Waldyr Talent Tree Build & Guide – Call of Dragons

Waldyr is one of the most powerful and versatile heroes in Call of Dragons. With the right talent tree build, Waldyr can dish out insane amounts of damage while also providing utility through crowd-control effects. This guide will go over the best Waldyr talent tree builds and how to play Waldyr effectively.

Waldyr Talent Tree
Waldyr Talent Tree

Overview of Waldyr’s Skills and Abilities

Before getting into specific builds, let’s first take a look at Waldyr’s skills and abilities:

  • Void Slash (Basic Attack) – Waldyr’s basic attack hits a single target for physical damage. Every third attack will deal bonus magic damage.
  • Dark Pact (1st Ability) – Waldyr unleashes a wave of dark magic, damaging enemies in a line and reducing their armor for a short duration.
  • Shadow Step (2nd Ability) – Waldyr instantly teleports to a target location, damaging and slowing enemies in the area. This ability can be used to engage in or escape fights.
  • Dread (3rd Ability) – Waldyr terrifies enemies in a large area around him, causing them to flee for a short duration. Excellent for disrupting enemies.
  • Nether Blade (Ultimate) – Waldyr channels dark energy into his blade for 4 seconds, increasing his attack speed. His next 5 basic attacks will cleave in a wide area for bonus physical damage.

Recommended Talent Tree Builds for Waldyr

Now let’s look at some of the best talent tree builds to maximize Waldyr’s potential at different stages of the game.

Early Game Talent Build

For the early game, focus on enhancing Waldyr’s survivability and damage output from his abilities:

  • Level 1 – Shadow Affinity (3rd Ability) – Increases Dread’s area of effect by 15%
  • Level 2 – Void Resonance (1st Ability) – Dark Pact deals more damage the lower enemy armor is
  • Level 3 – Null Shield (2nd Ability) – Shadow Step grants a shield equal to 8% max HP
  • Level 4 – Harvester (Basic Attack) – Void Slash deals 10% more damage to minions/monsters

Mid-Game Talent Build

In the mid-game, boost Waldyr’s mobility and attack speed to really amp up his damage:

  • Level 5 – Swift Pursuit (2nd Ability) – Increase Shadow Step’s cast range by 15%
  • Level 6 – Deadly Momentum (Basic Attack) – Waldyr gains 10% attack speed for 5 seconds after using an ability
  • Level 7 – Null Zone (2nd Ability) – Enemy champions hit by Shadow Step have their armor reduced by 15% for 4 seconds
  • Level 8 – Piercing Strikes (Basic Attack) – Void Slash ignores 10% of the target’s armor

Late Game Talent Build

For late-game team fights, these talents allow Waldyr to shred through entire teams:

  • Level 9 – Crippling Fear (3rd Ability) – Enemies affected by Dread have 40% reduced movement speed for 2 seconds after the fear ends
  • Level 10 – Umbral Leech (Passive) – Waldyr heals for 15% of all damage dealt with abilities
  • Level 11 – Nether Reach (Ultimate) – Increase Nether Blade’s range by 20%
  • Level 12 – Death’s Embrace (Passive) – Waldyr deals 10% increased damage to enemies under 50% health

Waldyr Talent Tree Build Analysis

Let’s analyze why this talent builds work well on Waldyr:

  • The early game build enhances Waldyr’s crowd control and survivability from his 2nd and 3rd abilities. Void Resonance gives his 1st ability armor penetration scaling.
  • The mid-game focuses on mobility, attack speed, and armor reduction. This amplifies the damage from Waldyr’s basic attacks and ultimate.
  • The late-game talents boost Waldyr’s team’s fight power. Crippling Fear and Umbral Leech allow him to sustain and stick to targets. Nether Reach improves his ultimate’s range.
  • Death’s Embrace combined with the armor reduction talents lets Waldyr shred even the tankiest champions once they get low.
  • The attack speed and crit chance from the basic attack talents multiply Waldyr’s DPS, while the armor penetration helps counter high armor targets.

Proper use of Waldyr’s mobility allows him to weave in and out of fights, dealing heavy damage while avoiding being locked down. He excels at assassinating squishy backline champions once he has some core damage items.

Strong Hero Pairings For Waldyr

Here are some of the best hero pairings to complement Waldyr’s playstyle:

  • Tanks: Heroes like Thorgrim and Rajaxx can initiate fights and soak up damage, allowing Waldyr to flank and output damage freely. Their crowd control combos well with Waldyr’s AoE fear.
  • Supports: Healers like Averyl and Iris can keep Waldyr healthy as he dives the backline. Speed boosts from support also help Waldyr chase down targets.
  • Mages: Heroes like Pyrrah and Aurelius can provide long-range poke while Waldyr flanks. Their AoE abilities combine with Waldyr’s AoE fear for great team fight combos.
  • Marksmen: Waldyr can hunt isolated marksmen like Dawnbreaker and Fiora. In turn, their long-range DPS provides cover for Waldyr when diving the backline.
  • Assassins: Fellow assassins like Lokhier and Strife enable Waldyr to quickly burst down high-priority targets before they can react.

Strong Item Builds on Waldyr

Waldyr’s itemization should focus on armor penetration, attack speed, and raw damage output. Here are some recommended items:

  • Blade of the Ruined King – Gives attack speed, lifesteal, and an on-hit effect that shreds health. The core item on Waldyr.
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Provides attack damage, crit chance, armor penetration, and an active that boosts movement speed. Great for snowballing leads.
  • Ravenous Hydra – Gives raw AD plus AoE cleave on basic attacks. Combos well with Waldyr’s innate AoE cleave during his ultimate.
  • Death’s Dance – Sustains Waldyr during team fights with healing on damage dealt. The damage delay helps mitigate bursts.
  • Guardian Angel – Excellent defensive item that provides armor and a revive passive to allow Waldyr to re-enter fights after dying.
  • Duskblade of Draktharr – Gives AD, armor penetration, and an on-attack stealth passive that aids Waldyr’s flanking playstyle.
  • Serylda’s Grudge – Huge armor penetration plus an ability to haste slowly that helps Waldyr stick to targets.

Waldyr Gameplay Tips and Combos

Here are some key tips and combos to optimize Waldyr’s performance in battle:

  • Use Shadow Step to quickly gap close on targets and initiate fights. The shield and slow allow you to start dealing with damage safely.
  • Weave in basic attacks between abilities to maximize your DPS. Use the attack speed from Deadly Momentum to land more Void Slashes.
  • Look for flanks and isolated targets to pick off with Nether Blade. Stealth in using Duskblade and quickly unload your ultimate.
  • Save Dread for key moments when enemies are clumped together. Fearing multiple champions can completely swing a team fight.
  • Use Shadow Step to dodge incoming enemy crowd control effects and big ability damage. The mobility allows Waldyr to avoid being locked down.
  • Combo Nether Blade with allies’ AoE abilities like Thorgrim’s Hammerspin or Pyrrah’s Firestorm to obliterate teams.


Waldyr is an S-tier assassin when played properly. With the right talent build, items, and strategic use of his mobility he can take over games and hard carry. Weave in and out of fights utilizing your harass combos and look for flanks or isolated targets to blow up instantly. Proper use of Waldyr’s mobility and damage can help you climb the ranked ladder in no time.

Hopefully, this guide has given you all the tips and knowledge needed to dominate with Waldyr! Let me know if you have any other questions about mastering this powerful shadow assassin.

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