3 Easiest Ways to Catch a Fox in Hay Day

Hay Day is a popular farming simulation game for mobile devices. One of the fun aspects of the game is interacting with the wildlife that can visit your farm, including foxes. Foxes will occasionally appear on your farm and attempt to steal your chickens and other small livestock. While foxes can be a nuisance, catching them provides useful rewards to players. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the easiest methods for attracting foxes to your farm and reliably catching them.

Why Catch Foxes in Hay Day?

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to catch foxes in Hay Day:

  • Foxes drop fur which is used to craft certain items and tools. Fox fur is required to craft the Cozy Coat clothing item and the Stump Remover tool.
  • Catching foxes will protect your smaller livestock like chickens. Foxes can steal and eat chickens if left unchecked on your farm.
  • It provides a fun challenge and a way to interact with the wildlife mechanics in the game. Catching sly foxes takes patience and strategy.
  • Experience points and coins are earned each time you catch a fox. It provides a nice boost to your farm’s income.
  • Some players simply enjoy collecting the foxes are they are cute animals. The fox dens allow you to keep them permanently on your farm.

How Foxes Spawn in Hay Day

In order to catch foxes, you first need to know how they appear on your farm:

  • Foxes have a random chance to spawn on your farm a few times per day/night cycle. However, certain conditions must be met first.
  • You must have built a chicken coop and have at least 4 adult chickens on your farm. Chickens are the main attraction for hungry foxes!
  • Foxes prefer to spawn overnight while your farm is inactive. Make sure you load your farm at least a few times per day to check for foxes.
  • Foxes spawn more frequently on farms with more livestock and chickens. Consider investing in additional coops and barns to increase fox traffic.
  • Weather conditions may also influence fox spawns. Anecdotal reports suggest wet weather leads to more foxes, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Foxes spawn randomly around structures, trees, and open spaces on your farm. Check behind buildings too!

Now that you know when and where foxes can appear, let’s go over proven methods to catch them!

Method 1: Build Fox Dens

The most reliable technique for catching foxes on Hay Day is crafting and placing fox dens on your farm. This special building attracts foxes and provides a guaranteed way to trap them. Here are some tips:

  • Fox dens can be built by unlocking the Fox Habitat expansion from the Crafting menu. This will cost you 500 coins.
  • Place fox dens near structures and trees where foxes tend to spawn, such as chicken coops. But don’t block their pathway.
  • Craft as many fox dens as you can fit on your farm. The more dens, the higher the chance of foxes wandering into them.
  • Check your dens frequently for foxes. Trapped foxes only remain for a short time before escaping!
  • Keep your fox dens repaired. Damaged dens won’t attract foxes. Make sure you have supplies on hand.
  • Move your dens around your farm if certain spots don’t seem to be attracting foxes. Find their paths.

Using multiple fox dens positioned intelligently around your farm will lead to a non-stop supply of fur, coins, and experience from caught foxes!

Method 2: Hunt Manually

A slower but free way to catch foxes is by searching your farm manually. Equip your fishing net and patrol your farm day and night to look for foxes. Here are some tips for manual fox catching:

  • Slowly pan your camera while searching and look carefully behind buildings and trees. Foxes are sneaky!
  • Hunt during times when your farm would be inactive, as this is when foxes are most active. Let your farm sit closed for a few hours before checking.
  • Clear any obstacles or decorative items that foxes could hide behind. Having an open farm layout helps spot them.
  • Make rounds across your entire farm. Foxes can spawn almost anywhere there is open space. Don’t ignore edges.
  • Sometimes a fox will spawn but quickly despawn if you don’t find it fast enough. Stay vigilant.
  • If possible, play on a device with a large screen to spot foxes more easily. Tablets offer wider views.
  • Turn up your volume to listen for fox sounds. Their barks and howls give away their position.

With patience and dedication, manual fox hunting can still net you some decent fur, coins, and XP. It just requires far more effort than utilizing fox dens.

Method 3: Buy a Fox

If you are struggling to attract foxes naturally, you can take the easy route and simply buy one outright. Here is how:

  • Visit the farm of a friend who has spare foxes trapped in their dens. Friends are key for this method.
  • Tap the occupied fox den and you will be given the option to purchase any foxes inside for a small coin fee.
  • Purchased foxes are automatically sent to a spare fox den on your own farm. Make sure you have open dens ready!

The main limitations of buying foxes are:

  • You can only buy foxes from friends’ dens, not random farms you visit.
  • Your friend must have spare, trapped foxes at the time of purchase.

But with a little coordination, buying is a guaranteed way to get your first foxes as seed stock for your own dens.

Best Baits for Catching Foxes

You can further increase your odds of attracting foxes by using certain baits and items. Some of the best fox lures include:


As fox’s primary food source, chickens are excellent live bait for catching foxes in Hay Day. Having a large, healthy flock of chickens roaming your farm will be a strong attraction. Make sure to keep chickens safely in coops overnight when foxes are about.

Farm Animals

Other types of livestock like cows, sheep, and pigs can help draw foxes near as well. These animals are too large to be hunted, but their presence and noises are bait for foxes to investigate.


Foxes need to drink water regularly like any animal. Consider placing fox dens near ponds or water structures to take advantage of this. The sounds of running water may also appeal.

Bushes & Trees

Natural decor like bushes and trees provide cover for foxes to hide and den. Strategically place these around your fox dens. Apple trees offer food as well!

Crops & Feed

Fruit crops, wheat, carrots, and other farm produce can help sweeten the smell of your farm. Keeping fox dens near fields and feeding areas encourages curious foxes.

By leveraging these types of bait items, you significantly increase the chances that any foxes roaming your valley will wander onto your farm. Effectively designing your farm layout is key.

Farm Design Tips

How you design the layout of your Hay Day farm can drastically affect your success at catching foxes. Here are some layout tips:

  • Centralize your chicken coops in one location with multiple nearby fox dens. This creates a fertile fox hunting ground.
  • Ring the central coops with additional livestock barns and farms. The more activity the better to grab attention.
  • Place crops, trees, bushes, and ponds in proximity to dens to provide food, water, and cover for foxes.
  • Open spacing allows you to spot foxes more easily. Avoid cramping structures too tightly.
  • Wider pathways improve visibility and prevent objects from blocking spawn locations. Remove unnecessary decor.
  • Use fencing to create a perimeter around your core fox area. Fences can funnel fox movement predictably.
  • Keep fox dens evenly distributed. Place multiple smaller fox zones rather than one mega trap area.

Adjusting your farm layout is easy and affordable. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a layout that routinely delivers foxes.

Optimizing With Fences

As mentioned above, fencing can be used to funnel fox movement towards dens. Here are some fencing tips:

  • Cheap wood fences work perfectly fine. No need for expensive options.
  • Use L-shapes and corners to redirect foxes into confined channels.
  • Place small fence openings where you want foxes to enter, near dens.
  • Make sure fences fully enclose livestock areas to prevent escapes.
  • Try double fence layers with a gap in between to further direct flow.
  • Funnel multiple livestock areas into a central fox-catching zone.
  • Divert foxes away from farm structures you want to protect.

With smart fencing, you can almost guarantee foxes take the path you want straight into your traps!

Choosing the Right Fox Dens

All fox dens function the same, but some options have advantages over others:

  • Basic Fox Habitat: Cheapest and most space-efficient. Ideal starter dens.
  • Stone Fox Habitat: The most durable, long-lasting dens.
  • Log Fox Habitat: Blends in well with natural scenery.
  • Fox Playhouse: Offers the largest trapping radius.
  • Fox Hotel: Can hold up to 4 foxes at once. Great capacity.

Consider your needs, available space, and budget when selecting den upgrades. Mix and match den types for best results.

Maintaining Your Fox Dens

To keep your fox dens operating at peak efficiency, you need to stay on top of maintenance:

  • Regularly check dens for any damage and preemptively repair as needed.
  • Damaged dens stop attracting and trapping foxes until fixed.
  • Have a good stock of building supplies to repair dens immediately.
  • Dens need to be repaired approximately every 1-2 weeks generally.
  • Remove clutter or crop fields that block access to dens over time.
  • Check that server upgrades haven’t reset den positions. Adjust if needed.
  • Replace dens that frequently get obstructed or damaged. Find better spots.

With good maintenance habits, your fox dens will be primed and ready when the next fox wanders onto your land!

Understanding Fox Behavior

Learning some fox behavioral tendencies will help you locate and trap them more effectively:

  • Foxes are crepuscular, most active at dawn and dusk. Check your farm heavily during these periods.
  • Bad weather increases fox movement as they seek food and shelter. Don’t skip stormy days!
  • Foxes are adept at hiding. Scan carefully near anything they could conceal themselves behind.
  • Patiently stalking helps surprise oblivious grazing foxes. Go slowly.
  • Sneaky foxes will try to double back behind you. Quickly spin your camera to catch them.
  • Foxes become darker at night. Use lighting to illuminate hard-to-see areas.

Keep fox psychology in mind as you hunt. Outsmart them by anticipating their sly tricks and habits!

Inviting Friends to Boost Foxes

Here are some ways to use Hay Day friends for better fox results:

  • Recruit friends to leave chickens, goats, and other bait animals uncollected to attract foxes.
  • Ask friends to return lost or dumped foxes to your farm so they can be recovered.
  • Request friends to place extra fox dens they aren’t using on your farm to increase capacity.
  • Trade supplies with friends to keep your dens repaired without having to grow and harvest building materials.
  • Hire friends to hunt foxes for you while you’re sleeping or away from the game.
  • Publish wanted ads in the paper or chat for spare foxes from friends.

With good communication and coordination, your Hay Day community can help streamline effective fox trapping. Don’t be shy about requesting assistance!

Special Events to Boost Fox Spawns

Certain Hay Day events have been known to increase fox spawn rates and make catching them easier. Take advantage of these opportunities when they occur:

  • Halloween – More frequent nighttime foxes may appear around this spooky holiday.
  • Winter Events – Some players report boosted fox rates during seasonal winter events.
  • Farm Passes – Special perks sometimes include increased animal spawns.
  • Mystery Box Events – If fox dens are featured prizes, claiming them helps.
  • Profits Events – Using boosters that speed production may spawn more foxes.
  • Updates – Major new version updates sometimes adjust animal spawn algorithms.

Stay on the lookout for any events that directly or indirectly benefit fox catching. Temporary boosts can quickly fill your dens!

Troubleshooting Common Fox Issues

If you are having issues getting any foxes to spawn, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure you have at least 4-8 adult chickens. More chickens = more foxes.
  • Check that you have open, repaired dens placed intelligently around chickens.
  • Make sure you actively play at dawn and dusk when foxes are most active.
  • Verify your device time is set correctly. Wrong time prevents spawns.
  • Watch carefully for instantly vanishing foxes. A device glitch may be occurring.
  • Temporarily move all animals indoors and remove decor to isolate problems.
  • Consider spreading dens and chickens across your whole farm rather than one area.
  • Restart your device and game to clear any memory issues preventing spawning.
  • Confirm your game is fully updated. Updates sometimes affect spawn rates.
  • Review farm layout and hunting tips in this guide for additional advice.

With persistence and systematic troubleshooting, you can resolve any fox issues that arise. Don’t give up!

Advanced Tips From Pro Players

For even better results, consider adopting some of these tips from advanced Hay Day farmers:

  • Place sprinklers near dens to make the area more attractive with fresh mud.
  • Collect chickens but keep them in inventory to act as roaming bait. Adds risk though!
  • Use dogs to patrol for you and bark when foxes are near.
  • Develop a planned route and patrol timing to never miss spawns.
  • Track your fox-catching rates over time to optimize the layout.
  • Silo excess chickens to boost numbers quickly when needed.
  • Plant wheat around dens to provide scenic appeal and food sources.
  • Strategically tap noisy animals to attract foxes during manual hunts.

These pro tips demonstrate the depth of tactics possible to catapult your fox trapping success to the next level!

Recap of the Best Fox Catching Methods

Let’s recap the top techniques covered in this guide:

  • Place multiple types of fox dens all over your farm near chickens and livestock.
  • Hunt manually during active times like dawn and dusk while listening to fox sounds.
  • Buy foxes from friends’ dens as starter stock for your own traps.
  • Use chickens, crops, trees, and ponds as bait to draw in foxes.
  • Optimize farm layout with paths, fencing, and open space suited for fox behavior.
  • Keep dens repaired and maintained to ensure they function properly.
  • Learn fox habits like their hiding spots and active hours.
  • Leverage friends to provide extra supplies, dens, and labor.
  • Watch for seasonal events and updates that boost fox spawns.
  • Troubleshoot issues preventing foxes like incorrect time settings or glitches.
  • Try advanced tactics from experienced players for next-level results.

Any farmer can succeed at catching foxes by applying these proven methods. With the right effort and preparation, your dens will be full in no time!

Now that you know all the secrets for attracting and trapping foxes in Hay Day, you have the blueprints to build a thriving fox enterprise on your farm. Bring your newfound fox wisdom to bear, and you will quickly master this fun element of the farming adventure. Good luck, stay determined, and happy fox hunting!

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