Adding Flair to Victories

Another gem in the rare emote collection is the Fire Goblin. Its captivating animations and unique sound make it stand out from the crowd. Showcasing this emote after a hard-fought battle adds flair to your victory, leaving your opponents in awe. With its limited availability, the Fire Goblin is a true testament to your dedication and skill in the game.

3. The Chicken from Heyday – A Hidden Gem

Among the rarest emotes is a hidden gem – The Chicken from Heyday. This emote boasts a unique character and sound, making it a rare find in the Clash Royale universe. Although not as widely known as some others, The Chicken from Heyday has a devoted fan base that appreciates its distinctive charm.

4. The Kiss – Love or Mockery?

The Kiss emote, with its dual-purpose animation, can be used to express affection or mock your opponents. Its versatility and rarity make it a valuable addition to any emote collection. Whether you want to show appreciation for your teammate or taunt your adversary, The Kiss emote has you covered.

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5. The Dabbing Skeleton – Asserting Dominance

While the dabbing trend may have faded in popularity, The Dabbing Skeleton emote remains an everlasting classic in Clash Royale. Its expressive animation allows you to gloat after a victory and assert your dominance over your defeated opponents. Few emotes can match the impact that The Dabbing Skeleton has on the game’s community.

6. The Pig Dancing – A Timeless Classic

The Pig Dancing emote is a timeless classic that never fails to bring joy to Clash Royale players. Celebrate your victories in style with this charming emote that has stood the test of time. Its widespread popularity and limited availability make it a cherished asset for seasoned players.

7. The Love – A Message of Heartfelt Appreciation

While opinions may vary on The Love Emote, its rarity, and heartfelt message make it an endearing choice for players seeking to express genuine appreciation to their teammates or opponents. Few emotes can match the sincerity and warmth conveyed by The Love emote.

8. The Crying Bowler – A Display of Good Sportsmanship

Sometimes, it’s not about winning or losing; it’s about being a good sport. The Crying Bowler emote allows players to express their sorrow after a tough defeat and show empathy towards their adversaries. With its unique animation, this emote exemplifies the spirit of fair play in Clash Royale.

9. The Magic Archer – Unleashing BM Potential

The Magic Archer emote is more than just an enchanting animation; it’s a potent tool for Bad Manners. With its playful finger-shaking animation, this emote sends a clear message of superiority and serves as a fun way to taunt opponents during battles.

10. The Rocket-Goblin – Communication Through Emotes

The Rocket-Goblin emote is more than just a cool animation; it serves as a communication tool for strategic gameplay. Coordinate your attacks like a pro and leave your opponents guessing with this versatile emote. It’s not just an emote; it’s a tactical advantage.

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11. The Angry Princess – A Touch of Condescension

With a touch of condescension, The Angry Princess emote allows players to assert their dominance over their opponents and rattle their confidence. Its iconic animation has made it a popular choice for those who wish to display their unwavering confidence in the heat of battle.

12. The Sipping King – An Emote Fit for Royalty

The Sipping King emote exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a unique addition to any emote collection. While not as widely used as some others, this emote has a charm of its own that appeals to players with discerning tastes.

13. The Goblin Drill – A Unique Animation

The Goblin Drill emote may not be as popular as some others, but its distinctive animation and limited availability make it a valuable find for dedicated Clash Royale enthusiasts. Stand out from the crowd with this rare gem in your emote collection.

14. The Electro Giant – Dancing and Nose-Picking

Among the Electro Giant emotes, both The Dancing and The Nose-Picking animations stand out for their fun twist on victory celebrations. These unique emotes add a playful touch to your wins, making them a welcome addition to any emote repertoire.

15. The Skeleton Left – Taunt Your Way to Victory

Last but not least, The Skeleton Left emote is a solid choice for BM enthusiasts. Its iconic animation allows you to taunt your opponents and show off your flair for drama. Use it strategically to unnerve your adversaries and gain a psychological edge in battles.


These top 15 rarest Clash Royale emotes have captured the hearts of players worldwide. From infectious laughter to playful animations, these emotes leave a lasting impression on the game’s community.

Whether you’re seeking to tilt your opponents, display good sportsmanship, or simply add flair to your victories, these emotes offer something for every player. So, dive into the world of rare emotes, express yourself in style, and dominate the arenas with your exclusive collection.

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