Destiny 2 Unforgiven: God Roll and How to Get It

The Unforgiven submachine gun is one of the most sought after weapons in Destiny 2. This hard-hitting 900 RPM SMG packs a punch in both PvE and PvP. With the right perk combinations, the Unforgiven can melt majors and guardians alike.


In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Unforgiven SMG, including:

  • Overview and stats
  • Best perks and god rolls
  • How to get the Unforgiven
  • Catalyst & masterwork
  • Tips for use in PvE and PvP

Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to mastering this destructive bullet hose!

Overview and Stats

The Unforgiven is an aggressive frame 900 RPM arc SMG added in the Season of Plunder. Aggressive frame SMGs trade range and stability for extreme rate of fire and damage output.

Here are the base stats for the Unforgiven:

  • RPM: 900
  • Impact: 15
  • Range: 32
  • Stability: 44
  • Handling: 68
  • Reload Speed: 59
  • Aim Assistance: 55
  • Recoil Direction: 84
  • Zoom: 15
  • Magazine: 33

As you can see, the Unforgiven has excellent handling and reload speeds which complement its blistering rate of fire. However, the range and recoil direction are less than ideal. This is why perk selection is so important to tame this beast.

The Unforgiven is in the arc damage type. This makes it a great option for breaking shields in PvE. When combined with the right arc armor mods, you can become an ad-clear monster.

Now let’s take a look at the perks that can make or break this SMG.

Best Perks and God Rolls

The perk combinations you get on the Unforgiven will dramatically impact its performance. Let’s break down the most desirable perks for PvE and PvP.

PvE God Roll

For PvE, you’ll want perks that enhance damage, reload speed, and magazine size. Here is an example PvE god roll:

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling – Boosts stability, handling, and range
  • Magazine: Appended Mag – Increases magazine size
  • First Perk: Perpetual Motion – Improves stability, handling, and reload speed when moving
  • Second Perk: Frenzy – Bonus damage and reload speed after being in combat for 12 seconds
  • Masterwork: Reload Speed

This roll maximizes damage output through Frenzy while also enhancing stability, handling, and reload speed. Perpetual Motion synergizes extremely well with the Unforgiven’s aggressive frame. You’ll almost always be moving and strafing enemies, proccing Perpetual Motion, and keeping up Frenzy.

Appended Mag gives you more bullets per mag to pair with Frenzy and Perpetual Motion reload speed. Corkscrew Rifling bolsters stability and range which are lacking on the base stats.

The reload masterwork takes this build over the top, allowing you to constantly spray bullets downrange. You’ll have nearly 100 bullets per magazine with this setup!

Some other great perk options for PvE include:

  • Tap the Trigger – Improved stability and accuracy on the initial trigger pull
  • Subsistence – Kills partially reloads the magazine from reserves
  • Unrelenting – Rapid kills trigger health regeneration
  • One for All – Hitting 3 separate targets increases the damage by 10 seconds
  • Wellspring – Kills give ability energy

As you can see, perks that enhance add clear, sustainability, and damage output are ideal for PvE.

PvP God Roll

For crucible play, the name of the game is consistency and dueling power. Here is a PvP god roll Unforgiven:

  • Barrel: Smallbore – Boosts range and stability
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • First Perk: Dynamic Sway Reduction – Improves stability and accuracy as you continuously fire
  • Second Perk: Kill Clip – Reloads after a kill grant increased damage
  • Masterwork: Range

This combination focuses on range, consistency, and lethality. Smallbore and Accurized Rounds max out the range stat, allowing you to compete at SMG distances. Dynamic Sway Reduction enhances the vertical recoil, while Kill Clip turns the Unforgiven into a lethal dueling weapon.

The range masterwork extends the damage dropoff even further. With this roll, you’ll be able to map guardians across most PvP maps thanks to the range boosts.

Other excellent perks for PvP include:

  • Tap the Trigger – Better stability and accuracy on trigger pull for opening duels
  • Zen Moment – Increased stability with damage dealt
  • Rangefinder – Boosts effective range when ADS
  • Moving Target – Improves movement and target acquisition when moving
  • Elemental Capacitor – Alters stats based on your subclass

PvP is all about winning duels, so perks that enhance gunplay are crucial. The Unforgiven needs help managing recoil and damage dropoff, making range and stability perks extremely valuable.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s go over how you can get your hands on the Unforgiven.

How to Get the Unforgiven

The Unforgiven is part of the Season of Plunder loot pool. Here are the possible sources:

Dares of Eternity

The Unforgiven has a chance to drop from treasure chests at the end of Dares of Eternity completions. Make sure to slot the Starhorse Favor to maximize loot drops when the activity is featured.

30th Anniversary Dungeon

Unforgiven can drop from any encounter in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon introduced in the 30th Anniversary pack. Be sure to earn platinum rewards for additional loot chances.

Umbral Engrams

The Season of Plunder umbral engrams obtained from Ketchcrash and Expedition activities can be focused on the Unforgiven at the Star Chart. Use the Deepsight Resonance focus to craft the roll you want.


Check Xur each weekend to see if he is selling the Unforgiven. This saves you from the loot pool RNG.

Banshee-44 Rank Up Packages

Each day you can earn Gunsmith materials from bounties and activities. Turn these into Banshee-44 to earn rank-up packages that have a small chance of containing the Unforgiven.

World Loot Pool

As part of the world loot pool, the Unforgiven can rarely drop from any activity in the game. Grab those prime engrams and cash them in at the tower.


Once you extract enough Deepsight Resonance patterns, you will be able to craft the Unforgiven at the Enclave. This lets you guarantee the perks and masterwork you want.

As you can see, the best sources are focusing on umbrals, the 30th Anniversary dungeon, and crafting. Slot in that Prosperity ghost mod and good luck hunting!

Catalyst & Masterwork

The Unforgiven exotic catalyst boosts its stats and adds the following perks:

  • +10 Range
  • +10 Stability
  • +10 Handling
  • Hipfire Grip – Increased accuracy and handling when firing from the hip

This catalyst enhances the Unforgiven’s weak points – stability, handling, and range. Hipfire Grip synergizes extremely well with the rapid-fire 900 RPM frame.

To unlock the catalyst, you must:

  • Get precision final blows
  • Earn points by getting rapid kills shortly after reloading

Once unlocked, you need to get 300 kills with the Unforgiven to complete the masterwork.

The catalyst takes an already deadly SMG and makes it even more lethal. Be sure to equip it once you get your hands on this exotic weapon.

Tips for Use in PvE and PvP

Now that you understand Unforgiven’s perks and acquisition methods, let’s go over some quick tips for using this SMG effectively.

PvE Tips

In PvE, Unforgiven excels at adding clear and melting majors/ultras thanks to perks like Frenzy, Unrelenting, One for All, etc. Here are some tips:

  • Use arc armor mods like Trace Rifle Scavenger and LFR Ammo Finder to keep your reserves stocked
  • Activate the arc shield-breaking benefit often
  • Take advantage of the range before dropoff to weaken tough enemies
  • Spray and pray into crowds and dense areas
  • Reload whenever there is a lull to keep perks like Frenzy active
  • Master recoil control with counterbalance or arrowhead brake

With the right rolls, you’ll be an ad-clearing machine in PvE. Perpetual Motion keeps the reload fast during hectic encounters. Lean into the 900 RPM strength!

PvP Tips

For PvP, the name of the game is exploiting the Unforgiven’s excellent base handling and stability. Here are some crucible tips:

  • Use the high handling to quickly swap and finish off enemies
  • Tap fire at range pacing shots to extend the dropoff
  • Let Dynamic Sway Reduction settle the recoil before dueling
  • Bait enemies around corners and melt them with Kill Clip
  • Take advantage of lightning-fast strafe speeds
  • Run Icarus Grip mod to maintain accuracy in aerial battles
  • Use SMG Dexterity and Loader mods to maximize uptime
  • Surprise opponents by peek-shooting from vertical angles

The Unforgiven dominates close-quarters combat. Bait your enemies into chokepoints and go to work with the sheer fire rate. With the right rolls and playstyle, you’ll shred through any guardian brave enough to challenge you within optimal range.

Unforgiven: Complete Breakdown

The Unforgiven 900 RPM SMG brings lightning-fast time-to-kills to Destiny 2. With the right perk combinations and tactics, this bullet hose melts PvE ads and destroys guardians in seconds.

Make sure to chase a PvE god roll with Frenzy or Unrelenting and a PvP roll focused on consistency and lethality. Take advantage of the Unforgiven’s excellent handling and aim for maximum range. This reactive beast flaunts some of the fastest body-shot TTKs in the game.

Acquire the catalyst to further augment the recoil direction, stability, handling, and range. Then get out there and unleash bullet hell on your enemies!

The Unforgiven perfectly complements aggressive play. Sprint into the fray, fire from the hip, and aim to obliterate your foes before they can even react. Few weapons bring the style and power of this vicious 900 RPM arc exotic. Master the Unforgiven, and you will become a legend.

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