How to get Vanguard Engrams in Destiny 2

Vanguard Engrams are a type of engram in Destiny 2 that can contain randomly rolled legendary or masterworked legendary weapons and armor. Vanguard Engrams are primarily obtained by increasing your Vanguard rank through Vanguard Ops playlists. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the different ways to earn Vanguard Engrams and use them to acquire high-stat legendary gear in Destiny 2.

What are Vanguard Engrams?

Vanguard Engrams are legendary engrams that contain randomly rolled legendary or masterworked legendary weapons and armor related to the Vanguard faction. When decrypted, Vanguard Engrams have a high chance to drop legendary gear from the world loot pool or Vanguard-themed gear.

The loot pool for Vanguard Engrams includes weapons like the Service Revolver hand cannon, Tarantula linear fusion rifle, and armor pieces like the Vanguard Dare set. Vanguard Engrams can also contain enhancement materials, enhancement prisms, ascendant shards, and more.

How to Get Vanguard Engrams

There are several ways to earn Vanguard Engrams in Destiny 2:

Rank up Vanguard Rank

The primary method is by ranking up your Vanguard reputation. This is achieved by finishing Vanguard Ops playlists such as Vanguard Strikes, Nightfalls, and Battlegrounds.

As you complete these activities, you gain a Vanguard reputation. When your reputation rank increases, you get a Vanguard Engram from Commander Zavala.

Vanguard Weekly Challenges

Completing Vanguard weekly challenges is another way to earn Vanguard Engrams directly. These challenges rotate weekly and require you to complete a certain number of Vanguard Ops activities.

Vanguard Boons

Vanguard Boons are consumables that increase your Vanguard reputation gains for a period of time. Using these during Vanguard activities allows you to rank up faster and earn Engrams quicker.

Season Pass

Leveling up your seasonal pass also provides Vanguard Engrams at certain levels. This provides a passive way to earn additional Vanguard Engrams just by playing regularly each season.

Banshee-44 Rank Up Packages

Ranking up Banshee-44 can also reward Vanguard Engrams, although at a lower rate than ranking up Vanguard directly. Banshee’s rewards pull from a broader world loot pool as well.


Xur’s inventory sometimes contains Vanguard Engrams that can be purchased using Legendary Shards. His inventory changes weekly, so be sure to check regularly.

Decrypting Vanguard Engrams

Once you’ve earned Vanguard Engrams, you need to decrypt them to get your loot. Here are some tips:

  • Decrypt Engrams at Master Rahool in the Tower.
  • Have your highest possible Power level equipped before decrypting to maximize your drops.
  • Legendary gear from Engrams will drop at or above your current Power.
  • Masterworked gear has a small chance to drop and comes with additional stats.
  • Use unwanted gear to dismantle for materials or infuse into preferred gear.

Farming Vanguard Engrams

If you’re looking to farm and decrypt a lot of Vanguard Engrams, your best bet is to repeatedly run Vanguard playlist activities.

Quick Vanguard Strike playlists will allow you to rank up frequently. Using Vanguard Boons increases reputation gains to rank up even faster. Nightfalls and Battlegrounds are also great options.

Knock out Vanguard weekly challenges on all characters for bonus Engrams each week. Checking Xur regularly and completing seasonal challenges can provide extra passive sources as well.

Vanguard Engrams for Power Leveling

Vanguard Engrams offer a great way to power level and raise your gear’s Power rating quickly. As you earn and decrypt more Engrams, you’ll get frequent legendary drops leading to small power boosts.

Infusing your favorite gear with higher power pieces obtained from Engrams will allow you to continuously increase your base Power. Vanguard Engrams provide a target farmable path for steady power gains.

So if you’re looking to get your hands on some solid legendary weapons and armor, Vanguard Engrams are a reliable way to stock up on legendary loot. Use these tips to maximize your Vanguard Engram farming and start power-leveling your Guardian.

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